February 2023 Quicklisp dist update now available

 New projects: 

  • asdf-dependency-graph — A minimal wrapper around `dot` available at least on Linux systems to generate dependency-graphs. — MIT
  • aws-sdk-lisp — AWS-SDK for Common Lisp — BSD 2-Clause
  • chlorophyll — ANSI escape code library for Common Lisp — Expat
  • ciao — OAuth 2.0 Client for Common Lisp — LGPLv3
  • cl-cmark — Common Lisp bindings to libcmark, the CommonMark reference implementation — BSD-2-Clause
  • cl-jingle — jingle -- ningle with bells and whistles — BSD 2-Clause
  • cl-modio — A client library for the mod.io API. — zlib
  • csv-validator — Validates tabular CSV data using predefined validations, similar to its Python counterpart 'Great Expectations'. — BSD-3
  • history-tree — Store the history of a browser's visited paths. — BSD 3-Clause
  • jzon — A correct and safe(er) JSON RFC 8259 parser with sane defaults. — MIT
  • lisp-pay — Wrappers over multiple Payment Processor APIs — MIT
  • mito-attachment — Mito mixin class for file management — LLGPL
  • nclasses — Simplify class like definitions with define-class and friends. — Public Domain
  • njson — NJSON is a JSON handling framework with the focus on convenience and brevity. — BSD-3 Clause
  • nsymbols — A set of convenience functions to list class, variable, function, and other symbols. — BSD-3 Clause
  • py4cl2-cffi — CFFI based alternative to PY4CL2, primarily developed for performance reasons. — MIT
  • symath — A simple symbolic math library for Common Lisp — MIT

Updated projects: 3b-bmfont, 40ants-asdf-system, abstract-arrays, adp, ahungry-fleece, amb, april, babel, bdef, binary-parser, binpack, bp, cells, cffi, ci, cl+ssl, cl-advice, cl-bcrypt, cl-bnf, cl-cffi-gtk, cl-collider, cl-colors2, cl-confidence, cl-conspack, cl-containers, cl-cxx, cl-data-structures, cl-dbi, cl-digraph, cl-enumeration, cl-etcd, cl-fix, cl-gamepad, cl-git, cl-glib, cl-gobject-introspection, cl-gobject-introspection-wrapper, cl-graph, cl-gserver, cl-hamcrest, cl-i18n, cl-indentify, cl-jpeg, cl-lambdacalc, cl-mathstats, cl-megolm, cl-migratum, cl-mixed, cl-naive-store, cl-oju, cl-opencl-utils, cl-patterns, cl-pdf, cl-prevalence, cl-protobufs, cl-rashell, cl-rdkafka, cl-rfc4251, cl-ssh-keys, cl-steamworks, cl-store, cl-str, cl-telegram-bot, cl-trie, cl-unification, cl-utils, cl-vorbis, cl-webkit, cl-wol, cl-xkb, cl-yacc, clack, clad, clast, clath, clavier, clazy, climacs, climc, clingon, clip, clog, closer-mop, cluffer, clx, cmd, colorize, common-doc, consfigurator, croatoan, cserial-port, ctype, database-migrations, defenum, definer, dense-arrays, deploy, depot, dexador, djula, doc, docparser, docs-builder, dsm, duologue, eclector, extensible-compound-types, fare-csv, fare-utils, file-attributes, file-select, filesystem-utils, find-port, fiveam-matchers, float-features, for, functional-trees, glacier, gtirb-capstone, gtirb-functions, harmony, hashtrie, helambdap, http2, hu.dwim.syntax-sugar, in-nomine, journal, js, jsonrpc, lack, lass, lift, lisp-unit2, lmdb, local-time, log4cl-extras, lunamech-matrix-api, maiden, markup, mcclim, metabang-bind, mfiano-utils, mgl-mat, mgl-pax, mito, mk-defsystem, mmap, more-cffi, multiposter, music-spelling, mutility, nail, ndebug, new-op, nfiles, nhooks, nkeymaps, nodgui, north, numerical-utilities, numericals, nyxt, omglib, ook, osc, osicat, parachute, pero, petalisp, plot, plump, polymorphic-functions, postmodern, promise, py4cl2, qtools, random-state, read-number, replic, rove, sc-extensions, sel, serapeum, shop3, simple-neural-network, sketch, slime, sly, speechless, spinneret, statistics, stepster, stumpwm, swank-client, swank-crew, teepeedee2, ten, testiere, tfeb-lisp-hax, tooter, trace-db, trivial-backtrace, trivial-coerce, trivial-download, trivial-mimes, trivial-package-locks, trivial-shell, trivial-timeout, type-i, typo, uax-9, vellum, vellum-postmodern, vk, vp-trees, wayflan, with-contexts, with-user-abort, wookie, workout-timer, xhtmlambda, yason, zippy.

