Make your own dists

Quickdist is an interesting third-party project to create your own dists.


  1. This is a step in the right direction for Lisp concerning programming teams and business software. This would make it easier for teams to establish officially supported combinations of libraries for their projects where team members could all easily stay in sync without too much effort.

    In the past, I've done Python programming on a team that upgrades their packages with PyPi. We had a problem with Babel causing issues with making a Windows .exe and had to patch it temporarily until the bug was fixed in mainline. Well, some people would use pip and PyPi to upgrade from mainline (that had the bug), while others used our patched version. Result: our code worked for some people and not others, until we realized we had a library sync problem.

  2. I used that tool yesterday and even sent some fixes to the author. However tomorrow I realize there's something wrong with the approach.

    There is https://github.com/quicklisp/quicklisp-projects, which has meta-info. There exists some mechanism to build a quicklisp dist from that. Why exactly the same cannot be done for private dists?

  3. Valeriy, I haven't published the code for doing that yet. I will try to do that soon.