October 2023 Quicklisp dist update now available

 New projects

  • 3d-math — A library implementing the necessary linear algebra math for 2D and 3D computations — zlib
  • ansi-test-harness — A testing harness that fetches ansi-test and allows subsets and extrinsic systems — MIT
  • babylon — Jürgen Walther's modular, configurable, hybrid knowledge engineering systems framework for Common Lisp, restored from the CMU AI Repository. — MIT
  • calm — CALM - Canvas Aided Lisp Magic — GNU General Public License, version 2
  • cffi-object — A Common Lisp library that enables fast and convenient interoperation with foreign objects. — Apache-2.0
  • cffi-ops — A library that helps write concise CFFI-related code. — Apache-2.0
  • cl-brewer — Provides CI settings for cl-brewer. — Unlicense
  • cl-jwk — Common Lisp system for decoding public JSON Web Keys (JWK) — BSD 2-Clause
  • cl-plus-ssl-osx-fix — A fix for CL+SSL library paths on OSX needed when you have Intel and Arm64 Homebrew installations. Should be loaded before CL+SSL. — Unlicense
  • cl-server-manager — Manage port-based servers (e.g., Swank and Hunchentoot) through a unified interface. — MIT
  • cl-transducers — Ergonomic, efficient data processing. — LGPL-3.0-only
  • cl-transit — Transit library for Common Lisp — MIT
  • clog-collection — A set of CLOG Plugins — MIT
  • clohost — A client library for the Cohost API — zlib
  • deptree — ASDF systems dependency listing and archiving tool for Common Lisp — MIT
  • enhanced-unwind-protect — Provides an enhanced UNWIND-PROTECT that makes it easy to detect whether the protected form performed a non-local exit or returned normally. — Unlicense
  • file-lock — File lock library on POSIX systems — MIT License
  • fmcs — Flavors Meta-Class System (FMCS) for Demonic Metaprogramming in Common Lisp, an alternative to CLOS+MOP, restored from the CMU AI Repository. — MIT
  • fuzzy-dates — A library to fuzzily parse date strings — zlib
  • glfw — An up-to-date bindings library to the most recent GLFW OpenGL context management library — zlib
  • hyperlattices — Generalized Lattice algebraic datatypes, incl., LATTICE, HYPERLATTICE, PROBABILISTIC-LATTICE, and PROBABILISTIC-HYPERLATTICE. — MIT
  • lemmy-api — Most recently generated bindings to the lemmy api — GPLv3
  • manifolds — Various manifold mesh algorithms — zlib
  • mutils — A collection of Common Lisp modules. — MIT
  • ptc — Proper Tail Calls for CL — MIT
  • type-templates — A library for defining and expanding templated functions — zlib