Removed projects: cl-sane, cluster, vellum-binary.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp"). Enjoy!


November 2022 Quicklisp dist update now available

 New projects:

  • 40ants-asdf-system — Provides a class for being used instead of asdf:package-inferred-system. — BSD
  • action-list — An implementation of action lists — zlib
  • adp — Add Documentation, Please. A documentation generator. — The Unlicense
  • anatevka — A distributed blossom algorithm for minimum-weight perfect matching. — MIT
  • cl-annot-revisit — Re-implementation of 'cl-annot', an annotation syntax library for Common Lisp. — WTFPL
  • cl-bloom-filter — Just another Common Lisp bloom filter implementation, enjoy it! — 
  • cl-cblas — A cl-autowrap generated wrapper around CBLAS which provides a C interface to the Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms. — MIT
  • cl-djula-svg — Handle SVGs in Djula Templates — MIT
  • cl-djula-tailwind — Tailwind classes for Djula templates — MIT
  • cl-facts — in-memory graph database — ISC
  • cl-glib — GLib binding for Common Lisp. — lgpl3
  • cl-gobject-introspection-wrapper — Wrap and call GObject Introspection FFI function in LISP style, based on cl-gobject-introspection. — lgpl3
  • cl-lessp — Generic order predicate — ISC
  • cl-oju — Common Lisp equivalents of core Clojure functions, especially sequence-related ones — MIT
  • cl-rollback — rollback functions — ISC
  • cl-sentry-client — Sentry client — MIT
  • cl-union-find — An implementation of UNION-FIND datastructure — LGPL
  • climc — A common lisp Instant Messaging client. — MIT License
  • clog-plotly — New CLOG System — BSD
  • clog-terminal — CLOG Terminal — BSD
  • de-mock-racy — Simplistic mocking library. — BSD simplified
  • distributions — Random numbers and distributions — MS-PL
  • dsm — Destructuring match — MIT
  • easy-macros — An easier way to write 90% of your macros — Apache License, Version 2.0
  • filesystem-utils — A collection of utilities for filesystem interaction. — zlib
  • filter-maker — CLIM program for letting users make filters out of predicates and keys. — BSD 2-Clause
  • fiveam-matchers — An extensible matchers library for FiveAM — Apache License, Version 2.0
  • infix-reader — A reader macro to allow for infix syntax with { ... } — Unlicence
  • input-event-codes — Port of all constants from input-event-codes.h from both Linux and FreeBSD — MIT
  • instance-tracking — Defines a class that tracks its instances — MIT
  • json-lib — A simple and relatively fast JSON parser and encoder — MIT
  • lineva — Linear evaluation macro system — GPLv3
  • luckless — Lockless data structures — zlib
  • more-cffi — Extension of the CFFI project. A facility to wrap C bindings and write documentation. — The Unlicense
  • music-spelling — Automatic pitch and rhythm spelling. — Apache 2.0
  • nail — library providing convenient functions for working with linalg, statistics and probability. — MIT
  • ndebug — A toolkit to construct interface-aware yet standard-compliant debugger hooks. — BSD 3-Clause
  • numericals — A high performance numerical computing library for Common Lisp (focus: basic math operations) — MIT
  • ospm — OS package manager interface — BSD 3-Clause
  • pero — Logging and text file perations library — MIT
  • pk-serialize — Serialization of Common Lisp data structures — MIT
  • statistics — A consolidated system of statistical functions — MS-PL
  • stepster — Web scraping library — MIT
  • testiere — Up Front Testing for DEFUN and DEFMETHOD — GPLv3
  • trivial-sanitize — clean html strings: "foo" → "foo" — LLGPL
  • tsqueue — Thread Safe Queue — MIT
  • typo — A portable type inference library for Common Lisp — MIT
  • wayflan — From-scratch Wayland client implementation — BSD 3-Clause
  • yah — Yet Another Heap — BSD-3

