October 2023 Quicklisp dist update now available

 New projects

  • 3d-math — A library implementing the necessary linear algebra math for 2D and 3D computations — zlib
  • ansi-test-harness — A testing harness that fetches ansi-test and allows subsets and extrinsic systems — MIT
  • babylon — J├╝rgen Walther's modular, configurable, hybrid knowledge engineering systems framework for Common Lisp, restored from the CMU AI Repository. — MIT
  • calm — CALM - Canvas Aided Lisp Magic — GNU General Public License, version 2
  • cffi-object — A Common Lisp library that enables fast and convenient interoperation with foreign objects. — Apache-2.0
  • cffi-ops — A library that helps write concise CFFI-related code. — Apache-2.0
  • cl-brewer — Provides CI settings for cl-brewer. — Unlicense
  • cl-jwk — Common Lisp system for decoding public JSON Web Keys (JWK) — BSD 2-Clause
  • cl-plus-ssl-osx-fix — A fix for CL+SSL library paths on OSX needed when you have Intel and Arm64 Homebrew installations. Should be loaded before CL+SSL. — Unlicense
  • cl-server-manager — Manage port-based servers (e.g., Swank and Hunchentoot) through a unified interface. — MIT
  • cl-transducers — Ergonomic, efficient data processing. — LGPL-3.0-only
  • cl-transit — Transit library for Common Lisp — MIT
  • clog-collection — A set of CLOG Plugins — MIT
  • clohost — A client library for the Cohost API — zlib
  • deptree — ASDF systems dependency listing and archiving tool for Common Lisp — MIT
  • enhanced-unwind-protect — Provides an enhanced UNWIND-PROTECT that makes it easy to detect whether the protected form performed a non-local exit or returned normally. — Unlicense
  • file-lock — File lock library on POSIX systems — MIT License
  • fmcs — Flavors Meta-Class System (FMCS) for Demonic Metaprogramming in Common Lisp, an alternative to CLOS+MOP, restored from the CMU AI Repository. — MIT
  • fuzzy-dates — A library to fuzzily parse date strings — zlib
  • glfw — An up-to-date bindings library to the most recent GLFW OpenGL context management library — zlib
  • hyperlattices — Generalized Lattice algebraic datatypes, incl., LATTICE, HYPERLATTICE, PROBABILISTIC-LATTICE, and PROBABILISTIC-HYPERLATTICE. — MIT
  • lemmy-api — Most recently generated bindings to the lemmy api — GPLv3
  • manifolds — Various manifold mesh algorithms — zlib
  • mutils — A collection of Common Lisp modules. — MIT
  • ptc — Proper Tail Calls for CL — MIT
  • type-templates — A library for defining and expanding templated functions — zlib

