February 2019 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • async-process — asynchronous process execution for common lisp — MIT
  • atomics — Portability layer for atomic operations like compare-and-swap (CAS). — Artistic
  • game-math — Math for game development. — MIT
  • generic-cl — Standard Common Lisp functions implemented using generic functions. — MIT
  • simplified-types — Simplification of Common Lisp type specifiers. — MIT
  • sn.man — stub man launcher.it should be a man parser. — mit
Updated projectsagutilalso-alsaantikaprilcerberuschipzchronicitycl+sslcl-allcl-asynccl-collidercl-dbicl-embcl-environmentscl-fluent-loggercl-glfw3cl-json-pointercl-lascl-marklesscl-patternscl-readlinecl-rulescl-satcl-sat.glucosecl-sat.minisatcl-sdl2-imagecl-syslogcl-tiledcl-whoclackcloser-mopclsscommonqtcovercroatoandexadoreasy-audioeasy-bindeazy-projecteruditefast-websocketgendlglsl-toolkitgolden-utilsgraphjonathanjp-numeralkenzolichat-tcp-serverlistopialiterate-lisplocal-timeltkmcclimnodguioverlordpetalisppetripgloaderphoe-toolboxpngloadpostmodernqmyndqt-libsqtoolsqtools-uiquery-fsremote-jsreplicrpcqs-xml-rpcsafety-paramssc-extensionsserapeumshadowshould-testslystatic-dispatchstumpwmsucletime-intervaltriviatrivial-clipboardtrivial-utilitiestype-rutilityvernacularwith-c-syntaxwuwei.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp")



January 2019 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects: 
  • cl-markless — A parser implementation for Markless — Artistic
  • data-lens — Utilities for building data transormations from composable functions, modeled on lenses and transducers — MIT
  • iso-8601-date — Miscellaneous date routines based around ISO-8601 representation. — LLGPL
  • literate-lisp — a literate programming tool to write common lisp codes in org file. — MIT
  • magicl — Matrix Algebra proGrams In Common Lisp — BSD 3-Clause (See LICENSE.txt)
  • nodgui — LTK — LLGPL
  • petri — An implementation of Petri nets — MIT
  • phoe-toolbox — A personal utility library — BSD 2-clause
  • ql-checkout — ql-checkout is library intend to checkout quicklisp maintained library with vcs. — mit
  • qtools-commons — Qtools utilities and functions — Artistic License 2.0
  • replic — A framework to build readline applications out of existing code. — MIT
  • slk-581 — Generate Australian Government SLK-581 codes. — LLGPL
  • sucle — Cube Demo Game — MIT
  • water — An ES6-compatible class definition for Parenscript — MIT
  • winhttp — FFI wrapper to WINHTTP — MIT
Updated projects3d-matrices3d-vectorsaprilasd-generatorchirpchronicitycl-asynccl-batiscl-collidercl-dbicl-dbi-connection-poolcl-enumerationcl-formscl-hamcrestcl-hash-utilcl-lascl-libevent2cl-libuvcl-mixedcl-neovimcl-openglcl-patternscl-punchcl-satcl-sat.glucosecl-sat.minisatcl-syslogcl-unificationcladclazyclimacsclipcloser-mopcroatoandbusdeedsdefenumdefinitionsdufyeasy-bindeasy-routeseclectoresrapf2clflareflexi-streamsflowgendlglsl-toolkitharmonyhelambdaphu.dwim.debughumblerinquisitorlakelegitlichat-protocollisp-binarylisp-chatlog4cllqueryltkmcclimnew-opomer-countookoverlordpetalisppjlinkplumppostmodernprotestqtoolsquery-fsratifyread-numberrpcqsafety-paramssc-extensionsserapeumslimeslyspecialization-storespinneretstaplestatic-dispatchstumpwmsxqltootertrivial-clipboardtrivial-socketsutilities.print-itemsvernacularwebsocket-driverwild-package-inferred-systemxhtmlambda.

Removed projects: cl-llvm, cl-skkserv

The removed projects no longer build for me.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp"). Enjoy!


