December 2020 Quicklisp dist update now available

 New projects

  • aether — A DSL for emulating an actor-based distributed system, housed on a family of emulated devices. — MIT (See LICENSE.md)
  • binding-arrows — An implementation of threading macros based on binding anonymous variables — MIT
  • bitfield — Efficiently represent several finite sets or small integers as a single non-negative integer. — MIT
  • cl-bloggy — A simple extendable blogging system to use with Hunchentoot — MIT
  • cl-data-structures — Data structures, ranges, ranges algorithms. — BSD simplified
  • cl-html-readme — A HTML Documentation Generator for Common Lisp projects. — MIT
  • cl-ini — INI file parser — MIT
  • cl-notebook — A notebook-style in-browser editor for Common Lisp — AGPL3
  • cl-unix-sockets — UNIX Domain socket — Apache License, Version 2.0
  • cmd — A utility for running external programs — MIT
  • cytoscape-clj — A cytoscape widget for Common Lisp Jupyter. — MIT
  • damn-fast-priority-queue — A heap-based priority queue whose first and foremost priority is speed. — MIT
  • dataloader — A universal loader library for various data formats for images/audio — LLGPL
  • ecclesia — Utilities for parsing Lisp code. — MIT
  • fuzzy-match — From a string input and a list of candidates, return the most relevant candidates first. — MIT
  • geco — GECO: Genetic Evolution through Combination of Objects A CLOS-based Framework for Prototyping Genetic Algorithms — GPL 2.0
  • gtwiwtg — Lazy-ish iterators — GPLv3
  • gute — Gene's personal kitchen sink library. — MIT
  • lense — Racket style lenses for the Common Lisp. — BSD-2
  • linear-programming-glpk — A backend for linear-programming using GLPK — GPL 3.0
  • mgrs — Convert coordinates between Latitude/Longitude and MGRS. — GPL-3
  • monomyth — A distributed data processing library for CL — MPL 2.0
  • neural-classifier — Classification of samples based on neural network. — 2-clause BSD
  • roan — A library to support change ringing applications — MIT
  • simple-neural-network — Simple neural network — GPL-3
  • stefil- — Unspecified — Unspecified
  • tree-search — Search recursively through trees of nested lists — ISC
  • ttt — A language for transparent modifications of s-expression based trees. — GPLv3
  • utm-ups — Convert coordinates between Latitude/Longitude and UTM or UPS. — GPL-3
  • with-contexts — The WITH-CONTEXT System. A system providing a WITH macro and 'context'ualized objects handled by a ENTER/HANDLE/EXIT protocol in the spirit of Python's WITH macro. Only better, or, at a minimum different, of course. — BSD

