June 2017 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • cepl.spaces — Adds abstractions over vector spaces to CEPL — BSD 2 Clause
  • cl-cpus — Get number of CPUs — ISC
  • cl-diskspace — List disks, get disk total/free/usable space information. — ISC
  • cl-fixtures — A simple library to create and use parameterized fixtures — MIT
  • cl-fluent-logger — A structured logger for Fluentd — BSD 3-Clause
  • cl-mixed — Bindings to libmixed, a sound mixing and processing library. — Artistic
  • cl-rail — Unspecified — Unspecified
  • cl-random-forest — Random Forest and Global Refinement for Common Lisp — MIT Licence
  • cl-soloud — Bindings to SoLoud, a multi-platform, multi-backend, minimal dependencies sound mixing and output library — Artistic
  • cl-ssdb — SSDB client for Common Lisp. — MIT
  • cl-threadpool — Implementation of a thread pool — MIT
  • deploy — Tools to aid in the deployment of a fully standalone application. — Artistic
  • doplus — DO+ (doplus) is a high-level, extensible iteration construct for Common Lisp with a reasonably simple implementation, which in particular does not use a code walker. — GPLv3
  • flow — A flowchart and generalised graph library. — Artistic
  • gtk-tagged-streams — Text I/O using streams for GTK text buffers, including tags for styling. — BSD Simplified (2-clause)
  • harmony — A common lisp sound server and sound processing library. — Artistic
  • hu.dwim.zlib — Common Lisp FFI wrapper for zlib, aka http://zlib.net/ — BSD or Bugroff
  • modest-config — A modest config file loader library — MIT
  • nineveh — A library of common gpu functions — BSD 2 Clause
  • papyrus — A Literate Programming Tool — MIT
  • parseq — A parser for sequences such as strings, lists, vectors as well as trees. — GPLv2
  • physical-quantities — Use lisp numbers for physical quantities with unit and error. — GPLv2
  • roan — A library to support change ringing applications, including methods library support — MIT
  • sanitized-params — Sanitizer for parameters — BSD 2-Clause
  • sdl2-game-controller-db — Lets you easily load the lovely sdl2 gamecontroller db into cl-sdl2 — BSD 3 Clause
  • trivial-battery — Getting the battery information — BSD 2-Clause
  • trivial-swank — swank server communications — BSD simplified
  • trivial-wish — Create 'wishes' which are requests to compute something later — BSD 2-clause
Updated projects3d-matrices3d-vectorsarchitecture.builder-protocolarchitecture.service-providerayah-captchacavemancaveman2-widgets-bootstrapceplcepl.cameracepl.devilcepl.sdl2cepl.sdl2-imagecepl.sdl2-ttfcepl.skittercfficl+sslcl-anacl-ansi-termcl-bloomcl-dbicl-emojicl-fondcl-gamepadcl-gistscl-glfw3cl-graphcl-hamlcl-hash-utilcl-jpegcl-monitorscl-mssqlcl-ntp-clientcl-ohmcl-openglcl-out123cl-plplotcl-readlinecl-scsucl-soilcl-strcl-twitterclackclim-widgetscloser-mopclsql-fluidclssclxcroatoancurry-compose-reader-macrosdeedsdendritedirtdocumentation-utilsdoubly-linked-listdrakmaeasingeruditeesrapf2clfare-scriptsfast-httpfast-iofemlispfs-utilsfxmlgamebox-dgengamebox-ecsgamebox-frame-managergamebox-gridsgamebox-mathgettextglawglkitglopglsl-specglsl-toolkithornerhttp-get-cachehu.dwim.asdfhu.dwim.utilhu.dwim.web-serverinquisitoriolibjsonrpcjwacsl-systemlichat-protocollivesupportlog4clmacrodynamicsmaidenmcclimmedia-typesmetatilitiesmitomk-string-metricsopticlparachutepng-readprbsqlotqmyndqtoolsrtg-mathrutilsscalplscriptlsdl2kitserapeumsimple-loggersketchskittersmackjackspinneretstaplestructy-defclassstumpwmthe-cost-of-nothingtmtranslate-clienttrivial-main-threadtrivial-mmaptrivial-shelltrivial-updateuffiumlispunix-optsvarjoweblockswebsocket-driverwhofieldswith-cached-reader-conditionalswooyaclml.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp"). Enjoy!


