Quicklisp dist update for February 2018 now available

New projects:
  • base-blobs — Base system foreign library collection — MIT
  • bodge-glad — OpenGL 4.6 Core GLAD wrapper for cl-bodge system — MIT
  • bodge-glfw — Wrapper over glfw3 library — MIT
  • bodge-nuklear — Wrapper over nuklear IM GUI library for cl-bodge system — MIT
  • bodge-ode — Thin wrapper over Open Dynamics Engine — MIT
  • bodge-openal — Thin wrapper over OpenAL cross-platform 3D audio API — MIT
  • bodge-sndfile — Wrapper over libsndfile for cl-bodge system — MIT
  • cl-flow — Data-flow driven concurrency model for Common Lisp — MIT
  • cl-muth — Multithreading utilities — MIT
  • cl-selenium-webdriver — cl-selenium-webdriver is a binding library to the Selenium 2.0 — MIT
  • cl-toml — TOML v0.4.0 parser and encoder — MIT
  • clutz — Cross-platform utility toolkit for supporting simple Common Lisp OpenGL applications — MIT
  • glad-blob — GLAD foreign library collection — MIT
  • glfw-blob — GLFW foreign library collection — MIT
  • hdf5-cffi — hdf5-cffi is a CFFI wrapper for the HDF5 library. — BSD
  • listopia — This is no official port of Haskell package Data.List — LLGPL
  • matlisp — Matlisp is a scientific computation library for Common Lisp. — LLGPL
  • nanovg-blob — Foreign library collection of nanovg 2d drawing library — MIT
  • nuklear-blob — Nuklear IM GUI foreign library collection — MIT
  • ode-blob — Foreign library collection of ODE 3d physics library — MIT
  • openal-blob — OpenAL Soft foreign library collection — MIT
  • simple-flow-dispatcher — Reference implementation of a dispatcher for cl-flow library — MIT
  • sndfile-blob — SNDFILE foreign library collection — MIT
Updated projects3bgl-shaderahungry-fleecearchitecture.service-providerasd-generatorbodge-blobs-supportbodge-chipmunkcellsceplcepl.glopcepl.sdl2cepl.spacescl-algebraic-data-typecl-anacl-ansi-termcl-charmscl-conllucl-csvcl-emojicl-gobject-introspectioncl-mongo-idcl-oclapicl-openglcl-pcgcl-permutationcl-readlinecl-skkservcl-soilcl-strcl-svgclawclmlcloser-mopclwebclxcommon-lisp-statconfiguration.optionscroatoandeflatedocumentation-utilsdoubly-linked-listdufyfare-scriptsfiascofiveamflac-metadataflac-parserforgamebox-dgengamebox-ecsgamebox-frame-managergamebox-mathgamebox-sprite-packergenieglsl-specinquisitorironcladiteratejonathanjsonrpckenzolisp-chatlispbuilderlocal-timemaidenmcclimmd5mglmitoninevehoclclosicatoverlordpaiprologparse-numberparsleyplumppngloadpostmodernpp-tomlpsychiqpuriqtools-uiquux-hunchentootremote-jsrtg-mathrutilssanitized-paramsserapeumsha3shadowshortysimple-loggerskitterspecialization-storesplit-sequencestumpwmtype-rubiquitousvarjoverbosewith-setf.

Removed projects: algebraic-data-library, cl-curlex, cl-forest, cl-gpu, cl-indeterminism, cl-larval, cl-read-macro-tokens, cl-secure-read, cl-stm, defmacro-enhance, fs-utils, funds, lol-re, stump-touchy-mode-line, yaclanapht.

There is some extra churn this month. It's mostly because of the failure of cl-curlex, a library that uses SBCL internals and which no longer works as of the latest SBCL. Many projects (all by the same author) depend on cl-curlex, and they all broke. There hasn't been any response to my bug report yet.

The other removals are due to author request, neglect, or other breakage. If you'd like to restore a removed project to Quicklisp, let me know - I'm happy to help.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp").


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  1. There was a very simple update to cl-net-snmp in February which will matter a lot to SBCL users.