February 2023 Quicklisp dist update now available

 New projects: 

  • asdf-dependency-graph — A minimal wrapper around `dot` available at least on Linux systems to generate dependency-graphs. — MIT
  • aws-sdk-lisp — AWS-SDK for Common Lisp — BSD 2-Clause
  • chlorophyll — ANSI escape code library for Common Lisp — Expat
  • ciao — OAuth 2.0 Client for Common Lisp — LGPLv3
  • cl-cmark — Common Lisp bindings to libcmark, the CommonMark reference implementation — BSD-2-Clause
  • cl-jingle — jingle -- ningle with bells and whistles — BSD 2-Clause
  • cl-modio — A client library for the mod.io API. — zlib
  • csv-validator — Validates tabular CSV data using predefined validations, similar to its Python counterpart 'Great Expectations'. — BSD-3
  • history-tree — Store the history of a browser's visited paths. — BSD 3-Clause
  • jzon — A correct and safe(er) JSON RFC 8259 parser with sane defaults. — MIT
  • lisp-pay — Wrappers over multiple Payment Processor APIs — MIT
  • mito-attachment — Mito mixin class for file management — LLGPL
  • nclasses — Simplify class like definitions with define-class and friends. — Public Domain
  • njson — NJSON is a JSON handling framework with the focus on convenience and brevity. — BSD-3 Clause
  • nsymbols — A set of convenience functions to list class, variable, function, and other symbols. — BSD-3 Clause
  • py4cl2-cffi — CFFI based alternative to PY4CL2, primarily developed for performance reasons. — MIT
  • symath — A simple symbolic math library for Common Lisp — MIT

Updated projects: 3b-bmfont, 40ants-asdf-system, abstract-arrays, adp, ahungry-fleece, amb, april, babel, bdef, binary-parser, binpack, bp, cells, cffi, ci, cl+ssl, cl-advice, cl-bcrypt, cl-bnf, cl-cffi-gtk, cl-collider, cl-colors2, cl-confidence, cl-conspack, cl-containers, cl-cxx, cl-data-structures, cl-dbi, cl-digraph, cl-enumeration, cl-etcd, cl-fix, cl-gamepad, cl-git, cl-glib, cl-gobject-introspection, cl-gobject-introspection-wrapper, cl-graph, cl-gserver, cl-hamcrest, cl-i18n, cl-indentify, cl-jpeg, cl-lambdacalc, cl-mathstats, cl-megolm, cl-migratum, cl-mixed, cl-naive-store, cl-oju, cl-opencl-utils, cl-patterns, cl-pdf, cl-prevalence, cl-protobufs, cl-rashell, cl-rdkafka, cl-rfc4251, cl-ssh-keys, cl-steamworks, cl-store, cl-str, cl-telegram-bot, cl-trie, cl-unification, cl-utils, cl-vorbis, cl-webkit, cl-wol, cl-xkb, cl-yacc, clack, clad, clast, clath, clavier, clazy, climacs, climc, clingon, clip, clog, closer-mop, cluffer, clx, cmd, colorize, common-doc, consfigurator, croatoan, cserial-port, ctype, database-migrations, defenum, definer, dense-arrays, deploy, depot, dexador, djula, doc, docparser, docs-builder, dsm, duologue, eclector, extensible-compound-types, fare-csv, fare-utils, file-attributes, file-select, filesystem-utils, find-port, fiveam-matchers, float-features, for, functional-trees, glacier, gtirb-capstone, gtirb-functions, harmony, hashtrie, helambdap, http2, hu.dwim.syntax-sugar, in-nomine, journal, js, jsonrpc, lack, lass, lift, lisp-unit2, lmdb, local-time, log4cl-extras, lunamech-matrix-api, maiden, markup, mcclim, metabang-bind, mfiano-utils, mgl-mat, mgl-pax, mito, mk-defsystem, mmap, more-cffi, multiposter, music-spelling, mutility, nail, ndebug, new-op, nfiles, nhooks, nkeymaps, nodgui, north, numerical-utilities, numericals, nyxt, omglib, ook, osc, osicat, parachute, pero, petalisp, plot, plump, polymorphic-functions, postmodern, promise, py4cl2, qtools, random-state, read-number, replic, rove, sc-extensions, sel, serapeum, shop3, simple-neural-network, sketch, slime, sly, speechless, spinneret, statistics, stepster, stumpwm, swank-client, swank-crew, teepeedee2, ten, testiere, tfeb-lisp-hax, tooter, trace-db, trivial-backtrace, trivial-coerce, trivial-download, trivial-mimes, trivial-package-locks, trivial-shell, trivial-timeout, type-i, typo, uax-9, vellum, vellum-postmodern, vk, vp-trees, wayflan, with-contexts, with-user-abort, wookie, workout-timer, xhtmlambda, yason, zippy.

Removed projects: cl-sane, cluster, vellum-binary.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp"). Enjoy!