July 2014 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • bit-smasher — Common Lisp library for handling bit vectors, bit vector arithmetic, and type conversions. — MIT
  • cl-cli — Command line parser — WTFPL
  • cl-voxelize — Cl-voxelize is a library to convert polygon models into voxel models for particle-based physics simulation. — LLGPL
  • equals — Generic Equality and Comparison for Common Lisp — MIT
  • hash-set — An implementation of the hash-set data structure. — Unlicense
  • mpc — Monadic Parser Combinators for Common Lisp. MPC tries to be simple and practical while being powerful, well documented and fairly performant. A friendly fork of Drew Crampsies _Smug_ library. — GNU Affero General Public License
  • pp-toml — TOML parser — LLGPL
  • printv — printv: a batteries-included tracing and debug-logging macro — Apache 2.0
  • purl — Parse and print URLs as described in RFC 1738. — GNU AGPL
  • software-evolution — programmatic modification and evaluation of extant software — GPL V3
  • south — Simple OaUTH library for oAuth1.0 — Artistic
Updated projects: 3bmd, access, aws-sign4, btrie, caveman, chirp, cl-ana, cl-async, cl-autowrap, cl-charms, cl-colors, cl-conspack, cl-coroutine, cl-ftp, cl-fuse-meta-fs, cl-html5-parser, cl-ltsv, cl-mustache, cl-plplot, cl-ply, cl-project, cl-qrencode, cl-rdfxml, cl-rethinkdb, cl-sdl2, cl-xul, clack, closer-mop, clsql-helper, coleslaw, colleen, com.informatimago, conium, contextl, crane, datafly, drakma-async, esrap, function-cache, gbbopen, glyphs, hctsmsl, ieee-floats, lisp-interface-library, lisp-unit2, marching-cubes, mime4cl, ningle, packet, paiprolog, plump, protobuf, racer, readable, repl-utilities, rutils, sexml, shelly, slime, spinneret, talcl, trivial-ldap, vgplot, weblocks, weblocks-utils, wookie.

SBCL 1.2.1 changed some internals that SLIME 2.7 relied on. This update includes SLIME 2.8, which works fine with SBCL 1.2.1.

To get the dist update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp").



June 2014 dist update now available

New projects:
  • aws-sign4 — Common Lisp library for Amazon Web Services signing version 4 — GNU General Public Licence 3.0
  • cl-coroutine — CL-COROUTINE is a coroutine library for Common Lisp. It uses CL-CONT continuations library in its implementation. — LLGPL
  • cl-crc64 — Computes 64-bit cyclic redundancy checks — BSD
  • cl-qrencode — QR code 2005 encoder in Common Lisp — Unspecified in system file
  • cl-riff — Reads Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF) files. — Unspecified in system file
  • cl-tld — Extracts the TLD(Top Level Domain) from domain — Public Domain
  • cl-wav — Reads Wave Audio File Format, WAV files. — Unspecified in system file
  • event-glue — A simple framework for event-based architectures. — MIT
  • json-streams — Common Lisp library for reading and writing JSON. — GNU General Public Licence 3.0
  • lisp-invocation — Invoking Lisp subprocesses from Lisp — MIT
  • racer — Renamed Abox and Concept Expression Reasoner — BSD 3
  • smug — SMUG: Simple Monads Uber Good — Unspecified in system file
  • squirl — Common Lisp port of the Chipmunk 2d physics library — MIT
Updated projects: bknr-web, cffi, cl-6502, cl-ana, cl-async, cl-async-future, cl-autowrap, cl-cairo2, cl-charms, cl-closure-template, cl-glfw3, cl-html5-parser, cl-launch, cl-mustache, cl-permutation, cl-protobufs, cl-reexport, cl-rethinkdb, cl-sdl2, cl-spark, cl-test-more, cl-xul, clickr, clos-fixtures, closer-mop, clss, coleslaw, colleen, com.informatimago, common-lisp-actors, crane, csv-parser, data-table, drakma-async, function-cache, gbbopen, gendl, graph, helambdap, ieee-floats, iolib, lisp-unit2, lquery, more-conditions, plump, postmodern, qmynd, repl-utilities, slime, stumpwm, trivial-download, verbose, vgplot, vom, weblocks, weblocks-stores, weblocks-utils, yason.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp"). Enjoy!


