Quicklisp client update available with proxy fix

A recent update to the Quicklisp client program broke proxy support. Instead of a successful download, it would stop with the error Unexpected HTTP status for <url>: 400.

If you use a proxy, you unfortunately can't get the fix with the normal (ql:update-client) command. You have to install fresh from quicklisp.lisp again. If you have anything in your local-projects directory, save it, then remove your old ~/quicklisp directory prior to installation.

Sorry about the hassle, and please report any new bugs you find in the client. Thanks!


February 2016 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • acclimation — Library supporting internationalization — FreeBSD, see file LICENSE.text
  • asdf-manager — Download and manage ASDF versions. — MIT
  • cl-events — Events for Common Lisp — MIT
  • cl-freeimage — Bindings to the freeimage library. — MIT
  • cl-graylog — Common Lisp Graylog client library — Unspecified
  • cl-jsx — JSX in Common Lisp — MIT
  • cl-ode — Describe cl-ode here — Specify license here
  • cl-pango — Bindings to the pango text layout library. — MIT
  • cl-sdl2-ttf — A common lisp wrapper for SDL2_TTF used for loading fonts and creating text assets — Unspecified
  • cl-tasukete — Please help me, Common Lisper. — MIT
  • cl-weather-jp — Get weather in Japan — BSD 2-Clause
  • copy-directory — Copy a directory. — MIT
  • deeds — Deeds Extensible Event Delivery System — Artistic
  • disposable — Dispose function and with-disposable macro — BSD 2 Clause
  • id3v2 — ID3v2 parser — BSD 2-Clause
  • lass-flexbox — Flexbox for Lass. — MIT
  • mp3-duration — Get the duration of an MP3 file — BSD 2-Clause
  • mystic — A project skeleton generator. — MIT
  • path-parse — Parse the PATH environment variable, portably. — MIT
  • pathname-utils — A collection of utilities for pathname manipulation. — Artistic
  • psychiq — Redis-backed job queueing system — LLGPL
  • quux-hunchentoot — Thread pooling for hunchentoot — MIT
  • rtg-math — A selection of the math routines most commonly needed for realtime graphics in lisp — BSD 2 Clause
  • safe-queue — Thread-safe queue and mailbox — MIT
  • structy-defclass — Provides deftclass, a struct-like way of defining classes — BSD 2 Clause
  • swank.live — Some helpers that make live coding with slime/swank easier — BSD 2 Clause
  • trivial-msi — Utilities for working with Microsoft MSI files. — MIT
  • which — The which UNIX command in Common Lisp. — MIT
Updated projectsantikarchitecture.service-providerasteroidsbackportsbinfixbuffalochirpcl+sslcl-amqpcl-anacl-autowrapcl-cffi-gtkcl-cutcl-gdatacl-gistscl-gracecl-itertoolscl-jpegcl-lexercl-liballegrocl-libusbcl-libuvcl-marklogiccl-mimecl-mpicl-openglcl-permutationcl-quickcheckcl-scriptingcl-sdl2clackclim-widgetsclmlclobbercloser-mopclsqlclsql-ormclxcolleencom.informatimagocontextlcranecroatoandata-tabledataflydexador,djuladocparsereazy-gnuplotesrapfast-iofngendlglkitgsllhelambdaphu.dwim.presentationhu.dwim.stefilhu.dwim.utilincf-clinferior-shellinquisitorintel-hexiolibip-interfacesjonathanjsownlacklakelinewise-templatelisp-unitlisp-zmqlocal-timelparallellquerylucernemathkitmcclimmpcosicatplokamipostmodernpoundspp-tomlproc-parseprojecturedqlotqmyndqt-libsqtoolsqtools-uiquickutilquriracerrestasrutilsscalplsdl2kitsecure-randomserapeumsimple-inferiorssimple-taskssnoozespinneretstp-querystringprepstumpwmsxqltemporal-functionstriviaubiquitousuniversal-configutilities.print-itemsvarjovas-string-metricswebsocket-driverwith-c-syntax,wu-sugarxhtmlambdaxml.locationyason.

Removed projects: cl-llvm, cl-popen, cl-v4l2, cl-zmq, hdf5-cffi, lambda-gtk, magicffi, perfpiece, sqnc.

These projects were removed because I now use Debian 8 for testing, and I have been completely unable to get them to build. If you know quick and easy ways to get any of them to build on Debian 8, let me know, and I'll get them back into Quicklisp.