February 2016 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • acclimation — Library supporting internationalization — FreeBSD, see file LICENSE.text
  • asdf-manager — Download and manage ASDF versions. — MIT
  • cl-events — Events for Common Lisp — MIT
  • cl-freeimage — Bindings to the freeimage library. — MIT
  • cl-graylog — Common Lisp Graylog client library — Unspecified
  • cl-jsx — JSX in Common Lisp — MIT
  • cl-ode — Describe cl-ode here — Specify license here
  • cl-pango — Bindings to the pango text layout library. — MIT
  • cl-sdl2-ttf — A common lisp wrapper for SDL2_TTF used for loading fonts and creating text assets — Unspecified
  • cl-tasukete — Please help me, Common Lisper. — MIT
  • cl-weather-jp — Get weather in Japan — BSD 2-Clause
  • copy-directory — Copy a directory. — MIT
  • deeds — Deeds Extensible Event Delivery System — Artistic
  • disposable — Dispose function and with-disposable macro — BSD 2 Clause
  • id3v2 — ID3v2 parser — BSD 2-Clause
  • lass-flexbox — Flexbox for Lass. — MIT
  • mp3-duration — Get the duration of an MP3 file — BSD 2-Clause
  • mystic — A project skeleton generator. — MIT
  • path-parse — Parse the PATH environment variable, portably. — MIT
  • pathname-utils — A collection of utilities for pathname manipulation. — Artistic
  • psychiq — Redis-backed job queueing system — LLGPL
  • quux-hunchentoot — Thread pooling for hunchentoot — MIT
  • rtg-math — A selection of the math routines most commonly needed for realtime graphics in lisp — BSD 2 Clause
  • safe-queue — Thread-safe queue and mailbox — MIT
  • structy-defclass — Provides deftclass, a struct-like way of defining classes — BSD 2 Clause
  • swank.live — Some helpers that make live coding with slime/swank easier — BSD 2 Clause
  • trivial-msi — Utilities for working with Microsoft MSI files. — MIT
  • which — The which UNIX command in Common Lisp. — MIT
Updated projectsantikarchitecture.service-providerasteroidsbackportsbinfixbuffalochirpcl+sslcl-amqpcl-anacl-autowrapcl-cffi-gtkcl-cutcl-gdatacl-gistscl-gracecl-itertoolscl-jpegcl-lexercl-liballegrocl-libusbcl-libuvcl-marklogiccl-mimecl-mpicl-openglcl-permutationcl-quickcheckcl-scriptingcl-sdl2clackclim-widgetsclmlclobbercloser-mopclsqlclsql-ormclxcolleencom.informatimagocontextlcranecroatoandata-tabledataflydexador,djuladocparsereazy-gnuplotesrapfast-iofngendlglkitgsllhelambdaphu.dwim.presentationhu.dwim.stefilhu.dwim.utilincf-clinferior-shellinquisitorintel-hexiolibip-interfacesjonathanjsownlacklakelinewise-templatelisp-unitlisp-zmqlocal-timelparallellquerylucernemathkitmcclimmpcosicatplokamipostmodernpoundspp-tomlproc-parseprojecturedqlotqmyndqt-libsqtoolsqtools-uiquickutilquriracerrestasrutilsscalplsdl2kitsecure-randomserapeumsimple-inferiorssimple-taskssnoozespinneretstp-querystringprepstumpwmsxqltemporal-functionstriviaubiquitousuniversal-configutilities.print-itemsvarjovas-string-metricswebsocket-driverwith-c-syntax,wu-sugarxhtmlambdaxml.locationyason.

Removed projects: cl-llvm, cl-popen, cl-v4l2, cl-zmq, hdf5-cffi, lambda-gtk, magicffi, perfpiece, sqnc.

These projects were removed because I now use Debian 8 for testing, and I have been completely unable to get them to build. If you know quick and easy ways to get any of them to build on Debian 8, let me know, and I'll get them back into Quicklisp.