May 2014 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • cl-conspack — CONSPACK implementation for Common Lisp — NewBSD
  • cl-mock — Mocking library — Simplified BSD License
  • cl-pattern — ML-like Pattern Matching for Common Lisp — LLGPL
  • cl-reexport — Cl-reexport makes a package reexport symbols which are external symbols in other packages. — LLGPL
  • cl-sl4a — SL4A lisp bridge — BSD-style
  • clos-fixtures — ASDF-loadable fixtures for CLOS classes — MIT
  • clss — A DOM tree searching engine based on CSS selectors. — Artistic
  • glyphs — Glyphs to reduce Common Lisp verbosity — GPLv3
  • mgl-pax — Exploratory programming tool and documentation generator. — MIT, see COPYING.
  • universal-config — Library to provide a universal configuration layer. — Artistic
  • vom — A tiny logging utility. — MIT
Updated projects: 3bmd, alexandria, asdf-linguist, basic-binary-ipc, cells, city-hash, cl-algebraic-data-type, cl-ana, cl-async, cl-autowrap, cl-bert, cl-bibtex, cl-charms, cl-cron, cl-date-time-parser, cl-emb, cl-freetype2, cl-html5-parser, cl-launch, cl-mustache, cl-permutation, cl-plplot, cl-protobufs, cl-rethinkdb, cl-sdl2, cl-tcod, cl-tuples, clack, cleric, clinch, closer-mop, clsql-helper, clsql-orm, codata-recommended-values, coleslaw, collectors, colleen, com.google.base, com.informatimago, commonqt, crane, dbus, drakma, dynamic-collect, fare-quasiquote, fast-io, flexi-streams, gbbopen, gendl, helambdap, http-parse, hu.dwim.perec, hunchentoot, inferior-shell, inner-conditional, ip-interfaces, lfarm, lisp-gflags, lisp-matrix, local-time, lol-re, lparallel, lquery, more-conditions, named-readtables, nibbles, nst, optima, pgloader, plump, policy-cond, protobuf, quux-time, random, romreader, rutils, sdl2kit, sip-hash, slime, snappy, spinneret, static-vectors, stumpwm, swank-client, swank-crew, swap-bytes, sxql, symbol-munger, talcl, trivial-gray-streams, trivial-ldap, uiop, verbose, weblocks-stores, wookie.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp").

Last month, there were some reports of people getting a badly-sized-local-archive error during update. I haven't seen that myself on this month's update, but it is safe to choose the delete-and-retry restart when that happens. It may get you past the error.


