Thank you

Today (December 31) is the last day for the Quicklisp appreciation fundraiser. It has met and exceeded the matching fund goal by a wide margin. I am so thankful of all the support for this fundraiser, but also for the many kind words of appreciation, and for the "Quicklisp supporter club" donors, over the years. The positive feedback has made the work very satisfying.

Thank you, and best wishes for a happy 2017!


December 2016 Quicklisp dist update now available

Note: The Quicklisp fundraiser is up and running. If you appreciate Quicklisp, please contribute if you can.

New projects:
  • cl-digraph — Simple directed graphs for Common Lisp. — MIT/X11
  • cl-directed-graph — Directed graph data structure — MIT
  • format-string-builder — A DSL wrapping cl:format's syntax with something more lispy. — MIT
  • hunchentools — Hunchentoot utility library — MIT
  • l-system — L-system or Lindenmayer system on lists — GPLv3+
  • parser.common-rules — Provides common parsing rules that are useful in many grammars. — MIT
  • parser.ini — Provides parsing of Ini expressions. — LLGPLv3
  • postmodernity — Utility library for the Common Lisp Postmodern library — MIT
  • stl — Load triangle data from binary stereolithography (STL) files. — ISC
  • whofields — HTML field rendering and input validation utilities written in Common Lisp — MIT
Updated projects3bmdalexaalexandriaarchitecture.builder-protocolarchitecture.hooksarchitecture.service-providerasdf-dependency-grovelbeastcarriercaveman2-widgetscellsceplcepl.drm-gbmcepl.sdl2cepl.skittercircular-streamscl+sslcl-anacl-autowrapcl-bootstrapcl-cacl-change-casecl-dbicl-dotcl-drmcl-gistscl-growlcl-jpegcl-kanrencl-l10ncl-libyamlcl-mediawikicl-mpg123cl-openglcl-out123cl-pangocl-portaudiocl-pslibcl-quickcheckcl-sdl2clackclavierclfswmclinchcltclcoleslawcollectorscroatoandbusdendritedjuladocumentation-utilsdynaeazy-gnuplotesrapfare-scriptsformletsgbbopengendlgenevagsllgtk-cffihttp-bodyhu.dwim.computed-classhu.dwim.defhu.dwim.presentationhu.dwim.serializerhu.dwim.syntax-sugarhyperluminal-meminquisitorjskenzolacklasslegitmcclimmetabang-bindmeteringmglmitomodularizemodularize-interfacesneo4clnibblesningleoclclopticlpgloaderpng-readpostmodernprotobufpsychiqqlotqt-libsqtoolsquickutilquriratifyretrospectiffrutilsserapeumskitterspinneretstaplestumpwmsxqltriviatrivial-documentationtrivial-featurestrivial-nntptrivial-rfc-1123trivial-yencubiquitousufoutilities.print-treeutility-argumentsutils-ktvarjowebsocket-driverwhat3wordswookieworkout-timerxml.location.

Removed projects: cl-xspf, date-calc, elephant, html-entities, lambda-gtk, perfpiece, quicksearch, usocket-udp.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp"). Enjoy!


October 2016 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • architecture.builder-protocol — Protocol and framework for building parse results and other object graphs. — LLGPLv3
  • cepl.drm-gbm — DRM/GBM host for cepl — BSD 3-Clause
  • cl-association-rules — An implementation of the apriori algorithm to mine association rules in Common Lisp. — MIT
  • cl-change-case — Convert strings between camelCase, param-case, PascalCase and more — LLGPL
  • cl-drm — Common Lisp bindings for libdrm — BSD 3-Clause
  • cl-egl — Common Lisp wrapper for libEGL — BSD 3-Clause
  • cl-gbm — Common Lisp wrapper for libgbm — BSD 3-Clause
  • cl-wayland — libwayland bindings for Common Lisp — BSD 3-Clause
  • cl-xkb — Common Lisp wrapper for libxkb — BSD 3-Clause
  • cltcl — Embed Tcl/Tk scripts in Common Lisp — MIT
  • diff-match-patch — A Common Lisp port of Neil Fraser's library of the same name — Apache 2.0
  • exit-hooks — Call registered function when Common Lisp Exits. — BSD
  • grovel-locally — Grovel using cffi and cache the result locally to the system — BSD 2 Clause
  • portable-threads — Portable Threads — Apache License 2.0
Updated projects: 3d-matrices3d-vectorsalexaalexandriaassoc-utilscavemancaveman2-widgetscfficircular-streamscl-anacl-autowrapcl-bootstrapcl-cudacl-hash-utilcl-html-parsecl-influxdbcl-kanrencl-l10ncl-libfarmhashcl-libhoedowncl-openglcl-protobufscl-pslibcl-quickcheckcl-rabbitcl-redditcl-scancl-sdl2cl-stringsclim-pkg-docclim-widgetscloser-mopclxcoleslawcolleencroatoandbusdexadoresrapesrap-liquidfiascofngendlglsl-specgraphhttp-bodyhu.dwim.graphvizhumblerhunchensocketjonathanlacklakelasslisp-criticmaxpcmcclimmitomodularize-hooksmodularize-interfacesnorthparse-floatpostmodernrecursive-restartrtg-mathrutilssnmpsnoozestumpwmtemporal-functionstrivial-string-templateubiquitousuiopusocketutilities.binary-dumpvarjoweblocksxml-emitterzs3.