Updated projects: 3d-quaternions, 3d-vectors, abstract-arrays, acclimation, agnostic-lizard, alexandria-plus, architecture.builder-protocol, array-utils, assoc-utils, auto-restart, bdef, bit-smasher, blackbird, bp, bst, caveman, cephes.cl, cerberus, cffi, chunga, ci, ci-utils, cl+ssl, cl-all, cl-async, cl-autowrap, cl-bmas, cl-charms, cl-collider, cl-confidence, cl-cron, cl-data-structures, cl-form-types, cl-forms, cl-gamepad, cl-generator, cl-git, cl-gserver, cl-i18n, cl-info, cl-interpol, cl-isaac, cl-json-pointer, cl-kaputt, cl-las, cl-lib-helper, cl-liballegro, cl-liballegro-nuklear, cl-libuv, cl-lzlib, cl-marshal, cl-migratum, cl-mixed, cl-mock, cl-naive-store, cl-openal, cl-patterns, cl-pdf, cl-protobufs, cl-randist, cl-random-forest, cl-replica, cl-scsu, cl-semver, cl-sendgrid, cl-ses4, cl-steamworks, cl-str, cl-telegram-bot, cl-tls, cl-torrents, cl-unix-sockets, cl-utils, cl-wav, cl-webkit, cl-xkb, cl-yaml, cl-yxorp, cl-zstd, clack, clgplot, clingon, clj-re, clobber, clog, clog-ace, closer-mop, clsql, clss, cluffer, clunit2, clx, cmd, coleslaw, common-lisp-jupyter, commondoc-markdown, compiler-macro-notes, conduit-packages, consfigurator, croatoan, css-lite, cytoscape-clj, damn-fast-priority-queue, data-frame, data-lens, data-table, datamuse, defmain, dense-arrays, depot, dexador, dfio, dissect, doc, docparser, docs-builder, eclector, erudite, extensible-compound-types, fast-io, fiveam-asdf, flare, float-features, font-discovery, for, functional-trees, github-api-cl, gtirb-capstone, gtirb-functions, gtwiwtg, gute, harmony, http2, hunchensocket, hunchentoot-errors, imago, in-nomine, ironclad, jp-numeral, json-schema, jsonrpc, kekule-clj, lack, latter-day-paypal, lift, linear-programming, linear-programming-glpk, lisp-binary, lisp-critic, lisp-namespace, lisp-stat, lisp-unit2, literate-lisp, log4cl-extras, ltk, lunamech-matrix-api, markup, math, mcclim, mito, mnas-graph, mnas-package, multiposter, mutility, myway, neural-classifier, nfiles, nhooks, nkeymaps, nodgui, numcl, numerical-utilities, nyxt, omglib, one-more-re-nightmare, osc, osicat, overlord, papyrus, parachute, pathname-utils, periods, petalisp, pgloader, piping, plot, plump, polymorphic-functions, posix-shm, postmodern, pp-toml, query-fs, quick-patch, quri, random-state, replic, rutils, sel, select, serapeum, shasht, shop3, simple-neural-network, sketch, skippy-renderer, slite, sly, snakes, special-functions, speechless, spinneret, staple, stripe-against-the-modern-world, stumpwm, stumpwm-dynamic-float, tfeb-lisp-hax, tfeb-lisp-tools, trace-db, trivial-clipboard, trivial-extensible-sequences, trivial-file-size, trivial-mimes, uax-15, uiop, usocket, utilities.print-items, utilities.print-tree, vellum, vellum-binary, vellum-postmodern, vk, with-c-syntax, wuwei, xml-emitter, yason, zippy.

Removed projects: cl-json-template, cl-schedule, cl-splicing-macro, mito-attachment, trivial-timers.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp")

I apologize for the long gap between this update and the last. I intend to get back on a monthly schedule.


