January dist update now available

I've updated the Quicklisp dist for January, adding more than 30 new projects and updating dozens of existing projects. You can get the update with (ql:update-dist "quicklisp"). For a list of the current set of projects and their systems, see the Quicklisp releases page.

If I'm missing a useful project, please let me know by opening an issue on GitHub.



New projects on the horizon

I'm going to publish a dist update within the week. Here are the new projects included (so far):
  • atdoc-20110104-git
  • bourbaki-20110104-http
  • cells-gtk3-20110104-git
  • cl-azure-20110104-git
  • cl-beanstalk-20110104-git
  • cl-bibtex-20110104-cvs
  • cl-lexer-20110104-git
  • cl-memcached-0.4.1
  • cl-migrations-20110104-http
  • cl-plplot-0.6.0
  • clazy-20110104-cvs
  • clg-20110104-cvs
  • clos-diff-20110104-git
  • dso-lex-0.3.2
  • dso-util-0.1.2
  • elephant-20110104-darcs
  • fucc_0.2.1
  • lredis-20110104-git
  • mgl-20110104-git
  • monkeylib-binary-data-20110104-git
  • mtlisp-20110104-git
  • phemlock-20110104-cvs
  • sqnc-20110104-git
  • wuwei-20110104-git
  • xhtmlgen-20110104-git
If there are other projects you want to see in Quicklisp, please open an issue for it.