New projects in the next dist update

There will be a number of new projects in the next Quicklisp dist update, including asdf-install, cells (coming back, anyway), cl-geocode, cl-gpu, cl-iconv, cl-mssql, cl-mw, cl-org-mode, cl-popen, cl-proc, cl-quakeinfo, cl-uglify-js, csv-parser, curly, latex-table, proton, sb-vector-io, and spartns.

Yes, asdf-install.


  1. Why include ASDF-Install? Isn't that what Quicklisp does?

  2. Quicklisp does something similar to asdf-install, but there are things available via asdf-install that aren't available via Quicklisp. asdf-install is also (perversely) difficult to install if you don't use SBCL.

    Also, someone asked for it, and I can't think of any good reasons not to include it.

  3. I agree, it's a b*&^% to install with CLISP. I just found a need, too: I hope to get clickcheck with ASDF-Install, unless Quicklisp adds it first.