May 2017 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • cepl.glop — glop host for cepl — BSD 2 Clause
  • cepl.sdl2-image — Some helper methods for using sdl2-image to load images to CEPL types — BSD 2 Clause
  • cepl.sdl2-ttf — A few additional helpers for making working with sdl2-ttf even easier from CEPL — BSD 2 Clause
  • cl-clblas — clBLAS binding — Apache License, Version 2.0
  • cl-emoji — cl-emoji provides the Unicode emoji characters — MIT
  • cl-fond — Bindings to libfond, a simple text rendering engine for OpenGL — Artistic
  • cl-hamcrest — This library makes your CL unittests more readable. — New BSD
  • cl-ntp-client — A simple NTP (Network Time Protocol) client in Common Lisp — BSD
  • cl-pcg — A bare-bones Permuted Congruential Generator implementation in pure Common Lisp. — MIT
  • cl-sdl2-mixer — Bindings for SDL2_mixer — MIT
  • cl-trie — Common Lisp implementation of Trie data structure. — MIT
  • cl-why — (X)HTML generation macros — BSD
  • doubly-linked-list — An implementation of the doubly linked list data structure. — MIT
  • flac-parser — A parser for FLAC audio files. — MIT
  • fs-utils — Utilities for working with files and file paths. — MIT
  • gamebox-dgen — A procedural dungeon generator. — MIT
  • gamebox-ecs — An implementation of the Entity-Component System (ECS) pattern, popular with game development. — MIT
  • gamebox-frame-manager — A manager for frames within a game loop. — MIT
  • gamebox-grids — Create and manipulate tiles in a two-dimensional grid layout. — MIT
  • gamebox-math — A high performance math library useful for making games. — MIT
  • genie — A simple wrapper to generate portably seedable pseudo-random numbers. — MIT
  • markdown.cl — A markdown parser for Common Lisp — MIT
  • narrowed-types — Type definitions narrowed with predicates — BSD
  • simple-logger — A simple message logging system. — MIT
  • simple-routes — Facility for straightforward http routing on top of Hunchentoot. — 2 clause BSD
  • stealth-mixin — Library for creating stealth mixin classes. — FreeBSD, see file LICENSE.text
  • the-cost-of-nothing — Determine the cost of things in Common Lisp. — GPLv3
  • trivial-clipboard — trivial-clipboard let access system clipboard. — MIT
Updated projects3d-matrices3d-vectorsalexandriaarchitecture.builder-protocolarchitecture.service-providerarray-utilsbabelbeastcaveman2-widgetsceplcepl.cameracepl.devilcepl.sdl2cepl.skitterchirpcl-anacl-ascii-artcl-bencodecl-cache-tablescl-cuddcl-custom-hash-tablecl-digraphcl-enumerationcl-gamepadcl-gpiocl-html5-parsercl-ixfcl-jpegcl-json-templatecl-k8055cl-monitorscl-mpg123cl-oclapicl-openglcl-out123cl-passcl-pslibcl-pythoncl-sandboxcl-sdl2cl-sdl2-imagecl-sdl2-ttfcl-slugcl-soilcl-spidevcl-strcl-tasuketecl-unificationcl-vectorscl-videocl-xkbclackclassimpclazyclinchclipclmlcloser-mopclssclxcoleslawcolleencolorizecroatoancrypto-shortcutsdeedsdefenumdeferreddendritedexadordirtdissectdocumentation-utilsdynaesrapfare-memoizationfast-ioflarefnforform-fiddleglsl-specglsl-toolkithu.dwim.asdfhu.dwim.debughu.dwim.defhu.dwim.perechu.dwim.presentationhu.dwim.rdbmshu.dwim.reiteratehu.dwim.urihu.dwim.utilhu.dwim.web-serverhumblerinquisitoriolibironcladjonathanjson-streamsjsonrpckenzolambda-fiddlelasslegitlichat-protocollichat-serverliblichat-tcp-clientlichat-tcp-serverlichat-ws-serverlisp-namespacelocal-timelquerymaidenmcclimmd5mel-basemodularizemodularize-hooksmodularize-interfacesmonkeylib-htmlmonkeylib-jsonneo4clnew-opninglenorthoclclomer-countparachuteparser.common-rulespathname-utilspipingplumpplump-bundleplump-sexpqlotqt-libsqtoolsqtools-uirandom-stateratifyread-csvredirect-streamrtg-mathrutilsserapeumsimple-inferiorssimple-tasksskittersoftdrinksouthspinneretstaplestructy-defclassstumpwmtemporal-functionstmtranslatetriviatrivial-argumentstrivial-benchmarktrivial-indenttrivial-main-threadtrivial-mimestrivial-thumbnailubiquitousuiopvarjoverboseweblocksxhtmlambda.