July 2022 Quicklisp dist update now available

 New projects

  • abstract-arrays — Julia's AbstractArray like abstraction for Common Lisp. — MIT
  • avl-tree — An implementation of the AVL tree data structure. — MIT
  • binary-parser — A toolset for parsing binary data formats. — MIT
  • binary-search-tree — An implementation of the binary search tree data structure. — MIT
  • cl-bmas — A Common Lisp wrapper around BMAS - a BLAS like library with support for integers, basic math operations, trigonometry, and more. — MIT
  • cl-confidence — A Simple Interactive Test Framework for Common Lisp — MIT
  • cl-libinput — Common Lisp wrapper for libinput — BSD 3-Clause
  • cl-mdb — cl-mdb: a simple in-memory key-value database — MulanPubL-2.0
  • cl-morse — Library for translating ASCII letters to morse code and back. — BSD-3clause
  • cl-rashell — Resilient replicant Shell Programming Library for Common Lisp — MIT
  • cl-replica — Library for hash-table replication via epidemic algorithms — BSD
  • cl-secp256k1 — FFI findings for secp256k1 library — MIT
  • cl-sysexits — Exit codes defined in sysexits.h — BSD-3-Clause
  • cl-voipms — Common Lisp HTTP api client to the voip.ms api. — BSD
  • clog-ace — CLOG Ace Editor Plugin — BSD
  • cluster — A set of utilities for Common Lisp, including a full prototype system — MIT
  • clustered-intset — Implements a non-negative keyed set of integers favoring clustered keys. — MIT
  • convolution-kernel — An implementation of a kernel useful for convolution-like cellular transformations across a grid. — MIT
  • dense-arrays — Numpy like array objects for Common Lisp — MIT
  • doubly-linked-list — An implementation of the doubly linked list data structure. — MIT
  • dungen — A procedural dungeon generator. — MIT
  • dynamic-array — An optimized 1-dimensional array of fixnums that automatically re-adjusts in size. — MIT
  • easter-gauss — Calculate the Ester date from year using the method developed from Gauss. — MIT
  • erjoalgo-webutil — Framework for defining [oauth] http api client & sever. — GPLv3
  • extensible-compound-types — EXTENSIBLE-COMPOUND-TYPES for user-defined compound-types like (array &optional element-type dimension-spec) — MIT
  • freebsd-ffi — A small, but growing collection of syscall and base install library FFI wrappers for FreeBSD. — BSD2
  • gfxmath — A graphics math library. — MIT
  • github-api-cl — The lite Github rest v3 api client SDK — Apache
  • glsl-metadata — A computer-readable representation of all versions of the OpenGL Shader Language specifications. — MIT
  • grid-formation — Simple cellular grid formations and algorithms. — MIT
  • http2 — HTTP2 protocol implementation — MIT
  • identifier-pool — A simple generational identification number allocator. — MIT
  • mfiano-utils — A utility library. — MIT
  • mstrings — Pretty multiline strings Reader Macro — BSD 3-Clause
  • nibbles-streams — Proof of concept for lossless audio compressor — 2-clause BSD
  • nkeymaps — General-purpose keymap management à-la Emacs. — BSD 3-Clause
  • nlopt — Common Lisp interface to Non-linear optimization library NLopt — MIT
  • qoi — Library for encoding/decoding QOI (Quite OK Image Format) files — MIT
  • quad-tree — An implementation of the quad tree data structure. — MIT
  • red-black-tree — An implementation of the red-black search tree data structure. — MIT
  • slot-map — An implementation of the slot-map data structure. — MIT
  • sparse-set — An implementation of the sparse set data structure. — MIT
  • tile-grid — A simple tile grid implementation. — MIT
  • trivial-coerce — `trivial-coerce` primarily provides a `trivial-coerce:coerce` function intended as an extensible alternative to `cl:coerce`. — MIT
  • vellum-binary — vellum custom binary format. — BSD simplified