Updated projects: 3bmd, 3d-matrices, 3d-quaternions, 3d-spaces, 3d-transforms, 3d-vectors, 40ants-asdf-system, 40ants-slynk, action-list, adhoc, adp, alexandria, also-alsa, anypool, april, architecture.builder-protocol, array-operations, array-utils, asdf-flv, async-process, atomics, bdef, bike, binary-structures, binding-arrows, bordeaux-threads, bp, bubble-operator-upwards, cari3s, cephes.cl, cffi, chirp, chlorophyll, chunga, ci, cl+ssl, cl-6502, cl-all, cl-async, cl-atelier, cl-autowrap, cl-bcrypt, cl-bmp, cl-change-case, cl-clon, cl-collider, cl-colors2, cl-confidence, cl-containers, cl-cron, cl-data-structures, cl-dbi, cl-digraph, cl-fast-ecs, cl-fbx, cl-flac, cl-forms, cl-gamepad, cl-gists, cl-glib, cl-gltf, cl-gobject-introspection, cl-gobject-introspection-wrapper, cl-gopher, cl-gpio, cl-gserver, cl-hash-util, cl-html-parse, cl-i18n, cl-isaac, cl-jingle, cl-jsonl, cl-k8055, cl-kanren, cl-ktx, cl-lib-helper, cl-liballegro, cl-liballegro-nuklear, cl-markless, cl-marshal, cl-messagepack, cl-migratum, cl-mixed, cl-mlep, cl-modio, cl-moneris, cl-monitors, cl-mount-info, cl-mpg123, cl-naive-store, cl-opus, cl-out123, cl-patterns, cl-pdf, cl-permutation, cl-project, cl-protobufs, cl-pslib, cl-pslib-barcode, cl-rashell, cl-readline, cl-rfc4251, cl-sdl2, cl-sdl2-image, cl-sendgrid, cl-skkserv, cl-soloud, cl-spidev, cl-ssh-keys, cl-steamworks, cl-str, cl-tcod, cl-tiled, cl-tls, cl-utils, cl-veq, cl-voipms, cl-vorbis, cl-wavefront, cl-webkit, cl-webmachine, cl-wol, cl-yxorp, clack, classowary, clingon, clip, clog, closer-mop, clss, clunit2, codex, coleslaw, colored, com-on, common-lisp-jupyter, computable-reals, conduit-packages, croatoan, crypto-shortcuts, ctype, cytoscape-clj, dartsclhashtree, data-frame, data-lens, data-table, datafly, datamuse, decompress, deeds, deferred, definitions, deploy, depot, dexador, dissect, djula, dml, dns-client, doc, documentation-utils, drakma, dynamic-classes, easter-gauss, easy-routes, ecclesia, eclector, enhanced-eval-when, enhanced-multiple-value-bind, erjoalgo-webutil, extensible-compound-types, f2cl, fare-scripts, fast-http, feeder, file-attributes, file-notify, file-select, filesystem-utils, fiveam, fiveam-matchers, flare, float-features, flow, font-discovery, for, form-fiddle, function-cache, functional-trees, gendl, github-api-cl, glsl-toolkit, gtirb-capstone, gtwiwtg, harmony, helambdap, humbler, hunchentoot-errors, iclendar, imago, inkwell, ironclad, journal, json-mop, jsonrpc, jzon, kekule-clj, khazern, lack, lambda-fiddle, language-codes, lass, legion, legit, let-over-lambda, lev, lichat-ldap, lichat-protocol, lichat-serverlib, lichat-tcp-client, lichat-tcp-server, lichat-ws-server, lift, lisp-binary, lisp-critic, lisp-interface-library, lisp-pay, lisp-stat, local-time, lquery, lru-cache, luckless, macro-level, maiden, math, mcclim, memory-regions, messagebox, mgl-mat, mgl-pax, mito, mmap, mnas-path, mnas-string, modularize, modularize-hooks, modularize-interfaces, multilang-documentation, multiposter, mutility, named-readtables, nibbles, ningle, nodgui, north, numerical-utilities, numpy-file-format, nytpu.lisp-utils, omglib, one-more-re-nightmare, openapi-generator, orizuru-orm, osicat, ospm, oxenfurt, pango-markup, parachute, parseq, pathname-utils, petalisp, piping, plot, plump, plump-bundle, plump-sexp, plump-tex, policy-cond, posix-shm, postmodern, ppath, prettier-builtins, promise, psychiq, punycode, purgatory, py4cl2-cffi, qlot, quickhull, random-state, ratify, reblocks, reblocks-auth, reblocks-prometheus, redirect-stream, rove, s-dot2, sc-extensions, scribble, sel, serapeum, sha3, shasht, shop3, si-kanren, simple-inferiors, simple-tasks, sketch, slite, sly, softdrink, south, speechless, spinneret, staple, statistics, stopclock, studio-client, stumpwm, sxql, system-locale, terrable, testiere, tfeb-lisp-hax, tfeb-lisp-tools, tiny-routes, tooter, trivial-arguments, trivial-benchmark, trivial-clipboard, trivial-custom-debugger, trivial-extensible-sequences, trivial-garbage, trivial-gray-streams, trivial-indent, trivial-main-thread, trivial-mimes, trivial-sanitize, trivial-thumbnail, trivial-timeout, trivial-utf-8, trucler, try, typo, uax-14, uax-9, ubiquitous, unboxables, vellum, vellum-csv, vellum-postmodern, verbose, websocket-driver, woo, xmls, yah, zippy.