New Quicklisp client available

I've updated the Quicklisp client to version 2016-01-21. There are a few new things:

  • Fix for issue #116, so"asdf" is now ignored as a system to be bundled instead of signaling an error. Thanks to Dimitri Fontaine for inspiration and some code for fixing this.
  • Merged pull request #127, which has some small fixes courtesy of Attila Lendvai
  • Merged pull request #124, which adds recognition of URL schemes to fetching, and a special variable to control what function is used for what scheme. This feature moves Quicklisp closer to out-of-beta; many thanks to SANO Masatoshi for contributing it.
To get this update, use (ql:update-client) and restart your session. 


December 2015 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • asdf-viz — visualize the library dependency of an asdf/quicklisp system — LLGPL
  • ax.tga — A fork of cl-tga with some new features. — MIT
  • cl-amqp — AMQP 0.9.1 with RabbitMQ extensions in Common Lisp — MIT
  • cl-cut — Macros for partial application of expressions in the spirit of SRFI 26. — MIT
  • cl-textmagic — Common lisp implementation of TextMagic API to send SMS — MIT
  • eventfd — IOLib based eventfd bindings — MIT
  • ia-hash-table — Main purpose is to be able to use strings as real keys but do gethash with symbols and vice versa. Can be useful for things like http headers parsing (no more intern leaks), json apis with/without https://github.com/AccelerationNet/access. Only tested on SBCL. Expected to work on Allegro, CCL and LW. — MIT
  • qtools-ui — A collection of components and utilities for use in Qt applications. — Artistic
  • read-csv — A library for reading CSV data from streams. — lgpl2
  • simple-inferiors — A very simple library to use inferior processes. — Artistic
  • smart-buffer — Smart octets buffer — BSD 3-Clause
  • teepeedee2 — Multiprotocol fast networking framework 
  • trivial-build — Compile a system into an executable. — MIT
  • trivial-exe — Tools for working with executables — MIT

Updated projects: access, antik, binfix, birch, bordeaux-threads, buffalo, buildapp, caveman, ceramic, cl+ssl, cl-ana, cl-ansi-term, cl-autowrap, cl-cairo2, cl-charms, cl-cli, cl-colors, cl-coveralls, cl-decimals, cl-enchant, cl-enumeration, cl-gambol, cl-general-accumulator, cl-geometry, cl-groupby, cl-hash-util, cl-interpol, cl-l10n, cl-libyaml, cl-opsresearch, cl-pass, cl-permutation, cl-project, cl-protobufs, cl-rabbit, cl-readline, cl-sdl2, cl-sendmail, cl-xul, cl-yaml, clack, clack-errors, clazy, clinch, clip, clods-export, closer-mop, clsql, clsql-orm, codex, coleslaw, colleen, colliflower, com.informatimago, command-line-arguments, common-doc, common-html, common-lisp-actors, commonqt, crane, croatoan, data-table, declt, defenum, defmacro-enhance, djula, eazy-process, eazy-project, esrap, external-program, fare-csv, fare-mop, fare-utils, fast-http, fast-io, find-port, gendl, geneva, glkit, gsll, helambdap, hl7-parser, hu.dwim.asdf, hu.dwim.computed-class, hu.dwim.def, hu.dwim.delico, hu.dwim.logger, hu.dwim.partial-eval, hu.dwim.perec, hu.dwim.presentation, hu.dwim.quasi-quote, hu.dwim.rdbms, hu.dwim.reiterate, hu.dwim.serializer, hu.dwim.syntax-sugar, hu.dwim.util, hu.dwim.walker, hu.dwim.web-server, inferior-shell, iolib, jonathan, kenzo, lack, lime, lisp-namespace, lispbuilder, local-time, lparallel, lucerne, macro-html, mcclim, mgl-pax, mixalot, mk-string-metrics, mpc, napa-fft3, new-op, perlre, policy-cond, pounds, projectured, prove, qlot, qt-libs, qtools, ratify, rcl, rfc2109, rfc2388-binary, rpm, rutils, s-protobuf, scalpl, scriba, sdl2kit, serapeum, simple-tasks, staple, string-case, stumpwm, swank-protocol, swap-bytes, sxql, texp, trivia, trivial-benchmark, trivial-download, trivial-open-browser, trivial-update, trivialib.type-unify, unix-opts, utilities.binary-dump, utilities.print-tree, varjo, vom, woo, xecto, yason.


