October 2012 dist update now available

New projects: anaphoric-variants, asdf-project-helper, cheat-js, cl-async, cl-bplustree, cl-case-control, cl-html5-parser, cl-netstrings, clavatar, com.clearly-useful.generic-collection-interface, com.clearly-useful.iterate-plus, extended-reals, intercom, macro-level, percent-encoding, positional-lambda.

Updated projects: asdf-encodings, asdf-finalizers, asdf-utils, backports, binascii, cffi-objects, chillax, chipz, cl+ssl, cl-6502, cl-azure, cl-bencode, cl-clon, cl-closure-template, cl-fbclient, cl-freetype2, cl-generic-arithmetic, cl-i18n, cl-irc, cl-num-utils, cl-oauth, cl-permutation, cl-protobufs, cl-random, clack, clfswm, clhs, clx-truetype, coleslaw, com.clearly-useful.iterator-protocol, com.clearly-useful.protocols, com.informatimago, cxml-rpc, declt, drakma, esrap, exscribe, fare-utils, firephp, folio, genworks-gdl, gtk-cffi, hu.dwim.asdf, hu.dwim.def, hu.dwim.perec, hu.dwim.syntax-sugar, hu.dwim.util, inferior-shell, infix-dollar-reader, jsown, let-plus, lisp-executable, lisp-interface-library, lisp-unit, lla, local-time, log4cl, lparallel, mgl, montezuma, nibbles, open-vrp, optima, parenscript, parse-float, postmodern, restas, rfc2388, rutils, sexml, stp-query, thread.comm.rendezvous, trivial-dump-core, umlisp, xcvb, zpb-exif.

Removed projects: com.clearly-useful.sequence-protocol.

To get the update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp"). Enjoy!


Two years of Quicklisp

Quicklisp is two years old. I'm happy with all the nice things Quicklisp has done for people, thankful for all the support people have shown (both morally and financially), a little bummed that it's still "beta" instead of "version 6", but hopeful that I'll be able to continue making Quicklisp better, little by little, as time goes on.

Happy birthday, Quicklisp!