Removed projects: cl-geo, cl-wkb, cl4l, clim-pkg-doc, gsharp, lifoo, lisp-binary.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp"). Enjoy!


April 2017 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • cl-cudd — A two-layered binding to the CUDD binary decision diagram library. See README.md for more details. — BSD Style (see LICENSE)
  • cl-marklogic — Common Lisp library for accessing MarkLogic Server. — LGPL3
  • cl-sandbox — Utility package for creating safe experimental environment. — MIT
  • esrap-peg — A wrapper around Esrap to allow generating Esrap grammars from PEG definitions — MIT
  • glsl-toolkit — A library to parse and modify OpenGL Shader Language (GLSL) source code — Artistic
  • horner — Inline polynomial evaluation using Horner's rule. — MIT
  • http-get-cache — Common Lisp library for caching HTTP GET responses — MIT
  • random-sample — Random sample of a sequence with uniform distribution. — MIT
Updated projects3d-matrices3d-vectorsagnostic-lizardarchitecture.builder-protocolarchitecture.service-providerarnesiasdf-dependency-grovelasdf-finalizersassoc-utilsbeastbuildnodecamblcaveman2-widgetscaveman2-widgets-bootstrapcl+sslcl-anacl-arxiv-apicl-ascii-artcl-association-rulescl-autorepocl-autowrapcl-bsoncl-conspackcl-containerscl-csvcl-cudacl-custom-hash-tablecl-digraphcl-feedparsercl-freeimagecl-html5-parsercl-influxdbcl-jpegcl-llvmcl-online-learningcl-opsresearchcl-pangocl-protobufscl-pythoncl-scriptingcl-sdl2cl-secure-readcl-strcl-tcodcl-videocl4lclackclinchclipclmlcloser-mopcoleslawcroatoancserial-portdaemondecltdefmacro-enhancedexadoreasy-audioexit-hooksexscribef2clfare-scriptsfemlispfocusfolio2fxmlglisphhermetichu.dwim.asdfhu.dwim.perechu.dwim.presentationhu.dwim.rdbmshu.dwim.reiteratehu.dwim.stefilhu.dwim.utilhu.dwim.web-serverinlined-generic-functionjsonrpckenzolegitlifoolispbuilderlmdblol-remaidenmcclimmedia-typesmetacopymetatilities-basemitomodularize-interfacesmonkeylib-utilitiesmoptilitiesnibblesomer-countopticlpostmodernprovepzmqqlotretrospectiffrtg-mathrutilsscriptlserapeumsketchspinneretstaplestumpwmtriviatrivial-argumentstrivial-ldaptrivial-main-threadwebsocket-driverworkout-timerxhtmlambdazenekindarlzlib.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp").