Updated projects: 3bmd, 3d-vectors, access, acclimation, alexandria, also-alsa, april, array-operations, bdef, bike, binpack, bit-smasher, black-tie, bodge-utilities, bordeaux-threads, bp, check-bnf, ci, ci-utils, cl+ssl, cl-advice, cl-ana, cl-beanstalk, cl-collider, cl-cookie, cl-cram, cl-data-structures, cl-dot, cl-etcd, cl-flow, cl-forms, cl-freetype2, cl-gamepad, cl-git, cl-gserver, cl-heredoc, cl-info, cl-inotify, cl-isaac, cl-json, cl-json-pointer, cl-lib-helper, cl-liballegro, cl-liballegro-nuklear, cl-lzlib, cl-markless, cl-migratum, cl-mixed, cl-muth, cl-naive-store, cl-patterns, cl-readline, cl-riff, cl-sat, cl-sdl2, cl-sendgrid, cl-skip-list, cl-str, cl-telegram-bot, cl-veq, cl-vorbis, cl-wavelets, cl-webkit, cl-zstd, clack, clog, closer-mop, clss, cluffer, clx, cmd, coleslaw, common-doc, common-lisp-jupyter, consfigurator, core-reader, cricket, croatoan, ctype, cubic-bezier, data-lens, declt, defmain, deploy, depot, dexador, dissect, djula, documentation-utils-extensions, drakma, duologue, easy-audio, easy-routes, eclector, factory-alien, fast-websocket, file-notify, flac-metadata, float-features, font-discovery, fresnel, functional-trees, gendl, generalized-reference, glsl-toolkit, gtirb-functions, gute, harmony, hu.dwim.quasi-quote, hu.dwim.sdl, hu.dwim.walker, hu.dwim.web-server, hu.dwim.zlib, hunchentoot-errors, imago, jingoh, jsown-utils, kekule-clj, latter-day-paypal, lichat-protocol, lichat-tcp-client, linear-programming, lisp-binary, literate-lisp, local-time, log4cl-extras, ltk, maiden, mailgun, markup, math, mcclim, mito, mmap, mnas-graph, mnas-hash-table, mnas-package, mnas-path, mnas-string, mutility, neo4cl, neural-classifier, nfiles, nhooks, nodgui, null-package, nyxt, omglib, one-more-re-nightmare, origin, patchwork, pathname-utils, perceptual-hashes, petalisp, pgloader, plump, pngload, polymorphic-functions, print-licenses, prompt-for, purgatory, py4cl, quri, random-uuid, read-as-string, rpcq, sc-extensions, scheduler, scriba, seedable-rng, sel, serapeum, shadow, shasht, shop3, simple-config, slite, sly, speechless, stripe, stumpwm, tfeb-lisp-hax, tfeb-lisp-tools, trivia, trivial-benchmark, trivial-json-codec, trivial-mimes, trivial-monitored-thread, trivial-object-lock, trivial-rfc-1123, trivial-utilities, trucler, ttt, type-i, umbra, utilities.print-items, vellum, vellum-csv, vgplot, vivid-colors, vivid-diff, vk, woo, workout-timer, xmls, yason, zippy.

Removed projects: algae, climc, golden-utils, mop-utils, parsley, sn.man.

The removed projects have been removed by their authors upstream, or no longer build.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp"). Enjoy!


March 2022 Quicklisp dist update now available

 New projects

  • asn1 — ASN.1 encoder/decoder — BSD 2-Clause
  • auto-restart — automatically generate restart-cases for the most common use cases, and also use the restart for automatic retries — Apache License, Version 2.0
  • cl-advice — Portable advice for Common Lisp — LGPL
  • cl-gltf — A library to parse the glTF file format. — zlib
  • clgplot — A Gnuplot front-end for Common lisp — MIT Licence
  • clusters — Cluster algorithms in CL, for CL. — BSD simplified
  • generalized-reference — Generalized reference over structured data by pairwise reduction of arbitrary place identifiers for Common Lisp. — MIT
  • jsown-utils — Utilities for Common Lisp JSON library jsown — MIT
  • maidenhead — Convert coordinates between Latitude/Longitude and Maidenhead. — GPL-3
  • olc — Convert coordinates between Latitude/Longitude and Open Location Code. — GPL-3
  • one-more-re-nightmare — A regular expression compiler — BSD 2-clause
  • posix-shm — POSIX shared memory — BSD 3-Clause