Removed projects: asn.1, cl-bacteria, cl-binary-file, cl-btree, cl-ntriples, cl-op, cl-swap-file, cl-wal, cl-web-crawler, doplus, esrap-peg.

There are more removed projects than usual this month. asn.1 was removed by request of the author. esrap-peg no longer builds - it may be back soon. All the others are victims of Google Code and SourceForge. Their code can no longer be easily checked out or updated, they don't affect other projects, and nobody has come forward to move them somewhere else and maintain them. If you miss any of those projects, feel free to take it over and let me know.

To get this month's update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp"). Enjoy!


Projects on the bubble

This month there are a number of projects that may be dropped from Quicklisp. They are hosted by Google Code and SourceForge, and the projects no longer check out properly. They are:
Each of these projects was downloaded between 4 and 6 times in the month of September. (No project in the entire dist was downloaded fewer than 4 times.)

I'm going to do some build-testing and see how widely this will impact other projects. If the damage is minimal, they will simply be dropped.

If you maintain (or want to maintain) one of these projects and want to see it remain in Quicklisp, please update its hosting and then get in touch.


September 2016 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • 3d-matrices — A utility library implementing 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, and NxN matrix functionality. — Artistic
  • a-cl-logger — A logger that sends to multiple destinations in multiple formats. Based on arnesi logger — BSD
  • alexa — A lexical analyzer generator — BSD 3-clause (See LICENSE.txt)
  • beast — Basic Entity/Aspect/System Toolkit — MIT/X11
  • cl-ascii-art — Ascii Art generating routines. — GPLv3
  • cl-bootstrap — Twitter Bootstrap widget library for Common Lisp — MIT
  • cl-cuda — Cl-cuda is a library to use NVIDIA CUDA in Common Lisp programs. — LLGPL
  • cl-kanren — A minikanren implementation — BSD
  • easy-audio — A pack of audio decoders for FLAC, WavPack and other formats — 2-clause BSD
  • fxml — Fork of CXML. — LLGPL
  • infix-math — An extensible infix syntax for math in Common Lisp. — MIT
  • mgl-mat — MAT is library for working with multi-dimensional arrays which supports efficient interfacing to foreign and CUDA code. BLAS and CUBLAS bindings are available. — MIT
  • parachute — An extensible and cross-compatible testing framework. — Artistic
  • scalpl — market maker + APIs to several Bitcoin exchanges — public domain
  • trivial-mmap — A library providing an easy-to-use API for working with memory-mapped files. — Public Domain
  • utility-arguments — Utility to handle command-line arguments. — ICS
Updated projects3d-vectorsacclimationarchitecture.service-providerarray-utilsarrow-macrosbknr-datastorecarriercaveman2-widgetscellschanlchirpcl-anacl-bloomcl-coroutinecl-freeimagecl-gamepadcl-glfw3cl-inotifycl-interpolcl-ixfcl-lexcl-monitorscl-mpg123cl-mtgnetcl-neovimcl-oclapicl-openglcl-out123cl-packcl-rabbitclackclfswmclipclobbercloser-mopclssclxcodexcoleslawcolleencroatoancrypto-shortcutsdeedsdeferreddexadordissectdocumentation-utilsesrapfare-scriptsfile-typesflareforform-fiddlegbbopengendlgenevahu.dwim.bluezhu.dwim.sdlhumblerinferior-shellinlined-generic-functionkenzolacklakelambda-fiddlelasslegitlisp-invocationlquerymaxpcmcclimmitomito-authmodularizemodularize-hooksmodularize-interfacesmore-conditionsmpcpathname-utilspgloaderpipingplumpplump-bundleplump-sexppostmodernptesterpurlqlotqt-libsqtoolsqtools-uiqueen.lispquriracerrandom-stateratifyredirect-streamrtg-mathrutilsserapeumsha3simple-inferiorssimple-taskssnoozesoftdrinksouthspinneretstaplestatic-vectorsstumpwmswap-bytestriviatrivial-argumentstrivial-benchmarktrivial-indenttrivial-main-threadtrivial-mimestrivial-rfc-1123trivial-thumbnailubiquitousutilities.binary-dumputilities.print-itemsverboseweblocksweblocks-prototype-jswith-cached-reader-conditionalswoozenekindarl.