Quicklisp client update: bundling local-projects

The Quicklisp library bundle feature has been around for a while.  It creates a "bundle" of libraries from Quicklisp that can be used standalone, without loading or using Quicklisp at all.

Today, I published an updated client with a new bundle feature: if :include-local-projects is true, everything in Quicklisp's ql:*local-project-directories* is copied into the bundle and made available when the bundle is loaded.

To get this update, use (ql:update-client). The new code will be loaded when Lisp is restarted.

This work was commissioned by Rigetti Computing.

If you have Quicklisp feature needs, feel free to get in touch with me!


February 2017 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • agnostic-lizard — A portable code walker that makes a best effort to be correct in most cases — GPLv3+
  • bit-ops — Optimized bit-vector operations — LLGPL
  • cl-forest — Unofficial Common Lisp bindings to Rigetti Forest. — Apache 2.0
  • cl-httpsqs — A client lib for accessing HTTPSQS written in Common Lisp — MIT
  • cl-ledger — Double-entry accounting system. — BSD-3
  • cl-password-store — Password management for Common Lisp (web) applications. — LLGPL
  • cl-str — Modern, simple and consistent Common Lisp string manipulation library. — MIT
  • cl-video — Video decoder implemented in Common Lisp — BSD
  • cmu-infix — Mathematical infix notation for Common Lisp. — Custom (See LICENSE.txt)
  • cserial-port — library for serial communication inspired by lispworks' serial-port — MIT
  • cue-parser — A library for parsing audio CUE files — 2-clause BSD
  • freebsd-sysctl — Sysctl kernel control mechanism for common lisp — 2-clause BSD
  • jsonrpc — JSON-RPC 2.0 server/client implementation — BSD 2-Clause
  • lifoo — a fresh take on Forth in the spirit of Common Lisp — MIT
  • maiden — A modern and extensible chat bot framework. — Artistic
  • named-read-macros — Make read macros more Lispy. Attach read macros to symbols. — BSD-3
  • weblocks-examples — Example applications for Weblocks framework — Public Domain
Updated projectsa-cl-loggeralexandriaanaphoraarchitecture.service-providerbeastbinfixbit-smasherbt-semaphoreceplchirpcl-anacl-autowrapcl-charmscl-custom-hash-tablecl-decimalscl-embcl-enchantcl-general-accumulatorcl-gsscl-jpegcl-k8055cl-mpg123cl-online-learningcl-openglcl-out123cl-sdl2cl-slugcl-spidevcl4lclackclmlcloser-mopclxcroatoandbusdeedsdexadordjulaeasy-audioexit-hooksf2clfare-scriptsfast-httpfemlispfnglisphglsl-specgrovel-locallyhu.dwim.perechu.dwim.presentationhu.dwim.sdlhu.dwim.web-serverinquisitorjson-mopkenzol-systemlambda-fiddlelassliblmdblichat-protocollichat-serverliblichat-tcp-serverlichat-ws-serverlionchatlisp-invocationlivesupportlmdblocal-time-durationmaxpcmcclimmoiramontezumamore-conditionsopticlopticl-coreparser.iniqlotqt-libsrtg-mathrutilsserapeumslimespinneretstaplestructy-defclassstumpwmtalcltemporal-functionstimer-wheeltrivial-dump-coretrivial-escapestrivial-wsubiquitousvarjowebsocket-driverweftwoowookiewuweixml.locationzlib.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp").