December 2018 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • agutil — A collection of utility functions not found in other utility libraries. — MIT
  • aserve — AllegroServe, a web server written in Common Lisp — LLGPL 
  • cl-batis — SQL Mapping Framework for Common Lisp — MIT
  • cl-dbi-connection-pool — CL-DBI-Connection-Pool - connection pool for CL-DBI — LLGPL
  • cl-json-pointer — A JSON Pointer (RFC6901) implementation for Common Lisp. — MIT
  • cl-punch — Scala-like anonymous lambda literal — MIT
  • definitions-systems — Provides a simple unified extensible way of processing named definitions. — Public Domain
  • easy-bind — Easy-bind - easy local binding for Common Lisp — MIT
  • first-time-value — Returns the result of evaluating a form in the current lexical and dynamic context the first time it's encountered, and the cached result of that computation on subsequent evaluations. — Public Domain
  • hyperspec — A simple library for looking up common-lisp symbols in the hyperspec. — LLGPLv3+
  • its — Provides convenient access to multiple values of an object in a concise, explicit and efficient way. — Public Domain
  • mra-wavelet-plot — Plot MRA-based wavelets (scaling function and mother wavelet) with given coefficients of the dilation equation — 2-clause BSD
  • openid-key — Get OpenID keys from issuer. — MIT
  • pjlink — A library for communicating with PJLink-compatible projectors over TCP/IP. see https://pjlink.jbmia.or.jp/english/ for information on PJLink and compatible devices. — CC0 1.0 Universal
  • poler — Infix notation macro generator — LLGPL
  • rpcq — Message and RPC specifications for Rigetti Quantum Cloud Services. — Apache 2
  • shadowed-bindings — Establishes a new lexical context within which specified bindings are explicitly shadowed, making it clear that they are not referenced within, thereby reducing cognitive load. — Public Domain
  • static-dispatch — Static generic function dispatch for Common Lisp. — MIT
  • trivial-jumptables — Provides efficient O(1) jumptables on supported Common Lisp implementations and falls back to O(log(n)) on others. — Public Domain
  • trivial-sockets — trivial-sockets — MIT
  • utility — A collection of useful functions and macros. — MIT
  • wild-package-inferred-system — Introduces the wildcards `*' and `**' into package-inferred-system — MIT
Updated projectsalexandriaaprilarchitecture.builder-protocolarchitecture.hooksasdf-vizbstcamblcari3scarriercavemancffichronicitycl-anacl-bibtexcl-cffi-gtkcl-charmscl-cognitocl-collidercl-conllucl-dbicl-digraphcl-environmentscl-epochcl-hamcrestcl-json-helpercl-ledgercl-markdowncl-patternscl-pythoncl-quickcheckcl-strcl-tetris3dcl-tiledcl-tomlcl-unificationclazyclipcloser-mopclxcodexcovercroatoandbusde.setf.wilburdefinitionsdocparserdufyeclectorevent-emitterf2clfemlispfiascoflarefloat-featuresfunction-cachefxmlgamebox-mathgendlgenhashglsl-toolkitgolden-utilsharmonyhelambdaphttp-bodyhu.dwim.web-serverip-interfacesironcladjonathanjsonrpclacklisp-binarylisp-chatlocal-timemaidenmcclimmmapopticloverlordparachuteparenscriptparser.common-rulespetalisppgloaderplexippus-xpathplumpplump-sexppostmodernprotestprotobufqbase64qlotquriracerregular-type-expressionsafety-paramssc-extensionsserapeumshadowsimple-tasksslysnakessnoozestaplestealth-mixinstefilstumpwmthe-cost-of-nothingtime-intervaltrivial-benchmarktrivial-utilitiesumbrautilities.binary-dumpvgplotwebsocket-driverwith-c-syntaxwoozacl.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp")