Removed projects: agm, ax.tga, cl-ecs, cl-marklogic, com.informatimago.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp").



August 2016 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • assoc-utils — Utilities for manipulating association lists — Public Domain
  • caveman2-widgets-bootstrap — An extension to caveman2-widgets which enables the simple usage of Twitter Bootstrap. — LLGPL
  • cells — A Common Lisp implementation of the dataflow programming paradigm — LLGPL
  • cl-mpg123 — Bindings to libmpg123, providing cross-platform, fast MPG1/2/3 decoding. — Artistic
  • cl-neovim — Common Lisp client for Neovim — MIT
  • cl-out123 — Bindings to libout123, providing cross-platform audio output. — Artistic
  • cl-soil — A thin binding over libSOIL.so which allows easy loading of images — BSD 2 Clause
  • cl-sxml — SXML parsing for Common Lisp — GNU General Public License
  • clump — Library for operations on different kinds of trees — FreeBSD, see file LICENSE.text
  • dirt — A front-end for cl-soil which loads images straight to cepl:c-arrays and cepl:textures — BSD 2 Clause
  • ext-blog — A BLOG engine which supports custom theme — BSD
  • for — An extensible iteration macro library. — Artistic
  • git-file-history — Retrieve a file's commit history in Git. — MIT
  • illogical-pathnames — Mostly filesystem-position-independent pathnames. — BSD 3-clause (See illogical-pathnames.lisp)
  • maxpc — Max's Parser Combinators: a simple and pragmatic library for writing parsers and lexers based on combinatory parsing. — GNU Affero General Public License
  • parse-front-matter — Parse front matter. — MIT
  • path-string — A path utility library — MIT
  • pseudonyms — Relative package nicknames through macros — FreeBSD (BSD 2-clause)
  • quantile-estimator.cl — Common Lisp implementation of Graham Cormode and S. Muthukrishnan's Effective Computation of Biased Quantiles over Data Streams in ICDE'05 — MIT
  • queen.lisp — Chess utilities for Common Lisp — MIT
  • read-number — Definitions for reading numbers from an input stream. — Modified BSD License
  • simple-gui — A declarative GUI definition tool for Common Lisp — BSD
  • slack-client — Slack Real Time Messaging API Client — Apache-2.0
  • trivial-rfc-1123 — minimal parsing of rfc-1123 date-time strings — MIT
  • with-cached-reader-conditionals — Read whilst collection reader conditionals — BSD 2 Clause
Updated projects3bmd3d-vectorsagmalexandriabinfixburgled-batteriescavemancaveman2-widgetsceplcepl.cameracepl.devilcepl.sdl2cepl.skitterceramicchirpcity-hashcl-anacl-asynccl-azurecl-conspackcl-ecscl-fadcl-gamepadcl-gracecl-influxdbcl-jpegcl-libuvcl-messagepackcl-messagepack-rpccl-mpicl-mtgnetcl-oclapicl-openglcl-openstack-clientcl-packcl-quickcheckcl-rediscl-rethinkdbcl-scancl-sdl2cl-smtpcl-stringscl-tokyo-cabinetcl-unificationcl-yaclyamlcl-yamlclackclassimpclmlclos-fixturescloser-mopclxclx-truetypecoleslawcollectorscorona,croatoandbusdendritedexadordissectdjulaeazy-gnuplotesrapexscribeexternal-programfare-memoizationfare-scriptsfiveamflarefngendlgenevaglkitglsl-specgslliteratejson-mopkenzo,lacklambda-fiddlelisp-namespacelispbuilderlparallelmcclimmel-baseneo4cloclclopticlosicatprometheus.clproveqlotqt-libsqtoolsqtools-uiquickapprandom-staterclremote-jsrestasrtg-mathserapeumsip-hashskitterspinneretsquirlstumpwmtreedbtriviatrivial-documentationtrivial-nntptrivial-open-browsertrivial-wstrivialib.type-unifyubiquitousugly-tiny-infix-macro,utilities.print-itemsutilities.print-treevarjovgplotvomweblocksweblocks-utilswoowu-sugar.

Removed projects: scalpl.