Updated projects: 3bmd, 3bz, 3d-matrices, 3d-vectors, adopt, algae, april, arc-compat, architecture.builder-protocol, array-utils, arrow-macros, aws-sign4, bdef, binpack, check-bnf, cl-ana, cl-ansi-text, cl-bunny, cl-catmull-rom-spline, cl-cffi-gtk, cl-collider, cl-conllu, cl-covid19, cl-custom-hash-table, cl-digraph, cl-environments, cl-gamepad, cl-gd, cl-glfw3, cl-gserver, cl-interpol, cl-kraken, cl-liballegro, cl-liballegro-nuklear, cl-libyaml, cl-lzlib, cl-markless, cl-maxminddb, cl-mime, cl-mixed, cl-mongo-id, cl-naive-store, cl-octet-streams, cl-pass, cl-patterns, cl-pdf, cl-portaudio, cl-prevalence, cl-randist, cl-rdkafka, cl-sdl2, cl-sdl2-mixer, cl-semver, cl-sendgrid, cl-setlocale, cl-skkserv, cl-steamworks, cl-str, cl-tcod, cl-telegram-bot, cl-unicode, cl-utils, cl-wavelets, cl-webkit, cl-yaml, clesh, clj, clml, closer-mop, clsql, clweb, colored, common-lisp-jupyter, concrete-syntax-tree, conduit-packages, consix, corona, croatoan, curry-compose-reader-macros, dartscltools, dartscluuid, data-lens, defclass-std, deploy, dexador, djula, docparser, doplus, easy-audio, easy-routes, eazy-documentation, eclector, esrap, file-select, flexichain, float-features, floating-point-contractions, functional-trees, gadgets, gendl, generic-cl, glacier, golden-utils, gtirb-capstone, harmony, helambdap, house, hunchentoot-multi-acceptor, hyperluminal-mem, imago, ironclad, jingoh, jpeg-turbo, jsonrpc, kekule-clj, linear-programming, linux-packaging, lisp-chat, lisp-critic, lisp-gflags, literate-lisp, lmdb, local-package-aliases, local-time, lquery, markup, math, mcclim, millet, mito, mmap, mutility, named-readtables, neo4cl, nibbles, num-utils, origin, orizuru-orm, parachute, pathname-utils, perceptual-hashes, petalisp, phoe-toolbox, physical-quantities, picl, pjlink, portable-condition-system, postmodern, prometheus.cl, protest, protobuf, py4cl, py4cl2, qt-libs, quilc, quri, rcl, read-number, reader, rpcq, rutils, s-graphviz, sc-extensions, secret-values, sel, select, serapeum, shadow, simple-parallel-tasks, slime, sly, snooze, static-dispatch, stmx, stumpwm, swank-client, swank-protocol, sxql, tesseract-capi, textery, tooter, trace-db, trivial-compress, trivial-do, trivial-pooled-database, trivial-string-template, uax-15, uncursed, verbose, vp-trees, weblocks-examples, weblocks-prototype-js.

Removed projects: cl-arrows, cl-generic-arithmetic, clcs-code, dyna, osmpbf, sanity-clause, unicly.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp")



October 2020 Quicklisp dist update now available

 New projects

Updated projects: adopt, agnostic-lizard, algae, april, base-blobs, bdef, beast, binary-io, bobbin, bodge-blobs-support, bodge-chipmunk, bodge-glad, bodge-glfw, bodge-nuklear, bodge-ode, bodge-openal, bodge-sndfile, chancery, chanl, check-bnf, chipmunk-blob, chirp, ci-utils, cl-async-await, cl-base64, cl-buchberger, cl-capstone, cl-cffi-gtk, cl-collider, cl-covid19, cl-csv, cl-digraph, cl-flow, cl-forms, cl-gamepad, cl-grip, cl-ipfs-api2, cl-kaputt, cl-liballegro-nuklear, cl-markless, cl-marshal, cl-messagepack, cl-mixed, cl-muth, cl-naive-store, cl-netpbm, cl-patterns, cl-pcg, cl-portaudio, cl-pslib, cl-readline, cl-rss, cl-sdl2, cl-semver, cl-setlocale, cl-ssh-keys, cl-webkit, class-options, claw, clj, closer-mop, clsql, clsql-local-time, clunit2, com-on, common-lisp-jupyter, croatoan, crypto-shortcuts, dartscltools, data-lens, djula, eclector, femlisp, flexichain, font-discovery, gadgets, gendl, glad-blob, glfw-blob, glkit, golden-utils, gtirb, harmony, hu.dwim.def, hu.dwim.presentation, hu.dwim.quasi-quote, hu.dwim.rdbms, hu.dwim.web-server, hyperluminal-mem, hyperobject, jingoh, kmrcl, lack, literate-lisp, markup, mcclim, messagebox, meta-sexp, mgl-pax, millet, mito-attachment, mmap, mutility, nanovg-blob, nuklear-blob, ode-blob, openal-blob, origin, overlord, paren6, petalisp, pngload, postmodern, puri, py4cl2, reversi, ryeboy, sc-extensions, sel, serapeum, shasht, simple-flow-dispatcher, sly, sndfile-blob, stmx, stumpwm, ten, trivial-do, ucons.