October 2018 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • arrows — Implements -> and ->> from Clojure, as well as several expansions on the idea. — CC0
  • authenticated-encryption — Authenticated-Encryption functions — MIT
  • base64 — Base64 encoding and decoding for Common Lisp. — Apache 2.0
  • black-tie — Noise library for Common Lisp. — BSD
  • cl-clblas — clBLAS binding — Apache License, Version 2.0
  • cl-dotenv — Utility library for loading .env files — MIT
  • cl-fuzz — A Fuzz Testing Framework — BSD-2
  • cl-las — Library to manipulate LAS files — ISC
  • cl-proj — CL-PROJ provides Proj.4 library bindings — BSD
  • cl-prolog2 — Common Interface to the ISO prolog implementations from Common Lisp — MIT
  • cover — Code coverage utility for Common Lisp — MIT
  • destructuring-bind-star — DESTRUCTURING-BIND with proper error signaling — MIT
  • everblocking-stream — A stream that always blocks and never has data available. — Public domain
  • heap — Binary Heap for Common Lisp. — Apache 2.0
  • huffman — Huffman encoding and decoding for Common Lisp. — Apache 2.0
  • lazy — Lazy forms for Common Lisp. — Apache 2.0
  • lorem-ipsum — Lorem ipsum generator in portable Common Lisp — MIT
  • parse — Parsing package for Common Lisp. — Apache 2.0
  • print-html — Simple html generator. — MIT License
  • protest — Common Lisp PROtocol and TESTcase Manager — LLGPL
  • re — Lua-style string pattern matching. — Apache 2.0
  • regular-type-expression — This project contains several Common Lisp packages — MIT
  • safe-read — A variant of READ secure against internbombing, excessive input and macro characters. — BSD 2-clause
  • safety-params — Filter parameters — BSD 2-Clause
  • sc-extensions — additional library collection for cl-collider — Public Domain / 0-clause MIT
  • sha1 — SHA1 Digest and HMAC for LispWorks. — Apache 2.0
  • sycamore — A fast, purely functional data structure library — BSD-3
  • targa — Targa Image Loading for Common Lisp. — Apache 2.0
  • trivial-cltl2 — Compatibility package exporting CLtL2 functionality — LLGPL
Updated projectsarray-utilsasdf-vizassoc-utilsbinary-iobit-smashercari3sceplcl+sslcl-anacl-cffi-gtkcl-collidercl-colors2cl-i18ncl-kanrencl-ledgercl-liballegrocl-mecabcl-mixedcl-neovimcl-notebookcl-patternscl-plumbingcl-portmanteaucl-postgres-plus-uuidcl-progress-barcl-pslibcl-pslib-barcodecl-pythoncl-rabbitcl-sdl2cl-sdl2-imagecl-sdl2-mixercl-sdl2-ttfclackcloser-mopclosure-commonclunit2clxcodexcolleencommonqtcroatoancxmlcxml-stpdataflydefinitionsdexadordjuladmldo-urlencodedufydynamic-mixinseasy-audioeclectorfemlispfunction-cachefxmlgamebox-mathgeowktgolden-utilsharmonyiclendarinquisitorintegralironcladlacklasslichat-tcp-serverlog4clmaidenmcclimmitomito-attachmentmywayninevehningleoverlordpango-markupparachuteparser.iniperlrepetalispplace-utilsplexippus-xpathplump-sexppostmodernpreplprint-licensesqlotqtoolsquriread-csvroves-dot2scalplselserapeumshadowshuffletronslysplit-sequencest-jsonstaplestmxstumpwmsxqltime-intervaltootertrace-dbtrack-besttriviatrivial-benchmarktrivial-garbagetrivial-gray-streamstrivial-indenttrivial-utilitiesubiquitousutmvarjovernacularwoowookie.

Removed projects: clot, clpmr, cobstor, html-sugar, ie3fp, manardb, metafs, mime4cl, net4cl, npg, ods4cl, plain-odbc, quid-pro-quo, sanitized-params, sclf, smtp4cl, tiff4cl.

The removed projects no longer work on SBCL.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp"). Enjoy!


