Client update available

A new version of the Quicklisp client is now available. You can get it via (ql:update-client).

This update provides a few minor changes:
  • ql:system-apropos returns no values
  • ql:system-not-found and ql:system-not-found-name are now exported. The former names the condition signaled when a system is not found, and the latter names a reader that returns the name of the missing system.
  • (ql:who-depends-on system-name) will return a list of the names of systems that depend on the system in question.
  • On ABCL, a few network functions are taken from the EXT package rather than the SYSTEM package
There's also one fairly big change. Quicklisp now provides ASDF 2.26 (the most recent). That means that, if you and your users use Quicklisp, you can rely on recent ASDF features being available for your system files.

If you have any issues with this update, please feel free to email me or discuss it on the mailing list.

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