Updates coming soon

I usually like to update Quicklisp libraries on the first weekend of each month. A few things conspired to delay me this time around, but I hope to have updates published by this Sunday, May 13th.

The coming update includes version of CFFI, which has a handful of backwards-incompatible changes. For the most part, Quicklisp projects have been updated to fix compile-time problems with CFFI compatibility. There remains the possibility that some problems lurk that will only appear at runtime. If you work on a project that relies on CFFI, you may want to run it through its paces with the new version to make sure everything still works properly.

update I was wrong about the CFFI updates. There haven't been any backwards-incompatible changes from 0.10.6 to Sorry for the confusion.


  1. Thank you for doing this. Quicklisp is a huge benefit to the Common Lisp community.

  2. Thanks. Any chance of quicklisp automatically removing, or providing a command to remove, older versions of software under its control?

    1. It's on the list of things to do.

      The old stuff lingers, but it doesn't interfere (except for chewing up disk space).

    2. But it does. This morning, I had to remove cl-fad v0.6 by hand because Quicklisp picked it up instead the newer v0.7 one, also installed. Quickutil needs v0.7 because it uses OPEN-TEMPORARY.

      BTW, contrary to what the website says, quickutil is not in quicklisp ?

    3. The next time this happens, will you please let me know? I'm not sure exactly how you could encounter this kind of situation and I'd like to troubleshoot.