December 2019 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • 3b-bmfont — BMFont file format readers/writers — MIT
  • bdef — Buffer definition; audio buffer abstraction for sound synthesis systems — MIT
  • cl-argparse — A python argparse inspired command line parser library — MIT
  • cl-maxsat — Common Lisp API to MAX-SAT Solvers — LGPL
  • cl-mount-info — Get information about mounted filesystems on GNU/linux. — LLGPLv3 or later
  • cl-piglow — A Pimoroni PiGlow library for Common Lisp — MIT
  • cl-simple-fsm — Easy and explicit finite state machines in Common Lisp. — MIT
  • constantfold — User-defined constant folding facility — LGPL
  • eazy-documentation — One-shot solution to the CL documentation generator. — LGPL
  • file-select — A library to invoke the native file selection dialogs to open or save files. — zlib
  • gtype — C++/Julia-like parametric types in CL, based on CLtL2 extensions — LGPL
  • lispqr — QR code encoding. — MIT
  • numcl — Numpy clone in Common Lisp, using MAGICL/LLA/MGL-MAT as the backend (in the future) — LGPL
  • osmpbf — Library to read OpenStreetMap PBF-encoded files. — MIT
  • reader — A utility library intended at providing reader macros for lambdas, mapping, accessors, hash-tables and hash-sets. — MIT
  • serializable-object — Provides a simple class and API for the objects serializable in a FASL file — LGPL
  • simple-config — loads and parses a KEY=VALUE style config file — BSD 3-Clause
  • specialized-function — Provides a Julia-like function that automatically compiles a type-specific version of the function from the same code — LGPL
  • trainable-object — Provides a metaclass and APIs for the trainable funcallable instances. — LGPL
Updated projectsadoptalexandriaaprilassert-passertion-errorbeastbinary-iobknr-datastorebobbinbpcacauchanceryci-utilscl-collidercl-digraphcl-fastcgicl-fusecl-github-v3cl-krakencl-lascl-libusbcl-markdowncl-murmurhashcl-naive-storecl-netpbmcl-online-learningcl-patternscl-pcgcl-prolog2cl-pslibcl-random-forestcl-strcl-torrentscl-yesqlcloser-mopcommand-line-argumentscommonqtconcrete-syntax-treeconfcroatoandatamusedate-calcdjulaeasy-audioeclectoresrapeventbusfemlispfxmlgendlglsl-toolkitkenzolakelisp-binaryliterate-lispmaidenmcclimmetatilities-basemethod-hooksnodguioriginpetalisppolisherpostmodernqlotquickprojectquilcqvmrpcqsb-fastcgiscalplsealable-metaobjectsselserapeumshadowsimpletskeleton-creatorslystatic-dispatchstumpwmtriviatype-itype-rumbrausocketyasonyoutube.

Removed projects: cells-gtk3, cl-digikar-utilities, cl-liballegro, cl-notebook, gbbopen, gtk-cffi, matlisp, matplotlib-cl.

cl-digikar-utilities was removed at the author's request. The other projects were removed because they no longer build, either whole or in part, and attempts to contact the authors have been fruitless.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp"). Enjoy!

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