May 2012 Quicklisp dist update

The May 2012 update of Quicklisp is finally available. You can get it with (ql:update-dist "quicklisp").

New projects: checkl, cl-crypt, cl-ev, cl-gendoc, cl-mongo-id, clx-xembed, docbrowser, donuts, escalator, hinge, lisp-zmq, m2cl, madeira-port, minheap, repl-utilities, sapaclisp, sexml, shelly, swank-crew, temporary-file, time-interval.

Updated projects: access, adw-charting, alexandria, antik, bknr-datastore, bknr-web, blackthorn-engine, blackthorn-engine-3d, buildnode, caveman, cells, cells-gtk3, cffi, cffi-objects, chillax, chronicity, cl+ssl, cl-azure, cl-bibtex, cl-cairo2, cl-closure-template, cl-csv, cl-data-format-validation, cl-dbi, cl-decimals, cl-docutils, cl-dot, cl-enumeration, cl-freetype2, cl-fsnotify, cl-gd, cl-gdata, cl-geometry, cl-glfw, cl-graph, cl-gtk2, cl-haml, cl-iconv, cl-inflector, cl-irregsexp, cl-kyoto-cabinet, cl-l10n-cldr, cl-locale, cl-m4, cl-markup, cl-marshal, cl-mediawiki, cl-mustache, cl-openal, cl-opengl, cl-openid, cl-pdf, cl-project, cl-random, cl-redis, cl-sam, cl-syntax, cl-test-more, cl-tuples, cl-unicode, cl-vectors, cl-yahoo-finance, clack, clfswm, clhs, clonsigna, closer-mop, closure-html, clsql, clws, clx, com.google.base, com.informatimago, common-lisp-actors, commonqt, contextl, cxml-stp, dbus, de.setf.wilbur, deoxybyte-gzip, deoxybyte-io, deoxybyte-systems, deoxybyte-unix, dlist, doplus, ec2, elephant, exscribe, ext-blog, external-program, f2cl, fare-memoization, fare-utils, fnv, fomus, gbbopen, genworks-gdl, getopt, glop, gordon, gsharp, gsll, gtk-cffi, hemlock, hu.dwim.common, hu.dwim.def, hu.dwim.perec, hu.dwim.rdbms, hu.dwim.reiterate, hu.dwim.stefil, hu.dwim.syntax-sugar, hu.dwim.util, imago, inferior-shell, inotify, iterate, js-parser, jwacs, kl-verify, lambda-gtk, lambda-reader, lift, linedit, lisp-executable, lisp-on-lines, lisp-unit, lispbuilder, lml, local-time, log4cl, lparallel, mcclim, metatilities-base, modf, monkeylib-markup, monkeylib-utilities, montezuma, mtlisp, myweb, napa-fft3, nibbles, ningle, opticl, paiprolog, parseltongue, pettomato-indexed-priority-queue, phemlock, pipes, place-utils, plain-odbc, plexippus-xpath, portableaserve, postmodern, postoffice, protobuf, queues, quid-pro-quo, rcl, reversi, rlc, rutils, s-http-client, s-http-server, s-xml, sb-cga, sb-fastcgi, sequence-iterators, sheeple, slime, spinneret, st-json, sw-stm, teepeedee2, telnetlib, toadstool, toot, trivial-backtrace, ucw, uffi, unicly, unit-test, uuid, verrazano, weblocks, wuwei, xcvb, yaclml, zsort.

Removed projects: cl-opencv, com.informatimago.rdp.

On an unrelated note, on Thursday I gave a talk at the Boston Lisp Meeting called "Inside the Quicklisp Sausage Factory", about the code I use to manage these monthly releases. I'll publish the slides and the software sometime in the next few weeks.

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  1. Sorry, I get
    Unexpected HTTP status for #<URL "http://beta.quicklisp.org/archive/hu.dwim.perec/2012-05-20/hu.dwim.perec-20120520-darcs.tgz">: 403