June 2016 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • cl-libfarmhash — Common Lisp Binding for Google's Farmhash. — MIT
  • cl-libhoedown — Common Lisp Binding for Hoedown. — MIT
  • cl-sat — Common Lisp API to Boolean SAT Solvers — LLGPL
  • cl-sat.glucose — CL-SAT instance to Glucose state-of-the-art SAT solver. This downloads the later 2014 version (2nd in the 2014 SAT competition). — LLGPL
  • cl-sat.minisat — Common Lisp API to minisat — LLGPL
  • floating-point-contractions — Numerically stable contractions of floating-point operations. — MIT
  • metering — Portable Code Profiling Tool — Public Domain
  • neo4cl — Basic library for interacting with Neo4J — MIT license
  • network-addresses — A network addresses manipulation library. — MIT
  • ugly-tiny-infix-macro — A tiny and simple macro to allow writing binary operations in infix notation — Apache License, Version 2.0
Updated projects3d-vectorsacclimationarchitecture.service-providercaveman2-widgetscity-hashcl-anacl-asynccl-autowrapcl-conspackcl-hash-utilcl-htmlpragcl-i18ncl-messagepack-rpccl-monitorscl-mysqlcl-oclapicl-odecl-rediscl-scancl-sdl2clackclack-static-asset-middlewareclinchcloser-mopcopy-directorycss-selectorsdeedsdefpackage-plusdjulaeazy-projectepigraphesrap-liquidexscribefast-iofixedglkitglsl-specgsllhash-setinlined-generic-functionlegitlocal-timelquerymap-setmcclimminheapmontezumaoclclprometheus.clqt-libsrestasscribblesdl2kitserapeumsmart-bufferspinneretsquirltriviatrivial-nntptrivial-openstacktrivial-wstrivial-yencubiquitousutilities.binary-dumputilities.print-treeverbosevomweblocksweblocks-utilswoowookiewu-sugarzs3.

Removed projectsbackportsext-blogstp-query, and stringprep have all been abandoned by their author and deleted from github. cells no longer builds on SBCL, and ext-blog no longer builds at all.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp").

The big Quicklisp fundraiser is still in limbo. Until it happens, if you want to contribute a little every month, see the (unfortunately PayPal-only) donations page.


May 2016 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • cl-ecs — An implementation of the Entity-Component-System pattern mostly used in game development. — MIT
  • cl-htmlprag — A port of Neil Van Dyke's famous HTMLPrag library to Common Lisp. — LGPL 2.1
  • cl-messagepack-rpc — A Common Lisp implementation of the MessagePack-RPC specification, which uses MessagePack serialization format to achieve efficient remote procedure calls (RPCs). — MIT
  • cl-monitors — Bindings to libmonitors, allowing the handling of monitors querying and resolution changing. — Artistic
  • cl-oclapi — Yet another OpenCL API bindings for Common Lisp. — MIT
  • cl-pack — Perl compatible binary pack() and unpack() library — BSD-3-Clause
  • cl-scan — port scanner. — ISC
  • cl-scsu — An implementation of 'Standard Compression Scheme for Unicode'. — MIT
  • clack-static-asset-middleware — A cache busting static file middleware for the clack web framework. — MIT
  • easing — Easing functions. — MIT
  • fare-scripts — Various small programs that I write in CL in lieu of shell scripts — MIT
  • fixed — A fixed-point number type. — MIT
  • focus — Customizable FORMAT strings and directives — BSD
  • glsl-spec — The GLSL Spec as a datastructure — The Unlicense
  • injection — Dependency injection for Common Lisp — GPLv3
  • json-mop — A metaclass for bridging CLOS and JSON — LGPLv3+
  • leveldb — LevelDB bindings for Common Lisp. — BSD
  • moira — Monitor and restart background threads. — MIT
  • recursive-restart — Restarts that can invoke themselves. — MIT
  • trivial-nntp — Simple tools for interfacing to NNTP servers — MIT
  • trivial-openstack — A simple Common Lisp OpenStack REST client. — MIT
  • trivial-yenc — Decode yenc file to a binary file — MIT
  • weblocks-prototype-js — Weblocks JavaScript backend for PrototypeJs — LLGPL
Updated projects3d-vectorsbackportsbinfixbit-smasherblackbirdcaveman2-widgetsceplcepl.cameracepl.devilcl-anacl-autowrapcl-bloomcl-cairo2cl-charmscl-dotcl-erlang-termcl-gamepadcl-geometrycl-hash-table-destructuringcl-html5-parsercl-i18ncl-jpegcl-liballegrocl-libssh2cl-mediawikicl-mongocl-mpicl-ohmcl-pangocl-projectcl-qrencodecl-rediscl-sdl2cl-seleniumcl-storeclackcloser-mopcoleslawcroatoandeedsdissectdjula,esrapexscribefemlispfiascofirephpflareform-fiddleglkitglopgraphhalftonehelambdaphl7-parserhu.dwim.partial-evalhu.dwim.quasi-quotehu.dwim.utilkenzolegitlisp-interface-librarylisp-namespacelisp-unit2mcclimoclcl,pathname-utilspzmqqt-libsqtoolsqtools-uiquery-fsqueuesrclrestasrtg-mathrutilsscalplsdl2kitserapeumsimple-taskssketchskitterslimesnakesstp-querystringprepstumpwmtemporal-functionstriviatrivial-backtracetrivial-benchmarktrivial-string-templatetrivialib.bddubiquitousutilities.print-treevarjoverbosevgplotweblocksweblocks-storesxhtmlambdazs3.

