New projects on the horizon

I'm going to publish a dist update within the week. Here are the new projects included (so far):
  • atdoc-20110104-git
  • bourbaki-20110104-http
  • cells-gtk3-20110104-git
  • cl-azure-20110104-git
  • cl-beanstalk-20110104-git
  • cl-bibtex-20110104-cvs
  • cl-lexer-20110104-git
  • cl-memcached-0.4.1
  • cl-migrations-20110104-http
  • cl-plplot-0.6.0
  • clazy-20110104-cvs
  • clg-20110104-cvs
  • clos-diff-20110104-git
  • dso-lex-0.3.2
  • dso-util-0.1.2
  • elephant-20110104-darcs
  • fucc_0.2.1
  • lredis-20110104-git
  • mgl-20110104-git
  • monkeylib-binary-data-20110104-git
  • mtlisp-20110104-git
  • phemlock-20110104-cvs
  • sqnc-20110104-git
  • wuwei-20110104-git
  • xhtmlgen-20110104-git
If there are other projects you want to see in Quicklisp, please open an issue for it.


  1. fantastic. Quicklisp is growing and growing...

  2. Speaking of, what is the interaction between Quicklisp and individual projects? Suppose some package A goes stale due to other changes in other packages B, C, D. How does the original maintainer for A, who might not have their eye on A cause they are working on package F, find out?

  3. If A goes stale and stops building, I will notify the author. If the author can't or won't update, project A is dropped from Quicklisp. If someone picks it up again and fixes it, it will likely be added back in

  4. Sounds plenty good by me.

  5. I see Elephant's in there now. How was the configuration issue got around?

  6. I believe Ian Eslick moved some configuration options from compile-time to runtime.