October 2015 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • cl-itertools — itertools Python lib ported to CL — MIT
  • cl-tesseract — CFFI bindings to the Tesseract OCR library. — MIT
  • fast-websocket — Optimized WebSocket protocol parser — BSD 2-Clause
  • lisp-critic — LISP-CRITIC - A Lisp code critiquing package. — MIT Licence
  • redirect-stream — Offers a stream that redirects all actions to an inner stream. — Artistic
  • trivial-ssh — An abstraction layer over cl-libssh2. — MIT
Updated projects: 3d-vectors, archive, binfix, buffalo, calispel, ceramic, chirp, city-hash, cl-ana, cl-async, cl-autowrap, cl-charms, cl-gists, cl-glfw3, cl-gobject-introspection, cl-hamt, cl-jpl-util, cl-launch, cl-liballegro, cl-libyaml, cl-locale, cl-marklogic, cl-messagepack, cl-openstack-client, cl-opsresearch, cl-permutation, cl-quickcheck, cl-readline, cl-redis, cl-riff, cl-scripting, cl-smtp, cl-yaml, clack, clavier, cletris, clfswm, climon, clml, closer-mop, clsql-orm, codata-recommended-values, colliflower, com.google.base, commonqt, crane, croatoan, crypto-shortcuts, dexador, dissect, djula, docparser, drakma, drakma-async, eazy-gnuplot, eazy-project, esrap, external-program, fare-csv, fare-memoization, fast-http, frpc, gendl, hh-redblack, interface, introspect-environment, jonathan, json-responses, lack, lake, lift, lisp-gflags, lucerne, mathkit, mcclim, mgl-pax, montezuma, more-conditions, ningle, perlre, plump, postmodern, qt-libs, qtools, quri, rutils, s-http-client, scalpl, scriptl, serapeum, simple-tasks, snappy, staple, stumpwm, swank-crew, sxql, trivial-download, trivial-signal, uiop, unix-options, unix-opts, utm, varjo, websocket-driver, woo, xml-emitter.

Removed projects: teepeedee2. Removed because of the way it clobbers the ASDF configuration to load its own alexandria.

Incidentally, October marks the fifth anniversary of the initial release of Quicklisp. Enjoy!


