Client update available: silent mode, improved system manifests, and more

Yesterday I uploaded a new version of the Quicklisp client code. (The client is the software responsible for fetching and managing Quicklisp-provided libraries.)

To get the update, use (ql:update-client).

Here's what's new:
  • ql:quickload has a new :silent option. When true, ql:quickload produces no printed output to *standard-output*. Thanks to Aaron France for implementing it.
  • ql:write-asdf-manifest-file now includes systems from the local-projects directories. Thanks to AndrĂ© Miranda for fixing issue #83 by implementing it. The old behavior is available by using new new :exclude-local-projects argument.
  • ql-minitar now understands pax extended file headers. Library archives that have files with very long names (currently only Antik) are now unpacked properly.
  • ql-dist:clean no longer tries to delete file pathnames as though they were directories.


  1. CL-USER 1 > (ql:update-client)

    Error: The file #P"/Users/marcoxa/Projects/Lang/CL/quicklisp/client-info.sexp" does not exist.
    1 (continue) Try opening #P"/Users/marcoxa/Projects/Lang/CL/quicklisp/client-info.sexp" again.
    2 (abort) Return to level 0.
    3 Return to top loop level 0.

    Type :b for backtrace or :c option number to proceed.
    Type :bug-form "subject" for a bug report template or :? for other options.

    1. http://blog.quicklisp.org/2014/01/recovering-from-yesterdays-update.html has a fix.