Removed projects: cl-piglow, cl-proj, clutz, roan, scalpl.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp").



September 2020 Quicklisp dist update now available

 New projects

  • cl-base16 — Common Lisp implementation of base16 — GPLv2
  • cl-bcrypt — Common Lisp system for generating and parsing of bcrypt password hashes — BSD 2-Clause
  • cl-getx — This is a naive, persisted, in memory (lazy loading) data store for Common Lisp. — MIT
  • cl-indentify — A code beautifier for Common Lisp. — MIT
  • cl-kaputt — A Simple Interactive Test Framework for Common Lisp — MIT
  • cl-mango — A minimalist CouchDB 2.x database client. — BSD3
  • cl-minify-css — To minify css with common lisp. — GPLv3
  • cl-rfc4251 — Common Lisp library for encoding and decoding data in RFC 4251 compliant format — BSD 2-Clause
  • cl-setlocale — FFI to setlocale and ncurses locale helper — 2-clause BSD
  • cl-ssh-keys — Common Lisp system for generating and parsing of OpenSSH keys — BSD 2-Clause
  • cl-wave-file-writer — A wave file writer — MIT
  • class-options — Provides easy access to the defining class and its options during initialization. — Unlicense
  • compatible-metaclasses — Validates superclasses according to a simple substitution model, thereby greatly simplifying the definition of class mixins. — Unlicense
  • enhanced-find-class — Provides a canonical way of converting class designators to classes. — Unlicense
  • evaled-when — Provides a way of extracting and replicating the compile-time side-effects of forms. — Unlicense
  • file-attributes — Access to file attributes (uid, gid, atime, mtime, mod) — zlib
  • gadgets — Ben McGunigle's utility collection — Apache License, version 2.0
  • gooptest — A microcontroller testing framework. — GPL-3.0
  • kekule-clj — A Kekule widget for Common Lisp Jupyter — MIT
  • magicffi — cffi interface to libmagic(3) — Simplified BSD License
  • math —это математическая библиотека, реализующая некоторые алгоритмы: - линейной алгебры; - операций работы с матрицами; - статистические функции; - линейной и билинейной интерполяции; - нахождения приближающих многочленов, реализованная на Common Lisp — GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, 29 June 2007 or later
  • messagebox — A library to show a native message box dialog. — zlib
  • metalock — A metaclass that makes building parallel systems easier by providing each slot within a class a lock which is grabbed automatically. — MIT
  • nbd — Network Block Device server library. — MIT
  • object-class — Ensures that special subclasses of standard-object cluster right in front of standard-object in the class precedence list. — Unlicense
  • picl — Python Itertools in Common Lisp — MIT
  • pkg-doc — View package documentation in a clim-treeview — BSD Simplified
  • py4cl2 — Some improvements over py4cl — MIT
  • shasht — JSON reading and writing for the Kzinti. — MIT
  • simple-guess — Defines a simple extensible protocol for computing a guess using advisors. — Unlicense
  • trivial-do — Looping extensions that follow the style of the core DO functions. — MIT
  • uncursed — Another TUI library, this time without curses. — BSD 3-Clause
  • xcat — XCAT mass LAN big file distributor — MIT
  • zippy — A fast zip archive library — zlib