Updated projects: 3bmd, 3d-matrices, 3d-quaternions, 3d-spaces, 3d-transforms, 3d-vectors, 40ants-asdf-system, 40ants-slynk, action-list, adhoc, adp, alexandria, also-alsa, anypool, april, architecture.builder-protocol, array-operations, array-utils, asdf-flv, async-process, atomics, bdef, bike, binary-structures, binding-arrows, bordeaux-threads, bp, bubble-operator-upwards, cari3s, cephes.cl, cffi, chirp, chlorophyll, chunga, ci, cl+ssl, cl-6502, cl-all, cl-async, cl-atelier, cl-autowrap, cl-bcrypt, cl-bmp, cl-change-case, cl-clon, cl-collider, cl-colors2, cl-confidence, cl-containers, cl-cron, cl-data-structures, cl-dbi, cl-digraph, cl-fast-ecs, cl-fbx, cl-flac, cl-forms, cl-gamepad, cl-gists, cl-glib, cl-gltf, cl-gobject-introspection, cl-gobject-introspection-wrapper, cl-gopher, cl-gpio, cl-gserver, cl-hash-util, cl-html-parse, cl-i18n, cl-isaac, cl-jingle, cl-jsonl, cl-k8055, cl-kanren, cl-ktx, cl-lib-helper, cl-liballegro, cl-liballegro-nuklear, cl-markless, cl-marshal, cl-messagepack, cl-migratum, cl-mixed, cl-mlep, cl-modio, cl-moneris, cl-monitors, cl-mount-info, cl-mpg123, cl-naive-store, cl-opus, cl-out123, cl-patterns, cl-pdf, cl-permutation, cl-project, cl-protobufs, cl-pslib, cl-pslib-barcode, cl-rashell, cl-readline, cl-rfc4251, cl-sdl2, cl-sdl2-image, cl-sendgrid, cl-skkserv, cl-soloud, cl-spidev, cl-ssh-keys, cl-steamworks, cl-str, cl-tcod, cl-tiled, cl-tls, cl-utils, cl-veq, cl-voipms, cl-vorbis, cl-wavefront, cl-webkit, cl-webmachine, cl-wol, cl-yxorp, clack, classowary, clingon, clip, clog, closer-mop, clss, clunit2, codex, coleslaw, colored, com-on, common-lisp-jupyter, computable-reals, conduit-packages, croatoan, crypto-shortcuts, ctype, cytoscape-clj, dartsclhashtree, data-frame, data-lens, data-table, datafly, datamuse, decompress, deeds, deferred, definitions, deploy, depot, dexador, dissect, djula, dml, dns-client, doc, documentation-utils, drakma, dynamic-classes, easter-gauss, easy-routes, ecclesia, eclector, enhanced-eval-when, enhanced-multiple-value-bind, erjoalgo-webutil, extensible-compound-types, f2cl, fare-scripts, fast-http, feeder, file-attributes, file-notify, file-select, filesystem-utils, fiveam, fiveam-matchers, flare, float-features, flow, font-discovery, for, form-fiddle, function-cache, functional-trees, gendl, github-api-cl, glsl-toolkit, gtirb-capstone, gtwiwtg, harmony, helambdap, humbler, hunchentoot-errors, iclendar, imago, inkwell, ironclad, journal, json-mop, jsonrpc, jzon, kekule-clj, khazern, lack, lambda-fiddle, language-codes, lass, legion, legit, let-over-lambda, lev, lichat-ldap, lichat-protocol, lichat-serverlib, lichat-tcp-client, lichat-tcp-server, lichat-ws-server, lift, lisp-binary, lisp-critic, lisp-interface-library, lisp-pay, lisp-stat, local-time, lquery, lru-cache, luckless, macro-level, maiden, math, mcclim, memory-regions, messagebox, mgl-mat, mgl-pax, mito, mmap, mnas-path, mnas-string, modularize, modularize-hooks, modularize-interfaces, multilang-documentation, multiposter, mutility, named-readtables, nibbles, ningle, nodgui, north, numerical-utilities, numpy-file-format, nytpu.lisp-utils, omglib, one-more-re-nightmare, openapi-generator, orizuru-orm, osicat, ospm, oxenfurt, pango-markup, parachute, parseq, pathname-utils, petalisp, piping, plot, plump, plump-bundle, plump-sexp, plump-tex, policy-cond, posix-shm, postmodern, ppath, prettier-builtins, promise, psychiq, punycode, purgatory, py4cl2-cffi, qlot, quickhull, random-state, ratify, reblocks, reblocks-auth, reblocks-prometheus, redirect-stream, rove, s-dot2, sc-extensions, scribble, sel, serapeum, sha3, shasht, shop3, si-kanren, simple-inferiors, simple-tasks, sketch, slite, sly, softdrink, south, speechless, spinneret, staple, statistics, stopclock, studio-client, stumpwm, sxql, system-locale, terrable, testiere, tfeb-lisp-hax, tfeb-lisp-tools, tiny-routes, tooter, trivial-arguments, trivial-benchmark, trivial-clipboard, trivial-custom-debugger, trivial-extensible-sequences, trivial-garbage, trivial-gray-streams, trivial-indent, trivial-main-thread, trivial-mimes, trivial-sanitize, trivial-thumbnail, trivial-timeout, trivial-utf-8, trucler, try, typo, uax-14, uax-9, ubiquitous, unboxables, vellum, vellum-csv, vellum-postmodern, verbose, websocket-driver, woo, xmls, yah, zippy.

Removed projects: cl-bson, cl-fastcgi, more-cffi, myweb, parse-number-range, quilc, qvm.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp")

What's up with Quicklisp updates taking way longer than usual? A couple things.

First, life has been pretty crazy for me, and I'm the only one working on Quicklisp updates. If anyone wants to collaborate, please let me know. There are some simple things that could improve the time between releases.

Second, there are now enough things in Quicklisp that every month something is broken at a critical time when I'm planning a release. I need to work around this with some better management software, but that takes time and things are pretty crazy for me (see above).

I hope to get back on track for regular monthly releases soon. Thanks for your support and thanks for using Quicklisp.

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