To get this update, use: (ql:update-dist "quicklisp")

You didn't miss it -- there wasn't a fundraiser in April. Or May, either. I've got my fingers crossed to see one soon, but I'm not sure exactly when it might happen. Stay tuned!


April 2016 Quicklisp dist update now available.

Quicklisp's 67th monthly update is now available!

 Thank you to all the people who signed up for the recurring Supporter Club in the last month. The "big" fundraiser is still in the works, and I'll let you know more when there's more info to share.

New projects:
  • caveman2-widgets — Weblocks like widgets for caveman2. — LLGPL
  • cl-gamepad — Bindings to libstem_gamepad, allowing the handling of gamepad input. — Artistic
  • cl-geos — A CFFI wrapper of GEOS for performing geometric operations in Lisp. — Lisp-LGPL
  • cl-hash-table-destructuring — Hash table destructuring utils — WTFPL
  • cl-statsd — Statsd client in Common Lisp — MIT
  • cl-vhdl — My attempt to understand VHDL, and basicly make VHDL with Lisp-macro — MIT
  • electron-tools — Download, extract, and run Electron binaries. — MIT
  • flare — Easy particle systems with fine grained control. — Artistic
  • inlined-generic-function — MOP implementation of the fast inlinable generic functions dispatched in compile-time — LLGPL
  • liblmdb — Low-level LMDB bindings. — MIT
  • lmdb — Bindings to LMDB. — MIT
  • oclcl — oclcl is a library S-expression to OpenCL C. — LLGPL
  • prbs — A library of higher-order functions for generating Pseudo-Random Binary Sequences of (practically) any degree — MIT
  • prometheus.cl — Prometheus.io Common Lisp client — MIT
  • random-state — Portable random number generation. — Artistic
  • remote-js — Send JavaScript from Common Lisp to a browser. — MIT
  • sketch — Sketch is a Common Lisp framework for the creation of electronic art, computer graphics, visual design, game making and more. It is inspired by Processing and OpenFrameworks. — MIT
  • tm — Formalized Iteration Library for Common LISP — MIT
  • trivial-compress — Compress a directory. — MIT
  • trivial-string-template — A trivial string template library, inspired by Python's string.Template — MIT
  • trivial-ws — Trivial WebSockets. — MIT
Updated projects3d-vectorsalexandriaarchitecture.service-providerarrow-macrosasdf-flvasteroidsbinfixburgled-batteriesceramiccl+sslcl-anacl-asynccl-autowrapcl-bsoncl-geometrycl-hash-utilcl-itertoolscl-jpegcl-l10ncl-lexercl-llvmcl-marklogiccl-mockcl-mtgnetcl-mysqlcl-ohmcl-openglcl-opsresearchcl-pangocl-rabbitcl-rethinkdbcl-sdl2cl-slugcl-string-matchcl-stringscl-tasuketecl-tetris3dcl-wordcutcl-yaclyamlclack-errorsclassimpclinchcloser-mopclxcommon-doccommon-doc-plumpcommon-htmlcommonqtcopy-directorycroatoandartsclemailaddressdeedsdefpackage-plus,dissectdocparseresrapesrap-liquidfare-utilsfast-ioform-fiddlegendlhyperluminal-memjp-numeralkenzolakelisp-interface-librarylocal-timemacrodynamicsmcclimmitonorthosicatpaiprolog,parse-jspath-parseprojecturedqtoolsqtools-uiquickutilrpmrtg-mathrutilssafe-queuescalplsdl2kitserapeumsimple-date-timesimple-tasksskittersmugsnarksouthspinneretstaplestumpwmsxql,teepeedee2temporal-functionstriviatrivial-channelstrivial-extractusocketutilities.print-treewhichworkout-timer.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp").