August 2018 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • cari3s — A generator for the i3 status bar. — Artistic
  • cl-all — A script to evaluate expressions in multiple lisp implementations. — Artistic
  • cl-collider — A SuperCollider client for CommonLisp — Public Domain
  • cl-environments — Implements the CLTL2 environment access functionality for implementations which do not provide the functionality to the programmer. — MIT
  • cl-ledger — Double-entry accounting system. — BSD-3
  • cl-mecab — Interface of MeCab that is a morpheme analyzer — LLGPL
  • cl-swagger-codegen — lisp code generator for swagger — 2-clause BSD
  • cmake-parser — A cmake script parser. — MIT
  • dartscluuid — Provides support for UUIDs as proper values — MIT
  • database-migrations — System to version the database in roughly the same way rails migrations work. Differences are that only one database is really supported (but hacking around that is trivial) and that migrations are not needed to be stored in separate files. — MIT
  • float-features — A portability library for IEEE float features not covered by the CL standard. — Artistic
  • iclendar — An iCalendar format lirbary. — Artistic
  • illusion — Customize and manage Lisp parens reader — MIT
  • lisp-binary — Declare binary formats as structs and then read and write them. — GPLv3
  • mmap — Portable mmap (file memory mapping) utility library. — Artistic
  • pango-markup — A small library to generate pango-style text markup. — Artistic
  • petalisp — Elegant High Performance Computing — AGPLv3
  • pludeck — A friendly interface for creating a Plump DOM. — MIT
  • print-licenses — Print the licenses used by the given project and its dependencies. — MIT
  • sly — Sylvester the Cat's Common Lisp IDE — Public Domain
  • sprint-stars — Display the stars of a GitHub User — GPL 3
  • studio-client — A client library for the Studio image hosting service — Artistic
  • test-utils — Convenience functions and macros for testing Common Lisp applications via Prove and Quickcheck — MIT Expat
  • trivial-utilities — A collection of useful functions and macros. — MIT
  • vernacular — Module system for language embeddings. — MIT
Updated projects3d-matrices3d-vectorsa-cl-loggeracclimationahungry-fleecealexaalgebraic-data-libraryaprilarc-compatarray-utilsbodge-sndfilecavemanceplcepl.drm-gbmchirpcl+sslcl-anacl-bnfcl-bootstrapcl-colors2cl-conllucl-csvcl-dbicl-feedparsercl-flaccl-flowcl-fondcl-gamepadcl-gendoccl-generatorcl-gpiocl-gracecl-i18ncl-k8055cl-kanrencl-libuvcl-mixedcl-monitorscl-mpg123cl-oclapicl-openglcl-out123cl-patternscl-ppcrecl-progress-barcl-projectcl-pslibcl-pslib-barcodecl-sdl2-ttfcl-soilcl-soloudcl-spidevcl-strcl-virtualboxcl-waylandcl-yesqlclackclawclipclmlcloser-mopclssclunit2colleenconfiguration.optionsconiumcroatoancrypto-shortcutscurry-compose-reader-macrosdartsclhashtreedeedsdeferreddefinitionsdelta-debugdeploydexadordissectdmldocumentation-utilsdufyeazy-gnuploteazy-projecteclectorfare-scriptsfast-httpflareflowfluteforform-fiddlefxmlglsl-specglsl-toolkitgolden-utilsgsllhalftoneharmonyhumblerironcladjsonrpckenzolacklambda-fiddlelasslegitlichat-protocollichat-serverliblichat-tcp-clientlichat-tcp-serverlichat-ws-serverlionchatlisp-executablelispbuilderlistopialquerymaidenmcclimmitomodularizemodularize-hooksmodularize-interfacesmore-conditionsmultiposterneo4clnibblesninevehnorthoclclopticloverlordoxenfurtparachutepathname-utilsperlrepipingplumpplump-bundleplump-sexpplump-texpostmodernqlotqt-libsqtoolsqtools-uiracerrandom-stateratifyredirect-streamrfc2388rutilssanitized-paramsselserapeumshadowsimple-inferiorssimple-tasksslimesnoozesoftdrinksouthspinneretstaplestumpwmsxqlterminfothnappytootertrace-dbtrivial-argumentstrivial-batterytrivial-benchmarktrivial-clipboardtrivial-gray-streamstrivial-indenttrivial-main-threadtrivial-mimestrivial-thumbnailumbrausocketuuidvarjoverbosevgplotwhofieldswith-c-syntaxwoowookiexml.location.

Removed projects: cl-clblas, cl-proj.

There are no direct problems with cl-clblas and cl-proj. They are victims of a hard drive crash on my end, and an incomplete recovery. I have not been able to set up the foreign libraries required to build those projects in time for this month's release.

If you want to continue using cl-clblas and cl-proj, there are a few options:

  • Don't upgrade to the latest Quicklisp dist until they are back in
  • If you already upgraded, downgrade
  • Clone their repos into ~/quicklisp/local-projects
Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. I hope to have it fully resolved in the September 2018 update.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp").



July 2018 Quicklisp dist update now available

Hi everyone! There's a new Quicklisp update for July, and regular updates should resume on a monthly schedule.

I'm using a new release system that involves Docker for easier build server setup and management. It took a while to get going but it should (eventually) make it easier for others to run things in an environment similar to mine. For example, it has all the required foreign libraries needed to compile and load everything in Quicklisp.