Removed projects: cl-bson, cl-fastcgi, more-cffi, myweb, parse-number-range, quilc, qvm.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp")

What's up with Quicklisp updates taking way longer than usual? A couple things.

First, life has been pretty crazy for me, and I'm the only one working on Quicklisp updates. If anyone wants to collaborate, please let me know. There are some simple things that could improve the time between releases.

Second, there are now enough things in Quicklisp that every month something is broken at a critical time when I'm planning a release. I need to work around this with some better management software, but that takes time and things are pretty crazy for me (see above).

I hope to get back on track for regular monthly releases soon. Thanks for your support and thanks for using Quicklisp.


June 2023 Quicklisp dist update now available

 New projects

  • 3d-spaces — A library implementing spatial query structures — zlib
  • 40ants-slynk — Utilities to start SLYNK if needed and to track active connections. — Unlicense
  • binary-structures — A library for reading, writing, and representing structures from binary representations — zlib
  • cl-atelier — An atelier for Lisp developers — MIT License
  • cl-bmp — A library for dealing with Windows bitmaps (BMP, DIB, ICO, CUR) — zlib
  • cl-def-properties — Common Lisp definitions instropection library — MIT
  • cl-fast-ecs — Blazingly fast Entity-Component-System microframework. — MIT
  • cl-fbx — Bindings to ufbx, a simple and free FBX model decoding library — zlib
  • cl-id3 — A Common Lisp implementation of the ID3 machine learning algorithm by R. Quinlan. — BSD-2-Clause
  • cl-jschema — Common Lisp implementation of JSON Schema — MIT
  • cl-jsonl — Lazy read JSONL files with each line a separate definition. — MIT
  • cl-ktx — An implementation of the Khronos KTX image file format — zlib
  • cl-opensearch-query-builder — Common Lisp implementation of a builder for the OpenSearch query DSL — *CL-OPENSEARCH-QUERY-BUILDER-LICENSE*
  • cl-opus — Bindings to libopusfile, a simple and free OGG/Opus decoding library — zlib
  • cl-slugify — converts a string into a slug representation. — unlicense
  • cl-tqdm — Simple And Fast Progress Bar Library for Common Lisp — MIT
  • cl-unac — bindings for lib unac(3). — unlicense
  • cl-wavefront — A library to parse the Wavefront OBJ file format. — zlib
  • cl-webmachine — HTTP Semantic Awareness on top of Hunchentoot — MIT License
  • decompress — A defensive and fast Deflate decompressor in pure CL. — MIT
  • extensible-optimizing-coerce — `extensible-optimizing-coerce` primarily provides a `extensible-optimizing-coerce:coerce` function intended as an extensible alternative to `cl:coerce`. — MIT
  • kdlcl — KDL reader/printer for common lisp — MIT No Attribution
  • kdtree-jk — KD-TREE package for searching for nearest neighbors in N points in in M-dimensions in N log(N) time. — MIT
  • khazern — A portable and extensible Common Lisp LOOP implementation — BSD
  • letv — The LETV Package. Exports two macros, LETV and LETV* that allow to combine standard LET and LET* constucts with MULTIPLE-VALUE-BIND in a possible less verbose way that also requires less indentation. — BSD
  • logging — Functions to configure log4cl for different contexts: REPL, Backend, Command Line Application. — Unlicense
  • lru-cache — A least-recently-used cache structure — zlib
  • memory-regions — Implementation of a memory region abstraction — zlib
  • native-lazy-seq — Lazy sequence using user-extensible sequence protocol. — GPLv3.0+
  • nytpu.lisp-utils — A collection of miscellaneous standalone utility packages. — MPL-2.0
  • openapi-generator — Parse OpenAPI into CLOS object for client generation — AGPLv3-later
  • prettier-builtins — A lightweight library to pretty print builtin arrays and hash-tables. — MIT
  • prometheus-gc — This is a Prometheus collector for Common Lisp implementation garbage collector. — Unlicense
  • punycode — Punycode encoding/decoding — zlib
  • quickhull — An implementation of the Quickhull convex hull construction algorithm — zlib
  • reblocks — A Common Lisp web framework, successor of the Weblocks. — LLGPL
  • reblocks-auth — A system to add an authentication to the Reblocks based web-site. — Unlicense
  • reblocks-file-server — A Reblocks extension allowing to create routes for serving static files from disk. — Unlicense
  • reblocks-lass — A helper for Reblocks framework to define CSS dependencies in LASS syntax. — Unlicense
  • reblocks-navigation-widget — A container widget which switches between children widgets when user changes an url. — Unlicense
  • reblocks-parenscript — An utility to define JavaScript dependencies for Weblocks widgets using Parenscript. — Unlicense
  • reblocks-prometheus — This is an addon for Reblocks Common Lisp framework which allows to gather metrics in Prometheus format. — Unlicense
  • reblocks-typeahead — A Reblocks widget implementing typeahead search. — Unlicense
  • reblocks-ui — A set of UI widgets for Reblocks web framework! — BSD
  • reblocks-websocket — Reblocks extension allowing to add a bidirectional communication via Websocket between a backend and Reblocks widgets. — Unlicense
  • rs-json — Yet another JSON decoder/encoder. — Modified BSD License
  • si-kanren — A micro-Kanren implementation in Common Lisp — MIT
  • sly-macrostep — Expand CL macros inside source files — GPL 3
  • sly-named-readtables — NAMED-READTABLES support for SLY — GPL 3
  • statusor — A library for graceful handling of errors in common lisp inspired by absl::StatusOr — BSD
  • stopclock — stopclock is a library for measuring time using (stop)clocks — Apache 2.0
  • unboxables — A simple wrapper around CFFI to enable contiguously allocated arrays of structures in Common Lisp. — MIT
  • vellum-binary — vellum custom binary format. — BSD simplified