Recovering from a breaking update

The March Quicklisp update has usocket 0.6.4, an update that unfortunately does not build on older versions of SBCL due to IPv6-related symbols. In response, Chun Tian quickly released usocket, which builds fine on older SBCLs.

It's only been a few days since the last Quicklisp dist release, so I'm not going to make a new one just for the usocket problem.

If you're hit by this issue, what can you do?

The best option, if available, is to upgrade to a recent SBCL, which has many new and exciting features and works well with the usocket in the latest Quicklisp release.

If that's not feasible, you can also manually get usocket (or newer) from the usocket download page, unpack it in ~/quicklisp/local-projects/, and go from there.

Finally, you can revert to last month's Quicklisp dist. I first wrote about this in "Going back in (dist) time", but here's a short overview:

* (in-package :ql-dist-user)

* (second (available-versions (dist "quicklisp")))
 . "http://beta.quicklisp.org/dist/quicklisp/2016-02-08/distinfo.txt")

* (install-dist (cdr *) :replace t :prompt nil)
lots of output

In particular, the second element of available-versions will always be the second most-recent Quicklisp dist, so that's generally the one to use if you want to go one dist backward.

(Topic for the future: how better prerelease testing will catch these kinds of problems.)


March 2016 Quicklisp dist update now available

This update, Quicklisp's 66th, is brought to you by me! I've been fortunate to have Clozure sponsor a lot of Quicklisp work in the past, but now I'm self-employed. Working on Quicklisp takes time. In April, I'm going to try to raise a lump sum of money so I can work on a number of get-out-of-beta features, like better download security, provenance info, a manual, etc. Beyond that onetime fundraising, I'd like to enlist more regular monthly supporters for funding ongoing dist updates and maintenance. Do you think Quicklisp is worth it? I'm looking forward to finding out shortly.

If you have any feedback on fundraising, feel free to get in touch.

Back to your regularly scheduled update announcement...

New projects:
  • agm — A high-performance game math library. — MIT
  • cepl — Fast lispy way to work with OpenGL — BSD 2 Clause
  • cepl.camera — A camera implementation for CEPL — BSD 2 Clause
  • cepl.devil — A couple of helper functions to load from devil straight to cepl c-arrays or textures — BSD 2 Clause
  • cepl.sdl2 — SDL2 host for cepl — BSD 2 Clause
  • cepl.skitter — Plumbing to use skitter with cepl — BSD 2 Clause
  • cl-bunny — Common Lisp RabbitMQ client based on IOLib — MIT
  • cl-iterative — Generic iterative algorithm with multiple controls — LGPLv3
  • cl-llvm — CFFI bindings to the LLVM libraries. — MIT
  • cl-ohm — An object-hash mapping for Redis in Common Lisp — MIT
  • cl-sdl2-image — Bindings for sdl2_image using autowrap — MIT
  • cl-strings — A set of utilities for manipulating strings in CL. — MIT
  • cl-tetris3d — Yet another 3D Tetris clone — MIT (also see COPYING file for details)
  • cl-wordcut — Word segmentation tools for ASEAN languages written in Common Lisp — LLGPL
  • cl-zmq — Zero MQ 3 bindings — LGPLv3
  • dartsclemailaddress — Parsing and formatting email addresses (RFC 5322 compliant) — MIT
  • dendrite — Master package for all dendrite packages — BSD 2 Clause
  • documentation-utils — A few simple tools to help you with documenting your library. — Artistic
  • file-local-variable — File-local variable independent from ASDF — LLGPL
  • hu.dwim.bluez — Common Lisp FFI wrapper for libbluetooth, aka Bluez, which is a Linux Bluetooth stack. — BSD or Bugroff
  • hu.dwim.sdl — Common Lisp FFI wrapper for libSDL2. — BSD or Bugroff
  • lambda-gtk — Unspecified — LLGPL
  • legit — CL interface to the GIT binary. — Artistic
  • livesupport — Some helpers that make livecoding with slime/sly a little easier — BSD 2 Clause
  • magicffi — cffi interface to libmagic(3) — Simplified BSD License
  • mito — Abstraction layer for DB schema — LLGPL
  • mito-attachment — Mito mixin class for file management — LLGPL
  • mito-auth — User authorization for Mito classes — LLGPL
  • north — oAuth 1.0a server and client implementation, the successor to South. — Artistic
  • org-sampler — Extract docstrings as Emacs org-mode files — LLGPL 3.latest
  • perfpiece — CL:TIME on steroids. — MIT
  • rt-events — A simple real-time events API. — MIT
  • skitter — An event system for games — BSD 2 Clause
  • snark — The Snark Theorem Prover — MPL 1.1, see file LICENSE
  • trivialib.bdd — BDD and ZDD implementation using Trivia — LLGPL
  • what3words — Describe what3words here — BSD
Updated projectsarchitecture.service-providerarchivebinfixbirchbit-smasherbordeaux-threadsburgled-batteries.syntaxcavemanceramiccffichipzchronicitycl+sslcl-amqpcl-anacl-arrowscl-autowrapcl-charmscl-dbicl-events,cl-fusecl-gambolcl-gobject-introspectioncl-graphcl-itertoolscl-libuvcl-marklogiccl-opsresearchcl-pdfcl-quickcheckcl-rabbitcl-rethinkdbcl-sdl2cl-sdl2-ttfcl-strftimecl-tasuketecl-tgacl-xulclackclack-errorsclaviercloser-mop,clxcolleencontextlcroatoancurry-compose-reader-macroscxml-rngdeedsdelta-debugdjuladocparsereazy-projecteruditeesrapexternal-programfemlispfiltered-functionsfmtfngendlglkithu.dwim.defhu.dwim.perec,hu.dwim.quasi-quotehu.dwim.rdbmshu.dwim.syntax-sugarhu.dwim.utilhu.dwim.web-serverhunchentootia-hash-tableieee-floatsinquisitorintegralintel-hexiolibjskenzolacklakelisp-executablelisp-interface-librarylocal-time,lw-compatmcclimninglenstosicatparenscriptpathname-utilsperiodsplumpplump-sexpproc-parseqlotqt-libsqtoolsqurirtg-mathscalplsdl2kitserapeumsimple-taskssip-hashslimestmxstumpwmsxqltemporal-functions,triviatrivia.balland2006trivial-shellusocketvarjovomwoo.