Updated projects3b-hdr3bmdacclimationalexandriaalgaeanypoolaprilatomicsbabelbdefbstci-utilscity-hashcl-allcl-aristidcl-autowrapcl-base64cl-bnfcl-cffi-gtkcl-collidercl-conllucl-covid19cl-dotcl-erlang-termcl-fixcl-formscl-fusecl-gamepadcl-gservercl-html-parsecl-krakencl-liballegrocl-liballegro-nuklearcl-marklesscl-migratumcl-mixedcl-mpg123cl-naive-storecl-patternscl-pngcl-pslibcl-rabbitcl-readlinecl-rediscl-renderdoccl-rrtcl-rsvg2cl-sdl2-ttfcl-steamworkscl-stompcl-storecl-strcl-unificationcl-utilscl-webkitcl-zyreclack-pretendclastclawkclcs-codeclimacscljcloser-mopclunit2com-oncom.google.basecommon-lisp-jupytercommonqtcroatoandeploydiff-match-patchdjulaeasy-audioeasy-routeseazy-processeclectoreosexscribef2clfare-quasiquotefast-iofile-selectfiveamflareflexi-streamsflexichainfloat-featuresfont-discoveryfsetfunctional-treesgendlgeneric-clglacierglsl-toolkitgolden-utilsgtirbgtirb-capstoneharmonyhu.dwim.asdfhu.dwim.delicohu.dwim.walkerhunchentoot-multi-acceptorhyperluminal-memhyperobjectinferior-shellinner-conditionalironcladjingohjonathanjpeg-turbokmrcllazylinear-programminglisp-binarylisp-gflagslispcordliterate-lisplocal-timelog4clmaidenmarkupmcclimmethod-hooksmgl-paxmodfmutilitynamed-readtablesnibblesnodguinull-packageopticloriginosicatoverlordparen6parsepathname-utilsperceptual-hashespetalispphoe-toolboxpngloadportable-condition-systempostmodernprotobufpsychiqpy4clquilcquux-hunchentootrandom-stateread-as-stringreplicroanrpcqs-graphvizsanity-clausesc-extensionsscalplselserapeumshadowsheepleshellpoolsimple-actorsslimeslysnoozestumpwmsxqltootertrace-dbtriviatrivial-argumentstrivial-clipboardtrivial-custom-debuggertrivial-garbagetrivial-gray-streamstrivial-utf-8trucleruax-14umbraunix-optsvernacular.

Removed projects: unicly.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp").



July 2020 Quicklisp dist now available

New projects:
  • cl-aristid — Draw Lindenmayer Systems with Common LISP! — MIT
  • cl-covid19 — Common Lisp library and utilities for inspecting COVID-19 data — BSD 2-Clause
  • cl-grip — Grip is a simple logging interface and framework. The core package contains basic infrastructure and interfaces. — Apache v2
  • cl-liballegro-nuklear — CFFI wrapper for the Nuklear IM GUI library with liballegro backend, to be used with cl-liballegro. — MIT
  • colored — System for colour representation, conversion, and operation. — zlib
  • linux-packaging — ASDF extension to generate linux packages. — MIT
  • litterae — Beautiful documentation generation. — MIT
  • osmpbf — Library to read OpenStreetMap PBF-encoded files. — MIT
  • teddy — A data framework for Common Lisp, wanna be like Pandas for Python. — UNLICENSE
Updated projects3b-hdr3bmd3bzalexandriaalgaeasync-processatomicsbabelbinpackcesdicfficl-allcl-collidercl-conllucl-fixcl-formscl-gearmancl-hamcrestcl-i18ncl-interpolcl-krakencl-marklesscl-migratumcl-naive-storecl-online-learningcl-patternscl-prevalencecl-projectcl-random-forestcl-rdkafkacl-rediscl-satcl-strcl-string-generatorcl-utilscl-webkitclathclcs-codeclim-widgetscljcloser-mopclxcommon-lisp-jupytercroatoandeedsdeploydjulaeasy-routeseclectorfiveamflexi-streamsfunctional-treesgendlhyperluminal-memintrospect-environmentironcladlisp-criticlisp-preprocessorliterate-lisplquerymarkupmcclimmutilitynibblesnodguinumcloriginosicatoverlordparachuteparser.common-rulesperlrepetalispphoe-toolboxpngloadpostmodernqlotquilcread-as-stringrutilssc-extensionsscalplselserapeumshadowslyspinneretstaplestumpwmtaggertrace-dbtrivial-featurestrivial-mimesumbrauuidvernacularxhtmlambda.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp").