Updated projects: 3bmd, 3bz, 3d-matrices, 3d-quaternions, 3d-transforms, 3d-vectors, abstract-arrays, acclimation, adhoc, alexandria, april, arc-compat, architecture.builder-protocol, array-utils, asdf-dependency-graph, aserve, async-process, atomics, bdef, big-string, bordeaux-threads, bp, cari3s, cffi, chanl, chipz, chirp, chlorophyll, ci, cl+ssl, cl-all, cl-apertium-stream-parser, cl-async, cl-bmas, cl-charms, cl-clon, cl-collider, cl-colors2, cl-confidence, cl-cpus, cl-cram, cl-data-structures, cl-dbi, cl-feedparser, cl-form-types, cl-forms, cl-gamepad, cl-gap-buffer, cl-git, cl-glib, cl-gltf, cl-gobject-introspection, cl-gobject-introspection-wrapper, cl-gserver, cl-i18n, cl-lib-helper, cl-liballegro, cl-liballegro-nuklear, cl-libuv, cl-locatives, cl-lzlib, cl-markless, cl-mixed, cl-mlep, cl-modio, cl-mpg123, cl-naive-store, cl-openapi-parser, cl-out123, cl-patterns, cl-ppcre, cl-protobufs, cl-rashell, cl-replica, cl-semver, cl-sentry-client, cl-steamworks, cl-stopwatch, cl-str, cl-string-complete, cl-telegram-bot, cl-threadpool, cl-tiled, cl-unix-sockets, cl-utils, cl-veq, cl-webkit, cl-zstd, clack, clad, classimp, clingon, clog, closer-mop, cluffer, clx, cmd, codex, com-on, common-lisp-jupyter, commondoc-markdown, computable-reals, concrete-syntax-tree, consfigurator, cover, croatoan, crypto-shortcuts, css-lite, csv-validator, ctype, data-lens, deeds, definitions-systems, deflate, defrec, dense-arrays, deploy, depot, dexador, djula, dns-client, doc, docs-builder, draw-cons-tree, dynamic-collect, eclector, esrap, extensible-compound-types, factory-alien, file-select, filesystem-utils, fiveam-matchers, float-features, for, fresnel, functional-trees, gendl, geodesic, glsl-toolkit, gtirb-capstone, gtirb-functions, harmony, http2, iclendar, imago, in-nomine, interface, journal, json-lib, jzon, lack, letrec, lichat-tcp-client, lichat-tcp-server, lichat-ws-server, lime, linear-programming, linewise-template, lispcord, literate-lisp, lla, log4cl, log4cl-extras, lquery, maiden, map-set, markup, math, mcclim, messagebox, metabang-bind, mgl, mgl-mat, mgl-pax, micmac, mmap, mnas-graph, mnas-hash-table, mnas-package, mnas-path, mnas-string, modularize, mystic, named-closure, named-readtables, nibbles-streams, nodgui, north, omglib, osc, ospm, overlord, parachute, parameterized-function, pathname-utils, petalisp, plump, polymorphic-functions, ppath, print-licenses, promise, protobuf, py4cl2, py4cl2-cffi, queen.lisp, quick-patch, quri, random-sample, random-state, recur, sc-extensions, scheduler, sel, serapeum, shasht, shop3, simple-config, simple-inferiors, simple-tasks, sly, speechless, spinneret, staple, stepster, stmx, studio-client, stumpwm, swank-client, synonyms, template, ten, tfeb-lisp-hax, tooter, trace-db, trivia, trivial-arguments, trivial-clipboard, trivial-extensible-sequences, trivial-features, trivial-indent, trivial-package-locks, trivial-timeout, trivial-with-current-source-form, trucler, try, typo, uax-9, ubiquitous, ucons, usocket, utm-ups, vellum, vellum-postmodern, verbose, webapi, zacl, zippy, zpb-ttf.