Removed projects: buffalo (disappeared from github), cl-fgraph (per author's request), cl-quakeinfo (no longer builds on non-Allegro).

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp").



February 2016 Quicklisp download stats

Here are the top 100 downloads by raw download count.

 5607 alexandria
 4586 cl-ppcre
 4388 trivial-features
 4119 babel
 3369 split-sequence
 3332 bordeaux-threads
 3268 cl+ssl
 3243 cffi
 3208 anaphora
 2725 closer-mop
 2692 trivial-gray-streams
 2635 trivial-garbage
 2620 let-plus
 2551 flexi-streams
 2524 usocket
 2515 cl-fad
 2491 cl-colors
 2382 cl-base64
 2318 prove
 2286 cl-ansi-text
 2255 cl-utilities
 2238 quri
 2218 chunga
 2203 local-time
 2140 cl-html-parse
 2113 puri
 2102 iterate
 1956 chipz
 1873 nibbles
 1871 drakma
 1799 named-readtables
 1763 ironclad
 1612 cl-interpol
 1551 md5
 1520 trivial-backtrace
 1517 cl-unicode
 1418 slime
 1343 lack
 1336 clack
 1330 trivial-types
 1309 cl-annot
 1295 cl-syntax
 1208 fast-io
 1161 trivial-utf-8
 1134 salza2
 1114 cl-json
 1104 proc-parse
 1092 static-vectors
 1053 hunchentoot
  992 rfc2388
  990 jonathan
  981 parse-number
  965 cl-mysql
  957 fast-http
  916 clx
  911 uiop
  903 xsubseq
  875 metabang-bind
  865 clsql
  836 smart-buffer
  835 ieee-floats
  829 lparallel
  825 osicat
  802 postmodern
  770 closure-common
  766 quicklisp-slime-helper
  759 cxml
  753 log4cl
  699 optima
  686 uuid
  679 mcclim
  672 array-utils
  645 cl-reexport
  644 cl-sqlite
  633 trivial-indent
  631 zpng
  615 http-body
  611 yason
  609 fiveam
  605 trivial-mimes
  602 plump
  589 swap-bytes
  523 symbol-munger
  512 cl-containers
  505 cl-yacc
  502 ningle
  501 vom
  501 simple-date-time
  498 map-set
  494 myway
  490 lisp-unit
  483 lquery
  479 dexador
  476 asdf-system-connections
  473 cl-cookie
  470 function-cache
  466 cl-csv
  466 iolib
  466 metatilities-base
  464 cl-dbi


Quicklisp client update available with proxy fix

A recent update to the Quicklisp client program broke proxy support. Instead of a successful download, it would stop with the error Unexpected HTTP status for <url>: 400.

If you use a proxy, you unfortunately can't get the fix with the normal (ql:update-client) command. You have to install fresh from quicklisp.lisp again. If you have anything in your local-projects directory, save it, then remove your old ~/quicklisp directory prior to installation.