June 2020 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • 3b-hdr — reader and writer for radiance HDR files — MIT
  • algae — Assortment of Lisp Game Algorithms and Experiments — MIT
  • arithmetic-operators-as-words — Just simple macros that expand to the normal arithmetic operators. I personally hate using the symbols.. — MIT
  • bnf — BNF example generator. Useful for testing parser. — MIT
  • check-bnf — Macro arguments checker. — MIT
  • cl-async-await — An implementation of async/await for Common Lisp — AGPLv3
  • cl-batis — SQL Mapping Framework for Common Lisp — MIT
  • cl-dbi-connection-pool — CL-DBI-Connection-Pool - connection pool for CL-DBI — LLGPL
  • cl-fix — A FIX (Financial Information eXchange) library for Common Lisp — Apache 2.0
  • cl-migratum — Database schema migration system for Common Lisp — BSD 2-Clause
  • cl-renderdoc — Wrapper around the renderdoc In-Application API for Common Lisp — MIT
  • cl-string-generator — Generate string from regular expression — MIT
  • cl-zipper — An implementation of functional zippers for Common Lisp — MIT Expat
  • clast — CLAST is a Common Lisp library that can produce an "abstract syntax tree" of a "form". Its main use is for source analysis and transformation, e.g., extracting the "free variables" list from a form. — BSD
  • clcs-code — Companion code for "The Common Lisp Condition System" — MIT
  • clj — Some clojure conveniences for Common Lisp — MIT
  • com-on — Utilities for dealing with COM interfaces. — zlib
  • core-reader — Utilities for stream oriented reader. — MIT
  • gtirb-capstone — Integration between GTIRB and the Capstone/Keystone libraries — MIT
  • gtirb-functions — Function objects over GTIRB — MIT
  • jingoh — DSL to notate specification, rather than test framework. — MIT
  • matrix-case — Control flow macros which writing nested CASE easily. — Public domain
  • millet — Wrapper for implementation dependent tiny utilities. — MIT
  • null-package — Safe and robust S-Expression reader. Useful to read from unfailthfull stream/socket. — MIT
  • packet-crafting — A library to craft network packets. — MIT
  • postmodern-localtime — postmodern-localtime — You don't even have to buy me a beer
  • prompt-for — Type safe user input. — MIT
  • read-as-string — Reading S-Expression string from stream. — MIT
  • resignal-bind — Tiny signal capturing facility. — MIT
  • structure-ext — Tiny structure extensions for common lisp — MIT
  • trestrul — Tiny utilities for TREe-STRUctured-List. — Public Domain
  • validate-list — Allows you to validate the contents and structure of a list based off of a template — MIT
Updated projects3bzahungry-fleeceanypoolaprilarray-operationsarrivalasdf-vizassert-pasync-processbinary-iobinpackbordeaux-threadsbpcacaucffichirpci-utilscity-hashcl+sslcl-ansi-termcl-argparsecl-ascii-tablecl-asynccl-capstonecl-conllucl-cudacl-dbicl-fadcl-gamepadcl-gservercl-hamcrestcl-krakencl-liballegrocl-libuvcl-mysqlcl-patternscl-quickcheckcl-random-forestcl-telegram-botcl-threadpoolcl-utilscl-webkitcladclmlcloser-mopclxcommon-lisp-jupytercommonqtconcrete-syntax-treecroatoancxmldatamusedatum-commentsdbusdeedsdeploydestructuring-bind-stardjuladns-clientdocbrowsereasy-routeseazy-documentationeclectorfare-scriptsfast-generic-functionsfemlispfiascoflac-metadataflareflexi-streamsflowfsetfunctional-treesgendlgeneric-clgeowktgolden-utilsgraphgtirbgtypehelambdaphu.dwim.defhunchentootiteratejpeg-turbolacklasslisp-binaryliterate-lisplocal-timemarkupmcclimmgl-paxmicmacmito-attachmentmutilitynamed-readtablesnibblesnumcloriginoverlordparsleypatchworkpathname-utilsperceptual-hashespetalisppiggyback-parameterspngloadportable-condition-systempostmodernprotobufpzmqquery-fsquriroanrpcqryeboysanity-clausescalplsealable-metaobjectsselserapeumshadowshellpoolsip-hashsnappyspecialization-storespecialized-functionspinneretst-jsonstaplestatic-vectorsstripestumpwmswank-clientswank-crewsycamoresystem-localetaggertentest-utilstootertrace-dbtrivial-backtracetrivial-mimestrivial-package-local-nicknamesumbraunix-optsverbosevgplotvom-jsonwinhttpwordnetxhtmlambdazpb-exif.