January 2017 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • ahungry-fleece — A general utility library of convenience functions and features. — GPLv3
  • asd-generator — Automatic directory scanner/generator for .asd project files. — GPLv3
  • cl-cache-tables — A wrapper around native hash-tables to facilitate in-process caching of common lisp data structures. — MIT
  • cl-feedparser — Common Lisp universal feed parser — LLGPL
  • cl-gpio — A library for the Linux GPIO kernel module as used on hobby kits such as the Raspberry Pi — Artistic
  • cl-k8055 — Bindings to the k8055 DAQ hobby board. — Artistic
  • cl-online-learning — Online Machine Learning for Common Lisp — MIT Licence
  • cl-spidev — A library for the Linux SPIDEV kernel module as used on hobby kits such as the Raspberry Pi — Artistic
  • cl-xdg — freedesktop.org standards handling — GNU General Public License
  • cl4l — esoteric CL essentials — MIT
  • glisph — Glyph rendering engine using OpenGL shading language — MIT
  • lichat-protocol — The independent protocol part of Lichat. — Artistic
  • lichat-serverlib — Tools to help build a server using the lichat protocol. — Artistic
  • lichat-tcp-client — A simple TCP client implementation for lichat — Artistic
  • lichat-tcp-server — A simple TCP server implementation for lichat. — Artistic
  • lichat-ws-server — A simple WebSocket server implementation for lichat. — Artistic
  • lionchat — A GUI client for the Lichat protocol — Artistic
  • lisp-binary — Declare binary formats as structs and then read and write them. — GPLv3
  • omer-count — A script to assist in counting the time period between Pesach and Shavuot. — GPL V3
  • ook — A CL compiler and enviroment for literate Orangutans. — Public Domain
  • opticl-core — A library for representing and processing images — BSD
  • rate-monotonic — A periodic thread scheduler inspired by RTEMS. — GPL-v3
  • timer-wheel — A timer wheel implementation with BORDEAUX-THREADS backend. — MIT
  • translate-client — A client to online web-server translators, currently only google translate — MIT
  • trivial-escapes — C-style escape directives for Common Lisp. — Public Domain
Updated projectsacclimationalexaanaphoraarchitecture.service-providerasdf-system-connectionsasdf-vizbeastbinfixcaveman2-widgetscaveman2-widgets-bootstrapcl-anacl-ansi-termcl-arxiv-apicl-association-rulescl-autowrapcl-csvcl-cudacl-custom-hash-tablecl-dbicl-digraphcl-enumerationcl-freetype2cl-glfw3cl-gobject-introspectioncl-hamtcl-jpegcl-liballegrocl-libyamlcl-marshalcl-openglcl-opsresearchcl-permutationcl-qrencodecl-readlinecl-routescl-statsdcl-syslogcl-typesettingcl-unificationcl-waylandcl-yamlclazyclinchclmlclobbercloser-mopclssclxcroatoancurry-compose-reader-macrosdeedsdefenumdexadoresrapfare-quasiquotefare-scriptsfare-utilsfast-iofemlispfixedformat-string-buildergsllinquisitorjonathanlambda-readerlet-pluslisp-unitlocal-timelog4clmcclimmetabang-bindmitomk-string-metricsmodularizeneo4clnew-opningleoclclopticlparachuteparse-floatparser.common-rulespipingplumppostmodernpostmodernityprovepsychiqqtools-uiqueuesrestasretrospectiffrfc2388-binaryserapeumspinneretstatic-vectorsstumpwmsxqltriviatrivia.balland2006trivial-ldaptrivial-rfc-1123trivial-updateubiquitousuiopunix-optsvarjovgplotweblocks-utilsxhtmlgenzlib.

Removed projects: cl-ledger, weblocks-examples.

To get this update, use: (ql:update-dist "quicklisp")



Thank you

Today (December 31) is the last day for the Quicklisp appreciation fundraiser. It has met and exceeded the matching fund goal by a wide margin. I am so thankful of all the support for this fundraiser, but also for the many kind words of appreciation, and for the "Quicklisp supporter club" donors, over the years. The positive feedback has made the work very satisfying.

Thank you, and best wishes for a happy 2017!