Removed projects: cl-data-frame, cl-facts, cl-lessp, cl-libfarmhash, cl-libhoedown, cl-num-utils, cl-random, cl-rollback, colleen, gfxmath, glsl-metadata, halftone, history-tree, lionchat, monomyth, nclasses, neo4cl, nfiles, nhooks, njson, nkeymaps, nsymbols, numericals, nyxt, osmpbf, plain-odbc, trivial-coerce, trivial-string-template.

I removed Nyxt because it uses its own style of build system (nasdf) that doesn't work very well with Quicklisp. I recommend getting it directly if you want to use it. Other removed projects stopped building and did not respond to bug reports or disappeared from the Internet.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp"). Enjoy!


February 2023 Quicklisp dist update now available

 New projects: 

  • asdf-dependency-graph — A minimal wrapper around `dot` available at least on Linux systems to generate dependency-graphs. — MIT
  • aws-sdk-lisp — AWS-SDK for Common Lisp — BSD 2-Clause
  • chlorophyll — ANSI escape code library for Common Lisp — Expat
  • ciao — OAuth 2.0 Client for Common Lisp — LGPLv3
  • cl-cmark — Common Lisp bindings to libcmark, the CommonMark reference implementation — BSD-2-Clause
  • cl-jingle — jingle -- ningle with bells and whistles — BSD 2-Clause
  • cl-modio — A client library for the mod.io API. — zlib
  • csv-validator — Validates tabular CSV data using predefined validations, similar to its Python counterpart 'Great Expectations'. — BSD-3
  • history-tree — Store the history of a browser's visited paths. — BSD 3-Clause
  • jzon — A correct and safe(er) JSON RFC 8259 parser with sane defaults. — MIT
  • lisp-pay — Wrappers over multiple Payment Processor APIs — MIT
  • mito-attachment — Mito mixin class for file management — LLGPL
  • nclasses — Simplify class like definitions with define-class and friends. — Public Domain
  • njson — NJSON is a JSON handling framework with the focus on convenience and brevity. — BSD-3 Clause
  • nsymbols — A set of convenience functions to list class, variable, function, and other symbols. — BSD-3 Clause
  • py4cl2-cffi — CFFI based alternative to PY4CL2, primarily developed for performance reasons. — MIT
  • symath — A simple symbolic math library for Common Lisp — MIT