September 2015 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • 3d-vectors — A small utility library implementing basic 3d vector functionality. — Artistic
  • cl-annot-prove — Annotation Syntax Test Library. — MIT
  • cl-arxiv-api — Bindings for API of arXiv.org — MIT
  • cl-diceware — Diceware in Lisp — MIT
  • cl-disque — A Disque client for Common Lisp — MIT
  • cl-hamt — Dictionary & set data structure using hash array-mapped tries — BSD
  • cl-scram — Common lisp library to implement SCRAM-SHA1 SASL mechanism. — Revised BSD License (see LICENSE)
  • clim-pkg-doc — clim-package-documentation — BSD Simplified
  • codex — A documentation system for Common Lisp. — MIT
  • colliflower — Generic interfaces for collections and iterators. — MIT
  • elb-log — ELB log manager for Common Lisp — MIT
  • file-types — Simple scheme to classify file types in a hierarchical fashion. — GNU AGPL
  • geneva — Core of the Geneva document preparation system. Provides data structures and syntax sugar. — GNU AGPL
  • inquisitor — Encoding/end-of-line detecter and of external-format wrapper for Common Lisp — MIT
  • lake — Lake is a GNU make like build utility in Common Lisp. — MIT
  • macro-html — HTML generation library. Aims to be fast, modular, cachable and concise. It does so by defining each tag as a macro which expands to code printing the respective HTML source. Also employs a DSL for element attributes. — GNU AGPL
  • macrodynamics — A language extension for creating bindings scoped to the entire expansion process of a region of code. — LLGPL
  • mini-cas
  • pandocl — A universal document converter. — MIT
  • parenml — S-expression markup language. — MIT
  • snooze — A framework for building REST services using CLOS. — LLGPL
  • texp — DSL for outputting TeX expressions using S-expressions. — GNU Affero General Public License
  • translate — Abstraction layer for translations — LLGPLv2
  • trivial-documentation — Extract documentation and definitions for symbols and packages. — GNU AGPL
  • trivial-open-browser — Open the browser to a URL, on any system. — MIT
  • ubiquitous — A library providing a universal application configuration mechanism. — Artistic
  • ufo — Roswell Script Manager — MIT
  • zenekindarl — A fast precompiling template engine —
Updated projects: access, array-utils, asdf-linguist, binfix, birch, bit-smasher, bknr-datastore, buffalo, carrier, caveman, ceramic, cffi, cl-6502, cl-ana, cl-async, cl-base64, cl-bson, cl-ca, cl-containers, cl-coveralls, cl-curlex, cl-emb, cl-ev, cl-fuse, cl-gearman, cl-geocode, cl-gists, cl-glfw3, cl-grace, cl-hash-util, cl-html5-parser, cl-influxdb, cl-intbytes, cl-irc, cl-jpeg, cl-ledger, cl-liballegro, cl-marklogic, cl-messagepack, cl-mlep, cl-modlisp, cl-mustache, cl-opengl, cl-opsresearch, cl-pdf, cl-photo, cl-ppcre, cl-project, cl-pslib, cl-rabbit, cl-read-macro-tokens, cl-rethinkdb, cl-rss, cl-shellwords, cl-string-match, clack, clavier, cletris, clfswm, climc, climon, clipper, clml, closer-mop, clsql, clss, coleslaw, com.informatimago, common-doc, common-doc-plump, common-html, commonqt, crane, croatoan, dartsclhashtree, defpackage-plus, delta-debug, dexador, djula, docparser, eazy-gnuplot, eazy-project, esrap-liquid, fast-http, fast-io, fiasco, fred, frpc, gbbopen, gendl, getopt, hu.dwim.web-server, hunchensocket, inferior-shell, integral-rest, irc-logger, jonathan, jsown, kenzo, kmrcl, lack, let-over-lambda, lml, lml2, lparallel, lquery, lucerne, mk-string-metrics, named-readtables, opticl, osc, parse-js, pgloader, pipes, plump, portableaserve, postmodern, pounds, prove, ptester, puri, purl, qlot, qt-libs, qtools, quri, racer, reversi, rlc, rutils, scalpl, scriptl, serapeum, spinneret, stumpwm, sxql, tagger, trivial-benchmark, trivial-features, uffi, umlisp, umlisp-orf, websocket-driver, woo, wookie, xlunit, xptest.

Removed projects: hinge, py-configvalidator, read-csv.

Hinge was removed because I can't check it out from git any more. py-configvalidator and read-csv no longer build with SBCL, and the authors have not responded to github issues.

To get this update, use: (ql:update-dist "quicklisp")