Here's the info for the new update:

New projects:
  • april — April is a subset of the APL programming language that compiles to Common Lisp. — Apache-2.0
  • aws-foundation — Amazon AWS low-level utilities — BSD
  • binary-io — Library for reading and writing binary data. — BSD
  • cl-bip39 — A Common Lisp implementation of BIP-0039 — MIT
  • cl-bnf — A simple BNF parser. — MIT
  • cl-generator — cl-generator, a generator implementation for common lisp — MIT
  • cl-patterns — Pattern library for algorithmic music composition and performance in Common Lisp. — GNU General Public License v3.0
  • cl-progress-bar — Display progress bars directly in REPL. — MIT
  • clad — The CLAD System. — BSD
  • concrete-syntax-tree — Library for parsing Common Lisp code into a concrete syntax tree. — FreeBSD
  • definitions — General definitions reflection library. — Artistic
  • eclector — A Common Lisp reader that can adapt to different implementations, and that can return Concrete Syntax Trees — BSD
  • flute — A beautiful, easilly composable HTML5 generation library — MIT
  • froute — An Http routing class that takes advantage of the MOP — MIT
  • language-codes — A small library mapping language codes to language names. — Artistic
  • lichat-ldap — LDAP backend for the Lichat server profiles. — Artistic
  • multilang-documentation — A drop-in replacement for CL:DOCUMENTATION providing multi-language docstrings — Artistic
  • multiposter — A small application to post to multiple services at once. — Artistic
  • sandalphon.lambda-list — Lambda list parsing and usage — WTFPL
  • sel — Programmatic modification and evaluation of software — GPL 3
  • system-locale — System locale and language discovery — Artistic
  • taglib — Pure Lisp implementation to read (and write, perhaps, one day) tags — UNLICENSE 
  • terrable — Terragen TER file format reader — Artistic
  • tooter — A client library for Mastodon instances. — Artistic
  • trace-db — Writing, reading, storing, and searching of program traces — GPL 3
  • umbra — A library of reusable GPU shader functions. — MIT
Updated projects3d-matrices3d-vectorsagnostic-lizardalexaaws-sign4base-blobsbodge-blobs-supportbodge-chipmunkbodge-nanovgbodge-nuklearbordeaux-threadsbt-semaphorecavemanceplcepl.drm-gbmcerberuschirpcl-algebraic-data-typecl-asynccl-autorepocl-cognitocl-conllucl-darkskycl-flowcl-formscl-gamepadcl-geoscl-gobject-introspectioncl-gophercl-hamcrestcl-interpolcl-liballegrocl-libsvm-formatcl-mechanizecl-mpicl-muthcl-online-learningcl-pslibcl-pythoncl-random-forestcl-readlinecl-rediscl-rulescl-sdl2cl-strcl-tomlcl-yesqlclackclawclipcloser-mopclosure-htmlclssclxcodexcoleslawcommon-lisp-actorsconfiguration.optionscroatoancurry-compose-reader-macrosdelta-debugdeploydexadordjuladmldocumentation-utilsdocumentation-utils-extensionsdoubly-linked-listdufydynamic-mixinselffare-scriptsfemlispfftflareflexi-streamsforfreebsd-sysctlfxmlgamebox-frame-managergamebox-mathglsl-specglsl-toolkitglyphsgolden-utilsgraphgsllharmonyhelambdaphunchensocketironcladjoselichat-protocollichat-serverliblichat-tcp-serverlisp-chatlistopiamaidenmcclimmedia-typesmitoninevehomer-countopticloverlordoxenfurtparachuteparseqparser.inipathname-utilspgloaderphysical-quantitiesplumppostmodernppathpythonic-string-readerqbase64qlotqt-libsqtoolsrandom-samplerovertg-maths-dot2serapeumshadowsimple-flow-dispatcherslimespinneretstaplestring-casestumpwmsxqlthe-cost-of-nothingtriviatrivial-ldaptrivial-mmapubiquitousuiopunit-formulavarjowebsocket-driverwhofieldsxhtmlambdaxlsxxml-emitter.

Removed projects: binge, black-tie, cl-ctrnn, cl-directed-graph, cl-ledger, cl-scan, readable, spartns.

The projects removed either didn't build (cl-directed-graph) or are no longer available for download that I could find (everything else).

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp").



No May 2018 Quicklisp dist update

The computer on which I make Quicklisp builds stopped working a little while ago, and I haven't had time to dive in and work on it. As soon as it's fixed, I'll prepare and release a new dist. Sorry about the inconvenience!