Updated projects: 3b-bmfont, 40ants-asdf-system, abstract-arrays, adp, ahungry-fleece, amb, april, babel, bdef, binary-parser, binpack, bp, cells, cffi, ci, cl+ssl, cl-advice, cl-bcrypt, cl-bnf, cl-cffi-gtk, cl-collider, cl-colors2, cl-confidence, cl-conspack, cl-containers, cl-cxx, cl-data-structures, cl-dbi, cl-digraph, cl-enumeration, cl-etcd, cl-fix, cl-gamepad, cl-git, cl-glib, cl-gobject-introspection, cl-gobject-introspection-wrapper, cl-graph, cl-gserver, cl-hamcrest, cl-i18n, cl-indentify, cl-jpeg, cl-lambdacalc, cl-mathstats, cl-megolm, cl-migratum, cl-mixed, cl-naive-store, cl-oju, cl-opencl-utils, cl-patterns, cl-pdf, cl-prevalence, cl-protobufs, cl-rashell, cl-rdkafka, cl-rfc4251, cl-ssh-keys, cl-steamworks, cl-store, cl-str, cl-telegram-bot, cl-trie, cl-unification, cl-utils, cl-vorbis, cl-webkit, cl-wol, cl-xkb, cl-yacc, clack, clad, clast, clath, clavier, clazy, climacs, climc, clingon, clip, clog, closer-mop, cluffer, clx, cmd, colorize, common-doc, consfigurator, croatoan, cserial-port, ctype, database-migrations, defenum, definer, dense-arrays, deploy, depot, dexador, djula, doc, docparser, docs-builder, dsm, duologue, eclector, extensible-compound-types, fare-csv, fare-utils, file-attributes, file-select, filesystem-utils, find-port, fiveam-matchers, float-features, for, functional-trees, glacier, gtirb-capstone, gtirb-functions, harmony, hashtrie, helambdap, http2, hu.dwim.syntax-sugar, in-nomine, journal, js, jsonrpc, lack, lass, lift, lisp-unit2, lmdb, local-time, log4cl-extras, lunamech-matrix-api, maiden, markup, mcclim, metabang-bind, mfiano-utils, mgl-mat, mgl-pax, mito, mk-defsystem, mmap, more-cffi, multiposter, music-spelling, mutility, nail, ndebug, new-op, nfiles, nhooks, nkeymaps, nodgui, north, numerical-utilities, numericals, nyxt, omglib, ook, osc, osicat, parachute, pero, petalisp, plot, plump, polymorphic-functions, postmodern, promise, py4cl2, qtools, random-state, read-number, replic, rove, sc-extensions, sel, serapeum, shop3, simple-neural-network, sketch, slime, sly, speechless, spinneret, statistics, stepster, stumpwm, swank-client, swank-crew, teepeedee2, ten, testiere, tfeb-lisp-hax, tooter, trace-db, trivial-backtrace, trivial-coerce, trivial-download, trivial-mimes, trivial-package-locks, trivial-shell, trivial-timeout, type-i, typo, uax-9, vellum, vellum-postmodern, vk, vp-trees, wayflan, with-contexts, with-user-abort, wookie, workout-timer, xhtmlambda, yason, zippy.

Removed projects: cl-sane, cluster, vellum-binary.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp"). Enjoy!