March Quicklisp dist update now available

I've put up a dist update for March. To get it, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp"). Unfortunately, the dist update report you get from that command is broken. It doesn't show accurate info about what projects have been added, updated, and removed. So here's the scoop:

New this month: cl-base32, cl-blapack, cl-fastcgi, cl-gravatar, cl-mysql, cl-openid, cl-recaptcha, cl-sendmail, cl-svg, cl-webkit, clon, eager-future2, fnv, ip-interfaces, km, metafs, opticl, parenscript-classic, planks, sb-fastcgi, trivial-bit-streams, uri-template, and xmls-tools.

Updated this month: alexandria, binge, bknr-datastore, blackthorn-engine, ch-image, chillax, cl-2d, cl-azure, cl-cairo2, cl-closure-template, cl-containers, cl-devil, cl-glfw, cl-llvm, cl-mediawiki, cl-mw, cl-num-utils, cl-opengl, cl-routes, cl-sphinx, cl-test-more, cl-twitter, cl-uglify-js, cl-unification, clfswm, clonsigna, closer-mop, commonqt, cxml-rpc, external-program, f2cl, fare-utils, gbbopen, gsll, hh-web-tags, hu.dwim.perec, hu.dwim.quasi-quote, hu.dwim.stefil, hu.dwim.util, hu.dwim.wui, lift, lisp-on-lines, lispbuilder, local-time, mime4cl, monkeylib-binary-data, mtlisp, net4cl, nibbles, npg, parenscript, parse-js, pileup, protobuf, relational-objects-for-lisp, retrospectiff, rfc2388-binary, sclf, slime, ucw, usocket, uuid, weblocks, wuwei, and x.fdatatypes.

Removed this month: aromyxo, cl-random, lla, sw-db, sw-http, sw-mvc, sw-stm, and symbolicweb. The SymbolicWeb libraries are tracking the bleeding edge of SBCL and don't work on any release yet. Tamas Papp's numeric libraries are in flux and don't work with the updates to cl-num-utils.

With this update, Quicklisp now includes 498 libraries. Next month it should have well over 500. Hackers, keep hacking! If there's a new project you'd like to see in Quicklisp, please open a GitHub issue and let me know about it.


  1. Champion! :)

    Thanks for your efforts

  2. Awesome. Quicklisp is the best thing to happen to lisp since Peter's book.

  3. Just tried quicklisp on a fresh install after using asdf-install for the last 5 years. So much nicer and smoother! Thanks for your hard work.

  4. Excellent! Thank you very much!