November 2014 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • 1am — A minimal testing framework. — MIT
  • cl-rlimit — Common lisp interface to unix rlimit -- ensure the performance of your program! — LLGPL
  • corona — Isolated, reproducible virtual development environments. — MIT
  • defpackage-plus — Extensible DEFPACKAGE with version support — BSD-2-Clause
  • fast-http — A fast HTTP protocol parser in Common Lisp — MIT
  • fiasco — A Common Lisp test framework that treasures your failures. A logical continuation of the Stefil test framework. — BSD 2-clause
  • form-fiddle — A collection of utilities to destructure lambda forms. — Artistic
  • global-vars — Define efficient global variables. — MIT
  • http-body — HTTP POST data parser for Common Lisp — BSD 2-Clause
  • hunchensocket — WebSockets for Hunchentoot — MIT
  • lambda-fiddle — A collection of functions to process lambda-lists. — Artistic
  • local-time-duration — local-time-duration: Simple duration functionality on top of local-time — MIT
  • myway — Sinatra-compatible routing library. — LLGPL
  • qtools — A collection of tools to aid in development with CommonQt. — Artistic
  • quri — Yet another URI library for Common Lisp — BSD 3-Clause
  • rock — Asset manager for Common Lisp. — MIT
  • session-token — Simple session token generation library — BSD license: you can do anything you want with it (but no warranty).
  • trivial-arguments — A simple library to retrieve the lambda-list of a function. — Artistic
  • trivial-extract — Extract .tar/.tar.gz/.zip files. — MIT
  • with-c-syntax — with-c-syntax is a fun package which introduces the C language syntax into Common Lisp. — WTFPL
  • xsubseq — Efficient way to manage "subseq"s in Common Lisp — BSD 2-Clause
Updated projects: asteroids, buildapp, chirp, cl-algebraic-data-type, cl-ana, cl-arrows, cl-async, cl-autowrap, cl-bert, cl-case-control, cl-conspack, cl-dbi, cl-erlang-term, cl-mustache, cl-read-macro-tokens, cl-store, cl-virtualbox, clack, cleric, clfswm, clip, closer-mop, clsql-helper, clss, clx, coleslaw, colleen, crane, crypto-shortcuts, deferred, defmacro-enhance, dissect, drakma-async, esrap-liquid, event-glue, gbbopen, glyphs, graph, hdf5-cffi, helambdap, hh-web, humbler, ironclad, lass, lfarm, lisp-executable, lisp-gflags, lparallel, lquery, lredis, mcclim, method-combination-utilities, mgl-pax, modularize, modularize-hooks, modularize-interfaces, okra, optima, petit.string-utils, pgloader, plump, plump-sexp, plump-tex, postmodern, prove, ratify, rcl, readable, rutils, serapeum, shelly, slime, smug, softdrink, south, staple, stumpwm, trivial-benchmark, trivial-download, trivial-indent, trivial-mimes, trivial-signal, trivial-thumbnail, uiop, universal-config, vecto, verbose, weblocks, weblocks-stores, weblocks-tree-widget, yason.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp").

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  1. Excellent! I hang out a bit for these updates.
    Common Lisp.... It's alive !!!!