Removed projects: avl-tree, cl-mango, doubly-linked-list, hspell, osmpbf, pngload-fast.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp").


April 2020 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • anypool — General-purpose pooling library — BSD 2-Clause
  • avl-tree — An implementation of the AVL tree data structure. — MIT
  • cl-aubio — Aubio bindings for Common Lisp — GPLv3
  • cl-interval — Intervals, interval trees — NewBSD, LLGPL
  • cl-liballegro — Allegro 5 game programming library bindings for Common Lisp — Allegro 5 - http://alleg.sourceforge.net/license.html
  • cl-mime-from-string — A one function library to return a mime-type based on the file extension found at the end of a string. ie abc.txt -> text/plain. The common types implemented are from https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Basics_of_HTTP/MIME_types/Common_types — MIT
  • cl-telegram-bot — Telegram Bot API, based on sovietspaceship's work but mostly rewritten. — MIT
  • dns-client — A client for the DNS protocol. — zlib
  • feeder — RSS, Atom and general feed parsing and generating — zlib
  • perceptual-hashes — Perceptual hash algorithms for images — 2-clause BSD
  • portable-condition-system — A portable condition system for Common Lisp — CC0
  • ten — Template System for Common Lisp — MIT
  • trivial-custom-debugger — Allows arbitrary functions to become the standard Lisp debugger — MIT
  • trivial-with-current-source-form — Helps macro writers produce better errors for macro users — GPLv3
  • vom-json — A json-formatted logger for vom — MIT
  • vp-trees — Perceptual hash algorithms for images — 2-clause BSD
Updated projects3b-bmfont3bgl-shader3bmd3bza-cl-loggeralexandriaaprilasync-processbdefbpccldocchungacl+sslcl-anacl-capstonecl-cffi-gtkcl-collidercl-containerscl-environmentscl-gamepadcl-gservercl-inotifycl-marklesscl-packcl-patternscl-pythoncl-rdkafkacl-shlexcl-sparqlcl-strcl-tuicl-utilscl-webkitclinenoiseclipcloser-mopconcrete-syntax-treecroatoancserial-portdartscltoolsdefenumdeploydexadordiff-match-patchdissectdjuladoubly-linked-listeasy-routeseclectorescalatorfast-generic-functionsfast-ioflexi-streamsflexichainfloat-featuresfsetfuccfunctional-treesfxmlgendlgraphgtirbhu.dwim.computed-classhu.dwim.defhu.dwim.perechu.dwim.presentationhu.dwim.quasi-quotehu.dwim.walkerhu.dwim.web-serverhunchentoot-multi-acceptorironcladkeystonelispqrliterate-lispmaidenmaxpcmcclimmmapmodularizemutilitynodguinumclnumpy-file-formatoriginosicatoverlordparachutepatchworkpetalisppetriphoe-toolboxplumppolicy-condpolisherpostmodernpzmqqtoolsquilcqvmroanrpcqs-graphvizs-http-clients-http-servers-sysdepss-utilssanity-clausescalplsealable-metaobjectsselselect-fileserapeumsketchskippy-renderersnappysoftdrinkspinneretstaplestumpwmsucleswank-clientswank-crewtootertrace-dbtrivial-featurestrivial-file-sizevgplotwoo.

Removed projects: cl-password-store, fomus, rfc3339-timestamp, rpc4cl.

All the removed projects are removed because they no longer build. For the first two (cl-password-store and fomus), I was unable to get a response from the authors. The other two (rfc3339-timestamp, rpc4cl) the author was responsive, but has abandoned the projects.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp"). Enjoy!

A number of people support Quicklisp with a monthly contribution through PayPal. I recently set up a Quicklisp Patreon page as an alternative - if you are interested in supporting Quicklisp, feel free to check it out.


March 2020 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • cl-capstone — Raw Common Lisp FFI interface to the Capstone disassembler — MIT
  • cl-catmull-rom-spline — Catmull-Rom Spline — Public Domain
  • cl-fixtures — A simple library to create and use parameterized fixtures — MIT
  • cl-gserver — Erlang inspired GenServer library with Agent for easy access to state. — MIT
  • cl-sparql — SPARQL query builder for Common Lisp — MIT
  • cl-torrents — Search for torrents on popular trackers. Lisp library, CLI interface, terminal application, Tk GUI. — MIT
  • cl-transmission — A Common Lisp library to interface with transmission using its rpc — MIT
  • cl-utils — GrammaTech Common Lisp Utilities — MIT
  • enhanced-boolean — Provides a canonical way of converting generalized booleans to booleans. — Public Domain
  • fakenil — Provides a canonical stand-in for NIL for contexts where NIL means "no value". — Public Domain
  • fast-generic-functions — Seal your generic functions for an extra boost in performance. — MIT
  • functional-trees — Tree data structure supporting functional manipulation — MIT
  • glacier — lightweight mastodon bot framework — BSD 3-Clause
  • gtirb — Common Lisp library for GTIRB — MIT
  • jpeg-turbo — libjpeg-turbo wrapper for Common Lisp — 2-clause BSD
  • keystone — Raw Common Lisp FFI interface to the Keystone assembler — MIT
  • list-named-class — CLOS extension - name classes after lists of symbols — MIT
  • mutility — modula's utilities. — MIT
  • primecount — prime counting of sublinear complexity — MIT
  • select-file — Select File dialog for McCLIM — MIT
  • sxql-composer — Build and compose SXQL queries dynamically — MIT
  • textery — tracery lisp implementation — BSD 3-Clause
  • trucler — Library for managing lexical environments. — FreeBSD, see file LICENSE.text
  • x.let-star — value binder — BSD compatible
Updated projects3bzagutilaprilarc-compatbikebpbytecurry.mockscardiogramcari3scavemanchanlcl+sslcl-abnfcl-argparsecl-collidercl-cxxcl-dbicl-dotcl-environmentscl-fadcl-formscl-hamtcl-krakencl-messagepackcl-mpg123cl-mustachecl-protobufscl-satcl-scsucl-skkservcl-smt-libcl-steamworkscl-strcl-sxmlcl-webkitcl4storeclassimpclmlcloser-mopclsql-local-timeclxcommand-line-argumentscroatoancxmlcxml-stpdartsclhashtreedartsclmessagepackdartscltoolsdartscluuiddataflydatamusedatum-commentsdeployeasy-routeseclectorepigrapheruditeesrapfile-selectflareflexi-streamsflexichainfont-discoveryforfsetfxmlgendlgeneric-clgolden-utilsgraphhu.dwim.asdfhu.dwim.computed-classhu.dwim.reiteratehu.dwim.utilhu.dwim.web-serverintegralkenzolacklinear-programmingliterate-lisplocal-timemagic-edmagiclmarkupmaxpcmcclimmitommapmywaynumcloriginpango-markupparachutepetalisppgloaderphoe-toolboxpiggyback-parametersplumppolisherportable-threadspostmodernprotestpseudonymspzmqquery-fsquilcqvmrate-monotonicread-numberreaderreplicroanroverpcqsafe-queuesc-extensionsscalplsealable-metaobjectsselserapeumsha1simple-inferiorsslyspecialized-functionspinneretst-jsonstaplestmxstumpwmsucletfmtootertrace-dbtriviatrivial-cltl2trivial-extensible-sequencestrivial-garbagetrivial-json-codectrivial-monitored-threadtrivial-timertrivialib.type-unifyuax-15utilities.print-treevernacularwild-package-inferred-systemwooxml.location.