July 2015 download stats

Here are the top 100 downloads for July, 2015:
 13137  alexandria
  8723  trivial-features
  8303  babel
  7185  cffi
  7095  bordeaux-threads
  6398  trivial-gray-streams
  6269  flexi-streams
  5246  trivial-garbage
  5126  usocket
  5072  closer-mop
  4989  cl-fad
  4772  cl-ppcre
  4725  split-sequence
  4659  anaphora
  4599  cl+ssl
  4317  cl-base64
  4159  chunga
  4097  puri
  4022  drakma
  3916  iterate
  3842  nibbles
  3773  chipz
  3256  named-readtables
  3183  ironclad
  2816  md5
  2816  local-time
  2783  let-plus
  2741  slime
  2702  uiop
  2595  trivial-backtrace
  2507  cl-colors
  2375  hunchentoot
  2313  cl-ansi-text
  2263  prove
  1924  cl-unicode
  1900  rfc2388
  1900  metabang-bind
  1863  trivial-types
  1860  cl-utilities
  1821  cl-annot
  1806  optima
  1777  fiveam
  1717  cl-interpol
  1700  cl-syntax
  1629  static-vectors
  1583  trivial-utf-8
  1580  quri
  1466  parse-number
  1450  fast-io
  1418  salza2
  1322  clack
  1313  quicklisp-slime-helper
  1296  cl-json
  1226  proc-parse
  1137  xsubseq
  1092  jonathan
  1068  fast-http
  1036  ieee-floats
  1025  osicat
  1019  closure-common
  1018  lack
   959  cxml
   957  asdf-system-connections
   937  zpb-ttf
   935  http-body
   914  uuid
   897  postmodern
   893  hu.dwim.asdf
   876  trivial-indent
   860  zpng
   835  plump
   833  cl-dbi
   827  esrap
   818  fare-utils
   813  jsown
   812  array-utils
   806  cl-who
   776  cl-yacc
   754  metatilities-base
   746  symbol-munger
   720  swap-bytes
   719  yason
   718  cl-containers
   711  trivial-mimes
   695  fare-quasiquote
   687  lisp-unit
   686  clss
   662  lquery
   648  cl-vectors
   636  iolib
   626  myway
   626  map-set
   625  parenscript
   608  lparallel
   607  arnesi
   605  log4cl
   592  hu.dwim.stefil
   588  cl-marshal
   585  vom
   578  external-program


August 2015 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:

  • binfix — BINFIX -- A powerful binary infix syntax for Common LISP. — GNU GPLv2
  • ceramic — Common Lisp web apps on the desktop — MIT
  • cl-bson — BSON encoder/decoder for Common Lisp. — LLGPL
  • cl-intbytes — Encode/decode any-base integers and byte arrays interchangeably. — LLGPL
  • cl-liballegro — Allegro game programming library bindings. — Unspecified
  • clml — Common Lisp Machine Learning Library — LLGPL
  • fred — Lisp Interface to Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED®) — MIT
  • halftone — An image viewer using Qtools — Artistic
  • kenzo — A Symbolic Software for Effective Homology Computation by Francis Sergeraert — GPLv3
  • oe-encode — An implementation of the ENCODE() hash function from Progress OpenEdge. — CC0 1.0 Public Domain
  • tiff4cl — TIFF access primitives — LGPL

Updated projects: access, array-utils, basic-binary-ipc, bit-smasher, black-tie, buildapp, caveman, cl-ana, cl-ansi-text, cl-closure-template, cl-cookie, cl-coveralls, cl-ev, cl-gists, cl-gss, cl-i18n, cl-isaac, cl-launch, cl-marklogic, cl-mlep, cl-murmurhash, cl-oauth, cl-opengl, cl-opsresearch, cl-pdf, cl-poker-eval, cl-proj, cl-pslib, cl-pslib-barcode, cl-qprint, cl-rabbit, cl-rfc2047, cl-sl4a, cl-slug, cl-string-match, clack, clack-errors, clinch, clipper, closer-mop, clx, colleen, com.informatimago, common-doc, common-html, croatoan, datafly, declt, defclass-std, dexador, djula, docparser, drakma, dyna, esrap, esrap-liquid, external-program, fare-utils, fast-http, frpc, gendl, glyphs, hdf5-cffi, hh-aws, hu.dwim.util, integral, introspect-environment, iolib, jonathan, let-over-lambda, lisp-interface-library, lquery, lucerne, md5, mpc, ningle, perlre, plump, proc-parse, protobuf, prove, purl, qlot, qmynd, qt-libs, qtools, quickapp, quri, racer, s-protobuf, scalpl, sdl2kit, serapeum, simple-tasks, split-sequence, stumpwm, swap-bytes, sxql, terminfo, trivial-download, trivial-extract, trivial-irc, uiop, varjo, verbose, woo, wookie.

Removed projects: ch-image, mini-cas.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp"). Enjoy!