Updated projects: 3b-bmfont, 3d-matrices, 3d-quaternions, 3d-transforms, a-cl-logger, access, adhoc, adopt, alexandria, april, arc-compat, architecture.builder-protocol, bp, chunga, ci, cl+ssl, cl-apertium-stream-parser, cl-capstone, cl-collider, cl-covid19, cl-data-structures, cl-dct, cl-diskspace, cl-editdistance, cl-forms, cl-fxml, cl-gamepad, cl-gopher, cl-gserver, cl-info, cl-isaac, cl-kaputt, cl-kraken, cl-lambdacalc, cl-liballegro-nuklear, cl-markless, cl-migratum, cl-mixed, cl-myriam, cl-online-learning, cl-patterns, cl-protobufs, cl-python, cl-random-forest, cl-sat, cl-sat.glucose, cl-sat.minisat, cl-sdl2, cl-smt-lib, cl-sparql, cl-str, cl-telegram-bot, cl-torrents, cl-vorbis, cl-wavelets, cl-webkit, cl-who, cl-wol, cl-yxorp, clingon, clog, closer-mop, cmd, com-on, common-lisp-jupyter, commondoc-markdown, conduit-packages, context-lite, croatoan, defmain, depot, doc, easy-routes, eazy-gnuplot, envy, esrap, event-emitter, factory-alien, file-select, fiveam, fmt, font-discovery, fresnel, functional-trees, gendl, geodesic, graph, gute, harmony, herodotus, hunchentoot-multi-acceptor, imago, jingoh, jose, journal, latter-day-paypal, let-over-lambda, lisp-binary, log4cl-extras, maiden, mcclim, media-types, mgl-pax, mgrs, mmap, mnas-package, mutility, named-readtables, neo4cl, nfiles, nibbles, nyxt, open-location-code, overlord, paren6, parsnip, pjlink, plot, polymorphic-functions, protobuf, qlot, query-repl, read-number, rove, rs-colors, sc-extensions, scriba, sel, serapeum, shasht, sly, snakes, speechless, spinneret, stumpwm, tfeb-lisp-tools, tiny-routes, trace-db, trivia, trivial-do, try, usocket, websocket-driver, xmls, yason, zippy.

Removed projects: cl-cut.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp"). Enjoy!


February 2022 Quicklisp dist update now available

 New projects

  • 3d-quaternions — A utility library implementing quaternion and dual-quaternion functionality. — zlib
  • 3d-transforms — A utility library implementing a common structure to encapsulate spatial transformations — zlib
  • ci — A tool simplify continuous deployment for Common Lisp projects. — BSD
  • cl-lambdacalc — Define Lisp functions using lambda calculus syntax — MIT
  • cl-lib-helper — For common-lisp, organisation of popular functionalities in a central, easy-to-browse set of packages. — MIT
  • cl-myriam — Simple actor model implementation for local and remote actors — 3-clause BSD
  • cl-tar — A high level interface for tar archives — MIT
  • cl-tar-file — A system for reading and writing physical entries from/to tar files. — BSD-style (http://opensource.org/licenses/BSD-3-Clause)
  • cl-veq — reasonably fast operations for 1d, 2d, 3d vectors and arrays of vectors. — MIT
  • cl-wol — CLI built on top of the cl-wol.core system — BSD 2-Clause
  • clop — CLOP - Common Lisp tOml Parser — MIT
  • factory-alien — Factory alien is a library for generating fixture data for testing applications. — MIT
  • in-nomine — Utilities for extensible namespaces in Common Lisp. — LLGPL
  • journal — A library for logging, tracing, testing and persistence. — MIT, see COPYING.
  • json-schema — JSON schema validation — LLGPL
  • mgl — MGL is a machine learning library for backpropagation neural networks, boltzmann machines, gaussian processes and more. — MIT, see COPYING.
  • mgl-mat — MAT is library for working with multi-dimensional arrays which supports efficient interfacing to foreign and CUDA code. BLAS and CUBLAS bindings are available. — MIT
  • mk-defsystem — The MK-DEFSYSTEM ASDF System. — Other
  • named-closure — Named closures — GPLv3+
  • nfiles — Manage file persistence and loading. — BSD 3-Clause
  • nhooks — Improved hooks facility inspired by Serapeum. — MIT
  • phos — An experimental Gemini client library — ISC
  • stumpwm-dynamic-float — stumpwm-dynamic-float is an extension to the X window manager "StumpWM". It provides a dynamic-tiling environment based on StumpWM's floating-group. — MIT
  • tiny-routes — A tiny routing library for Common Lisp targeting Clack. — BSD 3-Clause
  • try — Try is a test framework. — MIT, see COPYING.
  • with-branching — An implementation of macroexpand-time conditionalization — MIT