Sorry about the hassle, and please report any new bugs you find in the client. Thanks!


February 2016 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • acclimation — Library supporting internationalization — FreeBSD, see file LICENSE.text
  • asdf-manager — Download and manage ASDF versions. — MIT
  • cl-events — Events for Common Lisp — MIT
  • cl-freeimage — Bindings to the freeimage library. — MIT
  • cl-graylog — Common Lisp Graylog client library — Unspecified
  • cl-jsx — JSX in Common Lisp — MIT
  • cl-ode — Describe cl-ode here — Specify license here
  • cl-pango — Bindings to the pango text layout library. — MIT
  • cl-sdl2-ttf — A common lisp wrapper for SDL2_TTF used for loading fonts and creating text assets — Unspecified
  • cl-tasukete — Please help me, Common Lisper. — MIT
  • cl-weather-jp — Get weather in Japan — BSD 2-Clause
  • copy-directory — Copy a directory. — MIT
  • deeds — Deeds Extensible Event Delivery System — Artistic
  • disposable — Dispose function and with-disposable macro — BSD 2 Clause
  • id3v2 — ID3v2 parser — BSD 2-Clause
  • lass-flexbox — Flexbox for Lass. — MIT
  • mp3-duration — Get the duration of an MP3 file — BSD 2-Clause
  • mystic — A project skeleton generator. — MIT
  • path-parse — Parse the PATH environment variable, portably. — MIT
  • pathname-utils — A collection of utilities for pathname manipulation. — Artistic
  • psychiq — Redis-backed job queueing system — LLGPL
  • quux-hunchentoot — Thread pooling for hunchentoot — MIT
  • rtg-math — A selection of the math routines most commonly needed for realtime graphics in lisp — BSD 2 Clause
  • safe-queue — Thread-safe queue and mailbox — MIT
  • structy-defclass — Provides deftclass, a struct-like way of defining classes — BSD 2 Clause
  • swank.live — Some helpers that make live coding with slime/swank easier — BSD 2 Clause
  • trivial-msi — Utilities for working with Microsoft MSI files. — MIT
  • which — The which UNIX command in Common Lisp. — MIT
Updated projectsantikarchitecture.service-providerasteroidsbackportsbinfixbuffalochirpcl+sslcl-amqpcl-anacl-autowrapcl-cffi-gtkcl-cutcl-gdatacl-gistscl-gracecl-itertoolscl-jpegcl-lexercl-liballegrocl-libusbcl-libuvcl-marklogiccl-mimecl-mpicl-openglcl-permutationcl-quickcheckcl-scriptingcl-sdl2clackclim-widgetsclmlclobbercloser-mopclsqlclsql-ormclxcolleencom.informatimagocontextlcranecroatoandata-tabledataflydexador,djuladocparsereazy-gnuplotesrapfast-iofngendlglkitgsllhelambdaphu.dwim.presentationhu.dwim.stefilhu.dwim.utilincf-clinferior-shellinquisitorintel-hexiolibip-interfacesjonathanjsownlacklakelinewise-templatelisp-unitlisp-zmqlocal-timelparallellquerylucernemathkitmcclimmpcosicatplokamipostmodernpoundspp-tomlproc-parseprojecturedqlotqmyndqt-libsqtoolsqtools-uiquickutilquriracerrestasrutilsscalplsdl2kitsecure-randomserapeumsimple-inferiorssimple-taskssnoozespinneretstp-querystringprepstumpwmsxqltemporal-functionstriviaubiquitousuniversal-configutilities.print-itemsvarjovas-string-metricswebsocket-driverwith-c-syntax,wu-sugarxhtmlambdaxml.locationyason.

Removed projects: cl-llvm, cl-popen, cl-v4l2, cl-zmq, hdf5-cffi, lambda-gtk, magicffi, perfpiece, sqnc.

These projects were removed because I now use Debian 8 for testing, and I have been completely unable to get them to build. If you know quick and easy ways to get any of them to build on Debian 8, let me know, and I'll get them back into Quicklisp.



New Quicklisp client available

I've updated the Quicklisp client to version 2016-01-21. There are a few new things:

  • Fix for issue #116, so"asdf" is now ignored as a system to be bundled instead of signaling an error. Thanks to Dimitri Fontaine for inspiration and some code for fixing this.
  • Merged pull request #127, which has some small fixes courtesy of Attila Lendvai
  • Merged pull request #124, which adds recognition of URL schemes to fetching, and a special variable to control what function is used for what scheme. This feature moves Quicklisp closer to out-of-beta; many thanks to SANO Masatoshi for contributing it.
To get this update, use (ql:update-client) and restart your session.