April 2014 dist update now available

New projects:
  • asdf-linguist — ASDF extensions. — MIT
  • cl-base58 — An implementation of base58 for Common Lisp — MIT
  • cl-data-frame — Data frames for Common Lisp. — BOOST
  • cl-influxdb — Common lisp binding for InfluxDB — MIT
  • cl-logic — Boolean algebra package — GNU GPLv3
  • cl-slp — Common Lisp OpenSLP package — BSD
  • cl-splicing-macro — Deforms macros in a way, that they can capture surrounding s-exps for their expansion. — GPL
  • colleen — IRC bot with a modular framework. — Artistic
  • crane — An ORM for Common Lisp. — MIT
  • dartsclmessagepack — Implementation of the message pack exchange format — MIT
  • datafly — Lightweight database library. — BSD 3-Clause
  • lol-re — Small set of wrappers around CL-PPCRE in spirit of Let Over Lambda. — GPL
  • packet — Simple binary serialization library. — BSD
  • piping — A library to enable simple message pipelines. — Artistic
  • plump — An X/HTML parser that aims to be as lenient as possible. — Artistic
  • sdl2kit — A utility kit for SDL2 — MIT
  • verbose — A logging framework using the piping library. — Artistic
Updated projects: architecture.service-provider, asdf-encodings, asdf-package-system, caveman, chirp, cl+ssl, cl-6502, cl-ana, cl-async, cl-async-future, cl-autowrap, cl-charms, cl-glfw3, cl-html5-parser, cl-i18n, cl-isaac, cl-lastfm, cl-launch, cl-libevent2, cl-mathstats, cl-mustache, cl-olefs, cl-permutation, cl-plplot, cl-protobufs, cl-read-macro-tokens, cl-rethinkdb, cl-sdl2, cl-syntax, cl-syslog, clack, clem, cletris, clfswm, clinch, closer-mop, clx-truetype, coleslaw, common-lisp-stat, dartsclhashtree, dbus, define-json-expander, defmacro-enhance, djula, drakma-async, envy, exscribe, fare-quasiquote, femlisp, fset, gbbopen, gordon, graph, hermetic, hh-web, hu.dwim.logger, hu.dwim.perec, hu.dwim.stefil, hu.dwim.web-server, iolib, iterate, jsown, lassie, lisp-interface-library, local-time, lparallel, more-conditions, ningle, optima, pgloader, policy-cond, qmynd, quicksearch, quid-pro-quo, reversi, romreader, scribble, scriptl, shelly, simple-date-time, slime, stumpwm, sxql, tagger, thnappy, torta, trivial-gray-streams, vgplot, weblocks, weblocks-stores, weblocks-utils, wookie.

Removed projects: def-symbol-readmacro.

I removed def-symbol-readmacro because it depends on a library (iterate-keywords) I can't easily fetch.

To install this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp").



March 2014 dist update now available

New projects: chirp, cl-flowd, defvariant, delta-debug, random.

Updated projects: access, alexandria, architecture.hooks, asdf-dependency-grovel, asdf-encodings, babel, caveman, cffi, cffi-objects, cl+ssl, cl-6502, cl-algebraic-data-type, cl-ana, cl-autorepo, cl-autowrap, cl-blapack, cl-charms, cl-colors, cl-data-format-validation, cl-dbi, cl-emb, cl-erlang-term, cl-indeterminism, cl-isaac, cl-lastfm, cl-launch, cl-murmurhash, cl-nxt, cl-olefs, cl-plplot, cl-prime-maker, cl-qprint, cl-quickcheck, cl-randist, cl-rethinkdb, cl-sdl2, cl-sendmail, cl-smtp, cl-syslog, cl-yaclyaml, cl-zmq, clache, clack, clack-errors, cletris, clfswm, climc, climon, clinch, closer-mop, clsql, coleslaw, com.informatimago, common-lisp-stat, dartsclhashtree, define-json-expander, defmacro-enhance, defstar, drakma, elf, ernestine, esrap-liquid, fare-memoization, fare-quasiquote, fare-utils, firephp, fnv, fset, gbbopen, gendl, graph, gtk-cffi, hu.dwim.def, hu.dwim.logger, hu.dwim.util, inferior-shell, integral, iolib, jsown, lambda-reader, lisp-matrix, lisp-unit2, lisp-zmq, lla, lquery, mcclim, monkeylib-prose-diff, more-conditions, optima, paiprolog, pgloader, postmodern, projectured, qmynd, repl-utilities, rutils, scribble, secure-random, single-threaded-ccl, slime, stumpwm, sxql, teepeedee2, trivial-channels, trivial-gray-streams, trivial-ldap, vgplot, weblocks, weblocks-examples, weblocks-stores, weblocks-utils, wookie, xml.location.

To update your libraries, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp"). Enjoy!


Init files for Quicklisp

Certain files in ~/quicklisp/local-init/ are loaded (with cl:load) during Quicklisp initialization. Files matching "*.cl" or "*.lisp" and that do not start with a "." are loaded in cl:string< order of their names. (If two files foo.lisp and foo.cl both exist, the order in which they are loaded is undefined.)

This feature has been present for a long time, but I haven't used it myself and haven't written about it. If you try it and encounter any problems, please let me know.