August 2018 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • cari3s — A generator for the i3 status bar. — Artistic
  • cl-all — A script to evaluate expressions in multiple lisp implementations. — Artistic
  • cl-collider — A SuperCollider client for CommonLisp — Public Domain
  • cl-environments — Implements the CLTL2 environment access functionality for implementations which do not provide the functionality to the programmer. — MIT
  • cl-ledger — Double-entry accounting system. — BSD-3
  • cl-mecab — Interface of MeCab that is a morpheme analyzer — LLGPL
  • cl-swagger-codegen — lisp code generator for swagger — 2-clause BSD
  • cmake-parser — A cmake script parser. — MIT
  • dartscluuid — Provides support for UUIDs as proper values — MIT
  • database-migrations — System to version the database in roughly the same way rails migrations work. Differences are that only one database is really supported (but hacking around that is trivial) and that migrations are not needed to be stored in separate files. — MIT
  • float-features — A portability library for IEEE float features not covered by the CL standard. — Artistic
  • iclendar — An iCalendar format lirbary. — Artistic
  • illusion — Customize and manage Lisp parens reader — MIT
  • lisp-binary — Declare binary formats as structs and then read and write them. — GPLv3
  • mmap — Portable mmap (file memory mapping) utility library. — Artistic
  • pango-markup — A small library to generate pango-style text markup. — Artistic
  • petalisp — Elegant High Performance Computing — AGPLv3
  • pludeck — A friendly interface for creating a Plump DOM. — MIT
  • print-licenses — Print the licenses used by the given project and its dependencies. — MIT
  • sly — Sylvester the Cat's Common Lisp IDE — Public Domain
  • sprint-stars — Display the stars of a GitHub User — GPL 3
  • studio-client — A client library for the Studio image hosting service — Artistic
  • test-utils — Convenience functions and macros for testing Common Lisp applications via Prove and Quickcheck — MIT Expat
  • trivial-utilities — A collection of useful functions and macros. — MIT
  • vernacular — Module system for language embeddings. — MIT
Updated projects3d-matrices3d-vectorsa-cl-loggeracclimationahungry-fleecealexaalgebraic-data-libraryaprilarc-compatarray-utilsbodge-sndfilecavemanceplcepl.drm-gbmchirpcl+sslcl-anacl-bnfcl-bootstrapcl-colors2cl-conllucl-csvcl-dbicl-feedparsercl-flaccl-flowcl-fondcl-gamepadcl-gendoccl-generatorcl-gpiocl-gracecl-i18ncl-k8055cl-kanrencl-libuvcl-mixedcl-monitorscl-mpg123cl-oclapicl-openglcl-out123cl-patternscl-ppcrecl-progress-barcl-projectcl-pslibcl-pslib-barcodecl-sdl2-ttfcl-soilcl-soloudcl-spidevcl-strcl-virtualboxcl-waylandcl-yesqlclackclawclipclmlcloser-mopclssclunit2colleenconfiguration.optionsconiumcroatoancrypto-shortcutscurry-compose-reader-macrosdartsclhashtreedeedsdeferreddefinitionsdelta-debugdeploydexadordissectdmldocumentation-utilsdufyeazy-gnuploteazy-projecteclectorfare-scriptsfast-httpflareflowfluteforform-fiddlefxmlglsl-specglsl-toolkitgolden-utilsgsllhalftoneharmonyhumblerironcladjsonrpckenzolacklambda-fiddlelasslegitlichat-protocollichat-serverliblichat-tcp-clientlichat-tcp-serverlichat-ws-serverlionchatlisp-executablelispbuilderlistopialquerymaidenmcclimmitomodularizemodularize-hooksmodularize-interfacesmore-conditionsmultiposterneo4clnibblesninevehnorthoclclopticloverlordoxenfurtparachutepathname-utilsperlrepipingplumpplump-bundleplump-sexpplump-texpostmodernqlotqt-libsqtoolsqtools-uiracerrandom-stateratifyredirect-streamrfc2388rutilssanitized-paramsselserapeumshadowsimple-inferiorssimple-tasksslimesnoozesoftdrinksouthspinneretstaplestumpwmsxqlterminfothnappytootertrace-dbtrivial-argumentstrivial-batterytrivial-benchmarktrivial-clipboardtrivial-gray-streamstrivial-indenttrivial-main-threadtrivial-mimestrivial-thumbnailumbrausocketuuidvarjoverbosevgplotwhofieldswith-c-syntaxwoowookiexml.location.

Removed projects: cl-clblas, cl-proj.

There are no direct problems with cl-clblas and cl-proj. They are victims of a hard drive crash on my end, and an incomplete recovery. I have not been able to set up the foreign libraries required to build those projects in time for this month's release.

If you want to continue using cl-clblas and cl-proj, there are a few options:

  • Don't upgrade to the latest Quicklisp dist until they are back in
  • If you already upgraded, downgrade
  • Clone their repos into ~/quicklisp/local-projects
Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. I hope to have it fully resolved in the September 2018 update.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp").