January 2014 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects: basic-binary-ipc, cl-bacteria, helambdap, lisp-unit2, pgloader.

Updated projects: access, asdf-dependency-grovel, asdf-package-system, buildapp, buildnode, caveman, cl-annot, cl-autowrap, cl-containers, cl-csv, cl-dbi, cl-emb, cl-enumeration, cl-erlang-term, cl-fbclient, cl-html-parse, cl-html5-parser, cl-inflector, cl-isaac, cl-libevent2, cl-memcached, cl-mustache, cl-ppcre, cl-project, cl-randist, cl-redis, cl-sam, cl-smtp, cl-test-more, cl-unification, cl-xul, clack, clem, clfswm, clinch, clsql-helper, collectors, com.informatimago, command-line-arguments, css-selectors, data-table, def-symbol-readmacro, deoxybyte-gzip, deoxybyte-io, deoxybyte-systems, deoxybyte-unix, deoxybyte-utilities, envy, esrap, exscribe, fare-quasiquote, flexi-streams, fset, function-cache, gbbopen, graph, group-by, http-parse, hunchentoot, hunchentoot-auth, hunchentoot-cgi, let-over-lambda, lisp-executable, lisp-interface-library, lisp-matrix, lisp-unit, lispbuilder, moptilities, more-conditions, new-op, ningle, nuclblog, portableaserve, postmodern, pzmq, qmynd, repl-utilities, rpm, sb-fastcgi, scribble, sha3, sxql, symbol-munger, vecto, vgplot, weblocks-stores, wookie, xarray, xhtmlambda, zs3.

There were more removed projects than usual this month. Here's a breakdown of what they are and why.

  • asdf-install was removed because I think the value in making old tutorials work has disappeared
  • cgn was removed because it no longer builds in SBCL and I am unable to find someone who can fix it
  • cl-cron was removed because its website disappeared and I was unable to contact the author about it
  • cl-prolog and cl-tokyo-cabinet were removed because an underlying library changed and broke them, and there was no response to an issue I opened
  • fare-matcher was removed at Fare's request; "Everyone should be using OPTIMA"
  • hunchentoot-vhost was removed because Cyrus said it's obsolete and there's no reason to keep publishing it
  • montezuma was removed because it doesn't build in SBCL and I am unable to find anyone who cares enough to fix it

This month marked the first time I made a pre-update dist available for testing, and it helped me find a number of issues before they made it into this "official" release.

Many thanks to Anton Vodonosov, Fare, and Dave Cooper for help and feedback when preparing the update this month. Any problems that remain are my fault.

To get the update, use: (ql:update-dist "quicklisp")



  1. Hey Xach,

    Sorry about cl-cron apparently I had a problem with my hosting and have not gotten wind of it until recently. I am sorry you were not able to reach me.

    I will be updating the site and maybe even moving cl-cron to bitbucket to keep. Any chance it gets pushed back to quicklisp any time soon

  2. I can add it back in, just let me know the new hosting arrangement via https://github.com/quicklisp/quicklisp-projects/issues. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Xach it is done and pushed to both bitbucket and my personal blog this time :)

      Thanks for maintaining this wonderful library.