Removed projects: cl-batis, cl-dbi-connection-pool.

The removed projects no longer work due to changes in the cl-dbi API, and the author has not responded to bug reports or pull requests. If they build in the future, they will be added back to Quicklisp.

To get this update, use: (ql:update-dist "quicklisp")



February 2020 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • cl-isolated — A isolated environment for Common Lisp code evaluation — AGPLv3+
  • cl-maxminddb — CL MaxMind DB — GNU Lesser General Public License, v3
  • cl-semver — Semantic Version implementation — MIT
  • cl-tui — High-level library for making Text User Interfaces — MIT
  • cl-wavelets — Wavelet transform library — 2-clause BSD
  • cl-zyre — Zyre is a ZeroMQ-based network protocol for clusters and service discovery. — MIT
  • lisp-preprocessor — Common Lisp embedded template engine — MIT
  • lispcord — A client library for the discordapp bot api — MIT
  • magic-ed — Edit your code from REPL. — MIT
  • mbe — Scheme Macros for Common Lisp — LGPL 2.1
  • minilem — Minimal version of lem, emacs-like editor. A minimal self-modifying Common Lisp editor — MIT
  • ops5 — The Ops5 programming language for production systems — Public Domain
  • ratmath — Math utilities for working with rational numbers and intervals. — MIT
  • rs-colors — A color data type for Common Lisp. — Modified BSD License
  • s-graphviz — a s-expression presentation of GraphViz DOT language — MIT
  • srfi-1 — List Library — MIT
  • srfi-23 — SRFI 23: Error reporting mechanism — Unlicense
  • srfi-6 — SRFI-6: Basic String Ports — Unlicense
  • srfi-98 — SRFI 98: get-environment-variable — Unlicense
  • trivial-coverage — A simple Common Lisp library to print out the code coverage collected. Supports SBCL and CCL. — MIT
  • truetype-clx — Ripped out rendering from clx-truetype — MIT
  • uax-15 — Common lisp implementation of Unicode normalization functions :nfc, :nfd, :nfkc and :nfkd (Uax-15) — MIT
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Removed projects: bodge-nanovg, cl-fixtures, cl-gambol, cl-grace, cl-torrents, cl-transmission, clon, clx-cursor, clx-truetype, dbd-oracle, m2cl, x.fdatatypes, x.let-star.

This month has an unusually high number of removed projects. There are a couple causes. First, a number of projects have simply disappeared - they are gone from their source locations and there's no sign of a new home. Second, some projects stopped building (sometimes because of missing libraries in the first group, but not always) and weren't fixed in time for this release.

If you depend on one of these removed projects, I can try to help you get in touch with the author to get them back into Quicklisp. Otherwise, you may wish to stick with an older Quicklisp dist where they are still present.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp").


Updated Quicklisp client now available

I updated the Quicklisp client yesterday. The new version has the following fixes:
  • (ql:quickload '()) is allowed and treated as an empty list of things to load - patch from Masatoshi SANO
  • :defsystem-depends-on prerequisites are loaded automatically when planning how to load systems
To get this update, use (ql:update-client).