A dist for testing

Last month I published a dist update when a few libraries weren't working well together. A few days later, after discussing things with the maintainers involved and crossing my fingers, I published a new dist update that worked better.

This month, I'm making a new dist under a different URL specifically for pre-release testing. If you want to test your project or library against the next update of Quicklisp, this is for you.

The test dist is called "qlalpha". It's available like so:

(in-package ql-dist)
(disable (dist "quicklisp"))
(install-dist "http://alpha.quicklisp.org/dist/qlalpha.txt" 
              :prompt nil :replace t) 

From then on, all updates will pull from the "qlalpha" dist, rather than the main "quicklisp" dist. You can use it with ql:quickload to load and test Quicklisp libraries.

To switch back:

(in-package ql-dist)
(disable (dist "qlalpha"))
(enable (dist "quicklisp"))

If you have any questions about how this works, or have any feedback about things that look likely to break in the next update, please feel free to discuss it on the Quicklisp mailing list.

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  1. Hi Xach, please consider adding this info in the https://www.quicklisp.org/beta/ page! This is really useful.