March 2020 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • cl-capstone — Raw Common Lisp FFI interface to the Capstone disassembler — MIT
  • cl-catmull-rom-spline — Catmull-Rom Spline — Public Domain
  • cl-fixtures — A simple library to create and use parameterized fixtures — MIT
  • cl-gserver — Erlang inspired GenServer library with Agent for easy access to state. — MIT
  • cl-sparql — SPARQL query builder for Common Lisp — MIT
  • cl-torrents — Search for torrents on popular trackers. Lisp library, CLI interface, terminal application, Tk GUI. — MIT
  • cl-transmission — A Common Lisp library to interface with transmission using its rpc — MIT
  • cl-utils — GrammaTech Common Lisp Utilities — MIT
  • enhanced-boolean — Provides a canonical way of converting generalized booleans to booleans. — Public Domain
  • fakenil — Provides a canonical stand-in for NIL for contexts where NIL means "no value". — Public Domain
  • fast-generic-functions — Seal your generic functions for an extra boost in performance. — MIT
  • functional-trees — Tree data structure supporting functional manipulation — MIT
  • glacier — lightweight mastodon bot framework — BSD 3-Clause
  • gtirb — Common Lisp library for GTIRB — MIT
  • jpeg-turbo — libjpeg-turbo wrapper for Common Lisp — 2-clause BSD
  • keystone — Raw Common Lisp FFI interface to the Keystone assembler — MIT
  • list-named-class — CLOS extension - name classes after lists of symbols — MIT
  • mutility — modula's utilities. — MIT
  • primecount — prime counting of sublinear complexity — MIT
  • select-file — Select File dialog for McCLIM — MIT
  • sxql-composer — Build and compose SXQL queries dynamically — MIT
  • textery — tracery lisp implementation — BSD 3-Clause
  • trucler — Library for managing lexical environments. — FreeBSD, see file LICENSE.text
  • x.let-star — value binder — BSD compatible
Updated projects3bzagutilaprilarc-compatbikebpbytecurry.mockscardiogramcari3scavemanchanlcl+sslcl-abnfcl-argparsecl-collidercl-cxxcl-dbicl-dotcl-environmentscl-fadcl-formscl-hamtcl-krakencl-messagepackcl-mpg123cl-mustachecl-protobufscl-satcl-scsucl-skkservcl-smt-libcl-steamworkscl-strcl-sxmlcl-webkitcl4storeclassimpclmlcloser-mopclsql-local-timeclxcommand-line-argumentscroatoancxmlcxml-stpdartsclhashtreedartsclmessagepackdartscltoolsdartscluuiddataflydatamusedatum-commentsdeployeasy-routeseclectorepigrapheruditeesrapfile-selectflareflexi-streamsflexichainfont-discoveryforfsetfxmlgendlgeneric-clgolden-utilsgraphhu.dwim.asdfhu.dwim.computed-classhu.dwim.reiteratehu.dwim.utilhu.dwim.web-serverintegralkenzolacklinear-programmingliterate-lisplocal-timemagic-edmagiclmarkupmaxpcmcclimmitommapmywaynumcloriginpango-markupparachutepetalisppgloaderphoe-toolboxpiggyback-parametersplumppolisherportable-threadspostmodernprotestpseudonymspzmqquery-fsquilcqvmrate-monotonicread-numberreaderreplicroanroverpcqsafe-queuesc-extensionsscalplsealable-metaobjectsselserapeumsha1simple-inferiorsslyspecialized-functionspinneretst-jsonstaplestmxstumpwmsucletfmtootertrace-dbtriviatrivial-cltl2trivial-extensible-sequencestrivial-garbagetrivial-json-codectrivial-monitored-threadtrivial-timertrivialib.type-unifyuax-15utilities.print-treevernacularwild-package-inferred-systemwooxml.location.

Removed projects: cl-batis, cl-dbi-connection-pool.

The removed projects no longer work due to changes in the cl-dbi API, and the author has not responded to bug reports or pull requests. If they build in the future, they will be added back to Quicklisp.

To get this update, use: (ql:update-dist "quicklisp")



February 2020 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • cl-isolated — A isolated environment for Common Lisp code evaluation — AGPLv3+
  • cl-maxminddb — CL MaxMind DB — GNU Lesser General Public License, v3
  • cl-semver — Semantic Version implementation — MIT
  • cl-tui — High-level library for making Text User Interfaces — MIT
  • cl-wavelets — Wavelet transform library — 2-clause BSD
  • cl-zyre — Zyre is a ZeroMQ-based network protocol for clusters and service discovery. — MIT
  • lisp-preprocessor — Common Lisp embedded template engine — MIT
  • lispcord — A client library for the discordapp bot api — MIT
  • magic-ed — Edit your code from REPL. — MIT
  • mbe — Scheme Macros for Common Lisp — LGPL 2.1
  • minilem — Minimal version of lem, emacs-like editor. A minimal self-modifying Common Lisp editor — MIT
  • ops5 — The Ops5 programming language for production systems — Public Domain
  • ratmath — Math utilities for working with rational numbers and intervals. — MIT
  • rs-colors — A color data type for Common Lisp. — Modified BSD License
  • s-graphviz — a s-expression presentation of GraphViz DOT language — MIT
  • srfi-1 — List Library — MIT
  • srfi-23 — SRFI 23: Error reporting mechanism — Unlicense
  • srfi-6 — SRFI-6: Basic String Ports — Unlicense
  • srfi-98 — SRFI 98: get-environment-variable — Unlicense
  • trivial-coverage — A simple Common Lisp library to print out the code coverage collected. Supports SBCL and CCL. — MIT
  • truetype-clx — Ripped out rendering from clx-truetype — MIT
  • uax-15 — Common lisp implementation of Unicode normalization functions :nfc, :nfd, :nfkc and :nfkd (Uax-15) — MIT
Updated projects3b-bmfont3d-vectorsadoptalexandriaalso-alsaaprilasdf-vizassoc-utilsatomicsbabelbdefbeastbikebinary-iobobbinbpcardiogramcerberuscffichancerychanlcl-anacl-ansi-textcl-argparsecl-asynccl-autowrapcl-charmscl-collidercl-colors2cl-conllucl-containerscl-db3cl-dbicl-digraphcl-ecma-48cl-elasticcl-emojicl-enumerationcl-fadcl-formscl-gamepadcl-gobject-introspectioncl-hamtcl-krakencl-lascl-ledgercl-libusbcl-maxsatcl-mount-infocl-netpbmcl-patternscl-pcgcl-piglowcl-pslibcl-pslib-barcodecl-random-forestcl-rdkafkacl-satcl-sdl2cl-sdl2-ttfcl-shlexcl-simple-fsmcl-skkservcl-storecl-strcl-unificationcladclazyclemclmlcloser-mopclxcodata-recommended-valuescommon-lisp-jupytercommonqtconiumcontextlcroatoancurry-compose-reader-macrosdefclass-stddefenumdefinitionsdeflatedeploydexadoreasy-audioeasy-routeseclectoresrapfare-scriptsflowfsetgendlgeneric-clgolden-utilsgraphhelambdaphu.dwim.stefilhu.dwim.walkerironcladjsonrpcjsownkenzolinear-programminglisp-binarylisp-criticlisp-zmqliterate-lisplquerymaidenmcclimmetabang-bindmeteringmitonamed-readtablesnew-opnodguinumclookoriginpapyrusparachuteparse-floatpetalispphoe-toolboxpjlinkplokamipngloadpolicy-condportable-threadspostmodernprotestprotobufproveqlotqtools-uiquilcqvmrereaderregular-type-expressionsanity-clausescalplsealable-metaobjectsselserapeumsha1shadowsimple-actorssimple-configslyspinneretstatic-dispatchstumpwmsucleswank-clientswank-crewteepeedee2tmpdirtootertriviatrivial-featurestrivial-package-local-nicknamestrivial-utilitiesuiopumbrautils-ktutmvernacularxhtmlambdaxml-emitter.

Removed projects: bodge-nanovg, cl-fixtures, cl-gambol, cl-grace, cl-torrents, cl-transmission, clon, clx-cursor, clx-truetype, dbd-oracle, m2cl, x.fdatatypes, x.let-star.

This month has an unusually high number of removed projects. There are a couple causes. First, a number of projects have simply disappeared - they are gone from their source locations and there's no sign of a new home. Second, some projects stopped building (sometimes because of missing libraries in the first group, but not always) and weren't fixed in time for this release.

If you depend on one of these removed projects, I can try to help you get in touch with the author to get them back into Quicklisp. Otherwise, you may wish to stick with an older Quicklisp dist where they are still present.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp").


Updated Quicklisp client now available

I updated the Quicklisp client yesterday. The new version has the following fixes:
  • (ql:quickload '()) is allowed and treated as an empty list of things to load - patch from Masatoshi SANO
  • :defsystem-depends-on prerequisites are loaded automatically when planning how to load systems
To get this update, use (ql:update-client).