Two updates today: new client and July dist

There are two updates available for Quicklisp users today.

The first is a client update. The new client has a tiny but important fix with how it displays what changes will be made for a dist update. Before, lingering temporary files could interfere and it could give an alarming report that most projects were being removed. With the fix in place, the report now gives accurate information about which projects have been added, updated, and removed. To get the client update, use (ql:update-client) and restart your Lisp.

The second is the July Quicklisp dist update. Here's what you'll see when you update:

Changes from quicklisp 2011-06-19 to quicklisp 2011-07-30:
  New projects:

  Updated projects:
    babel-20101107-darcs -> babel-20110730-git
    buildnode-20110619-git -> buildnode-20110730-git
    caveman-20110619-git -> caveman-20110730-git
    cl-2d-20110619-git -> cl-2d-20110730-git
    cl-closure-template-20110619-git -> cl-closure-template-20110730-git
    cl-creditcard-20110522-git -> cl-creditcard-20110730-git
    cl-decimals-20110619-git -> cl-decimals-20110730-git
    cl-glfw-20110619-git -> cl-glfw-20110730-git
    cl-json-20101006-darcs -> cl-json-20110730-darcs
    cl-l10n-20110219-darcs -> cl-l10n-20110730-darcs
    cl-mediawiki-20110522-git -> cl-mediawiki-20110730-git
    cl-mongo-20110619-git -> cl-mongo-20110730-git
    cl-num-utils-20110619-git -> cl-num-utils-20110730-git
    cl-odesk-20110619-git -> cl-odesk-20110730-git
    cl-openal-20110522-git -> cl-openal-20110730-git
    cl-openid-20110619-darcs -> cl-openid-20110730-darcs
    cl-pattern-20110619-git -> cl-pattern-20110730-git
    cl-project-20110619-git -> cl-project-20110730-git
    cl-twitter-20110619-git -> cl-twitter-20110730-git
    cl-uglify-js-20110418-git -> cl-uglify-js-20110730-git
    clack-20110619-git -> clack-20110730-git
    cleric-20110619-git -> cleric-20110730-git
    closer-mop-20110619-darcs -> closer-mop-20110730-darcs
    clpython-20110619-git -> clpython-20110730-git
    clsql-20110619-git -> clsql-20110730-git
    com.informatigo-20110522-git -> com.informatigo-20110730-git
    css-selectors-20110619-git -> css-selectors-20110730-git
    dbus-20110219-git -> dbus-20110730-git
    eos-20101006-git -> eos-20110730-git
    external-program-20110522-git -> external-program-20110730-git
    gbbopen-20110619-svn -> gbbopen-20110730-svn
    glaw-20110619-git -> glaw-20110730-git
    glop-20110219-git -> glop-20110730-git
    group-by-20110619-git -> group-by-20110730-git
    gsll-20110418-git -> gsll-20110730-git
    hu.dwim.wui-20110320-darcs -> hu.dwim.wui-20110730-darcs
    hyperobject-20101006-git -> hyperobject-20110730-git
    kmrcl-20101006-git -> kmrcl-20110730-git
    let-plus-20110619-git -> let-plus-20110730-git
    lredis-20110110-git -> lredis-20110730-git
    ltk-0.91 -> ltk-0.96
    m2cl-20110619-git -> m2cl-20110730-git
    mcclim-20110522-cvs -> mcclim-20110730-cvs
    modf-20110619-git -> modf-20110730-git
    paiprolog-20110418-git -> paiprolog-20110730-git
    parse-js-20110320-git -> parse-js-20110730-git
    parse-number-1.0 -> parse-number-1.2
    portableaserve-20101006-cvs -> portableaserve-20110730-cvs
    rfc2388-binary-20110320-darcs -> rfc2388-binary-20110730-darcs
    rucksack-20110522-cvs -> rucksack-20110730-cvs
    s-protobuf-20101006-git -> s-protobuf-20110730-git
    s-xml-20101006-http -> s-xml-20110730-cvs
    slime-20110619-cvs -> slime-20110730-cvs
    snmp-6.0.1 -> snmp-6.0.2
    symbolicweb-20110418-git -> symbolicweb-20110730-git
    trivial-garbage-20101006-darcs -> trivial-garbage-20110730-git
    umlisp-20110418-git -> umlisp-20110730-git
    uuid-20110320-http -> uuid-20110730-http
    weblocks-20110619-hg -> weblocks-20110730-hg

  Removed projects:

blackthorn-engine has been replaced with blackthorn-engine-3d, a new project by the same author. elephant has been removed because it hasn't worked on SBCL for several months now, and patches for the problem have been ignored. As far as I can tell, Elephant is effectively unmaintained.

The metadata from the June dist caused problems with installing f2cl and GBBopen. The July dist has been updated to fix all known problems. If you have any trouble installing any project, please let me know.



Work in progress: Quicklisp project documentation

I've been working on a project to automatically gather and publish all the documentation available for projects that are part of Quicklisp. It's not done, but I thought I'd share the work in progress.