Survey for corporate users

Scott Turner commented on Quicklisp helps focus ABCL development: "You need to get authenticating proxies into Quicklisp, or else you're never going to get users (or statistics) from the majority of corporate environments." I've only had a few people ask about support for authenticating proxies, so it hasn't been a high priority to implement yet. Maybe that priority should change?

Are you in a corporate environment? Do you use Quicklisp? Do you want to use Quicklisp, but the lack of authenticating proxy support holds you back? Let me know in the comments, please.


  1. Yes, I've run into the proxy issue. My work-around was to fetch libraries from home, then rsync to internal machines once back in the office. Since QuickLisp is beta, and you're already putting in much effort, I haven't pursued the issue.

    Yes, this would be a nice feature eventually.

  2. I've installed quicklisp at work (just playing though). Existing proxy support turned out to be sufficient.