May Quicklisp dist update available

I just published a new version of the Quicklisp dist. New in this version are buildnode, cl-buchberger, cl-creditcard, cl-match, cl-tk, com.informatigo, common-lisp-actors, css-selectors, floating-point, group-by, lambda-gtk, method-versions, place-utils, qbook, symbol-munger, talcl, and thnappy.

To get the update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp").


Quicklisp client update available

I've published a new version of the Quicklisp client. To get it, use (ql:update-client). This new version has a number of tweaks and updates:

  • The FASLs for asdf.lisp are split up into implementation-specific directories, which avoids a bug in CLISP's handling of invalid FASLs. (Doesn't ASDF2 do this already? Yes, but this step takes place before ASDF2 is loaded.)
  • (ql:system-apropos "foo") will return results for matching project names. For example, (ql:system-apropos "slime") will return the swank system.
  • System definition searches have been changed slightly; system file names will only be returned as a result of an asdf:find-system if the file's name matches the name given to asdf:find-system.
  • A few unreachable code notes shown in SBCL have been eliminated.
  • More metadata and documentation included on the Quicklisp system and each Quicklisp package
  • A new function, QL:WRITE-ASDF-MANIFEST-FILE, is available to write out a list of available Quicklisp system files for Buildapp to use.
  • edit The required ASDF2 version has been bumped down to 2.011. This fixes an issue with Quicklisp failing to load an ECL-specific ASDF file. The latest ECL should work fine now.
I've tested this update on many different combinations of CL implementation and operating system, but I haven't tested every possible combination. If you encounter any trouble installing or updating Quicklisp, please let me know by opening a github issue.