Ltk woes

Ltk seems like a fantastic idea. I don't personally use it, but I like that there's a fairly simple and easy option for people who want to make a GUI with Common Lisp.

Unfortunately, it doesn't build on SBCL any more. SBCL exports sb-ext:exit (eventually replacing sb-ext:quit), and a package in Ltk triggers a package lock conflict because of it. I've emailed Peter Herth about the build failure, but a few months have passed and the problem persists.

Does anyone who reads this blog use Ltk? Would you be upset if Ltk is dropped from Quicklisp until the issue is fixed?


Version numbers in ASDF system definitions

An ASDF system definition can have a :version option. Only one format is supported: one or more integers separated by dots.

These are valid ASDF system versions: "42", "1.8", "2.0.61". These are invalid ASDF system versions: "v1.0", "2.0b", "2004-08-01", "1.0-SNAPSHOT".

If you load a system with an invalid version string, ASDF gives a warning: WARNING: Invalid version "FOO" for component "bar"

If you want to include a version in your ASDF system, please use a valid format. If your software's versioning can't fit into that kind of format, consider putting it in a different field, like :description.


July 2012 update now available

This update took longer than I wanted it to. It's been a really busy summer for non-hacking-related stuff, I had some trouble with ZS3 and Ironclad, and Ltk is broken on the latest SBCL. Those things, and more, kept pushing things further and further back, but I think things are as good as they can be for now.

New: asdf-encodings, backports, cl-6502, cl-factoring, cl-libusb, cl-neo4j, cl-nxt, cl-openstack, cl-permutation, cl-plumbing, cl-primality, cl-protobufs, clx-xkeyboard, coretest, hh-web, lisp-interface-library, parse-float, pythonic-string-reader, recur, single-threaded-ccl, sip-hash.

Updated: bknr-datastore, bordeaux-threads, btrie, caveman, chanl, checkl, cl+ssl, cl-cairo2, cl-clon, cl-csv, cl-data-format-validation, cl-dbi, cl-decimals, cl-docutils, cl-gd, cl-gdata, cl-glfw, cl-haml, cl-launch, cl-murmurhash, cl-project, cl-rmath, cl-test-more, cl-tuples, cl-unicode, cl-yahoo-finance, clack, clfswm, closer-mop, clws,  com.informatimago, computable-reals, docbrowser, donuts, esrap, exscribe, external-program, f2cl, fare-utils, fiveam, gbbopen, genworks-gdl, glop, hinge, inferior-shell,  ironclad, linedit, lisp-executable, log4cl, lparallel, madeira-port, magicffi, meta, mtlisp, nibbles, opticl, parse-number, postmodern, queues, reader-interception, relational-objects-for-lisp, repl-utilities, restas, rpm, rutils, scribble, sheeple, slime, spinneret, split-sequence, static-vectors, trivial-dump-core, trivial-garbage, weblocks, wuwei, x.fdatatypes, xcvb.

Removed: hh-web-tags.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp") in your REPL.