Updated projects: 3d-matrices, 3d-vectors, adhoc, alexandria, amb, anaphora, array-operations, birch, bitio, bknr-datastore, bnf, caveman, chameleon, check-bnf, chipz, cl+ssl, cl-ana, cl-apertium-stream-parser, cl-catmull-rom-spline, cl-data-structures, cl-erlang-term, cl-fad, cl-fix, cl-forms, cl-gopher, cl-gserver, cl-hamcrest, cl-info, cl-json, cl-kraken, cl-markless, cl-mathstats, cl-mixed, cl-pdf, cl-ppcre, cl-schedule, cl-sdl2, cl-str, cl-tld, cl-utils, cl-webkit, clack, claxy, clerk, climc, climon, clingon, clml, clobber, clog, closer-mop, collectors, common-doc, commondoc-markdown, consfigurator, croatoan, ctype, defmain, deploy, depot, dexador, djula, doc, ernestine, esrap, external-symbol-not-found, fiveam, flexi-streams, fresnel, functional-trees, gadgets, gtwiwtg, harmony, helambdap, herodotus, ieee-floats, imago, introspect-environment, ironclad, lack, lake, latter-day-paypal, lichat-protocol, lichat-serverlib, lichat-tcp-client, lichat-tcp-server, lichat-ws-server, lionchat, lisp-binary, lmdb, log4cl-extras, lsx, lunamech-matrix-api, maiden, math, mcclim, mgl-pax, micmac, mnas-package, mutility, named-readtables, neo4cl, neural-classifier, nyxt, omglib, opticl, osicat, overlord, papyrus, petalisp, polymorphic-functions, postmodern, purgatory, qbase64, qlot, random-state, rove, safe-read, scriba, sel, serapeum, shasht, shop3, slime, slite, sly, spinneret, stripe-against-the-modern-world, stumpwm, symbol-munger, ten, tfeb-lisp-hax, tooter, track-best, trivial-extensible-sequences, trivial-package-local-nicknames, trivial-utf-8, trucler, uncursed, vellum, vellum-csv, vivid-colors, vivid-diff, vk, websocket-driver, with-contexts, wordnet, xhtmlambda, yason, zippy.

To get this update, use: (ql:update-dist "quicklisp").



(Second) December 2021 Quicklisp dist update now available

 New projects:

  • adhoc — Another Declarative Hierarchical Object-centric CLOS Customization — GPLv3
  • amb — An implementation of John McCarthy's ambiguous operator — MIT
  • fsocket — Franks socket API — MIT
  • lisp-interface-library — Long name alias for lil — MIT
  • polymorphic-functions — Type based dispatch for Common Lisp — MIT
  • purgatory — A simple implementation of the 9p filesystem protocol. — LLGPL
  • quux-hunchentoot — Thread pooling for hunchentoot — MIT
  • schannel — CFFI wrapper to SChannel — MIT
  • trivial-package-locks — A standard interface to the various package lock implementations. — MIT

Updated projects: alexandria-plus, bitfield, cl+ssl, cl-ana, cl-collider, cl-data-structures, cl-enumeration, cl-form-types, cl-gserver, cl-incognia, cl-info, cl-kraken, cl-sdl2, cl-unification, cl-webdriver-client, clad, clast, clazy, clingon, clog, closer-mop, consfigurator, contextl, croatoan, cserial-port, dartsclhashtree, defenum, definer, defmain, doc, fare-scripts, fof, fresnel, gendl, glsl-toolkit, hash-set, helambdap, hu.dwim.asdf, hu.dwim.def, hu.dwim.defclass-star, hu.dwim.graphviz, hu.dwim.logger, hu.dwim.presentation, hu.dwim.reiterate, hu.dwim.stefil, hu.dwim.util, hu.dwim.web-server, imago, lack, lichat-protocol, literate-lisp, log4cl-extras, math, mcclim, mgl-pax, mnas-string, monomyth, neural-classifier, new-op, ningle, nyaml, nyxt, omglib, ook, opticl, petalisp, pgloader, polisher, printv, promise, random-sample, safe-read, sc-extensions, scheduler, sel, serapeum, slite, sly, smug, stumpwm, tfeb-lisp-tools, trivial-cltl2, trivial-garbage, trucler, uncursed, vecto, vellum, vgplot.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp")


edit Oops. I forgot I already have a December release. Oh well, enjoy a double-update month!


December 2021 Quicklisp dist update now available

 New projects: 

  • chain — Two chaining/piping macros, one of them `setf`ing its first argument — BSD-3
  • cl-getopt — CFFI wrapper to the libc getopt_long function — Public Domain
  • cl-tls — An implementation of the Transport Layer Security Protocols — BSD-3-Clause
  • dotenv — Ease pain with working with .env files. — MIT
  • latter-day-paypal — Paypal api wrapper. — MIT
  • lunamech-matrix-api — An implementation of the Matrix API taken from LunaMech see https://lunamech.com — MIT
  • stripe-against-the-modern-world — Implementation of the Stripe API. — MIT
  • verlet — Verlet is a simple physics engine based on verlet integration. It supports particles with position and direction, springs between particles, global gravity as well as gravity between particles, and spacial constraints. — BSD-3

Updated projects: adopt, aether, alexandria, anaphora, arrival, aserve, basic-binary-ipc, bdef, bodge-host, caveman, chameleon, check-bnf, cl+ssl, cl-apertium-stream-parser, cl-autowrap, cl-bus, cl-collider, cl-conllu, cl-cron, cl-cxx-jit, cl-data-structures, cl-decimals, cl-enchant, cl-etcd, cl-form-types, cl-gamepad, cl-gcrypt, cl-general-accumulator, cl-gpio, cl-gserver, cl-info, cl-just-getopt-parser, cl-kraken, cl-l10n, cl-liballegro, cl-liballegro-nuklear, cl-mixed, cl-mpg123, cl-opencl, cl-patterns, cl-permutation, cl-progress-bar, cl-prolog2, cl-sparql, cl-string-match, cl-tld, cl-utils, cl-webdriver-client, cl-webkit, cl-yxorp, clack, clack-static-asset-middleware, clad, clingon, clip, clog, closer-mop, cmd, common-lisp-jupyter, commondoc-markdown, compiler-macro-notes, consfigurator, croatoan, cserial-port, data-frame, defconfig, defmain, dexador, djula, doc, docs-builder, easy-audio, fiveam, fiveam-asdf, gadgets, gendl, glacier, gtirb-capstone, gtirb-functions, gute, harmony, helambdap, hu.dwim.defclass-star, hu.dwim.perec, hu.dwim.presentation, hu.dwim.web-server, jingoh, lack, lichat-protocol, lichat-tcp-client, lift, lisp-stat, log4cl, log4cl-extras, maiden, mcclim, mgl-pax, micmac, millet, mito, mnas-package, mnas-string, mutility, named-readtables, nibbles, nodgui, numcl, numerical-utilities, nyxt, omglib, opticl, osicat, overlord, petalisp, plot, portal, postmodern, pp-toml, py4cl2, qlot, quilc, retrospectiff, rove, sel, serapeum, shop3, sly, snappy, static-dispatch, stefil-, structure-ext, stumpwm, tfeb-lisp-tools, trivial-features, trivial-timeout, trivial-utf-8, trivialib.bdd, uax-15, vas-string-metrics, vellum, vellum-csv, vellum-postmodern, vivid-colors, vivid-diff, wallstreetflets, woo, xhtmlambda, zippy.

Removed projects: lisp-interface-library, quux-hunchentoot.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp"). Enjoy!