ASDF 3 is coming to Quicklisp soon

In the next week or two, I'm going to update Quicklisp so that if ASDF is missing, or not at least version 3.1, it will fetch and load ASDF 3.1.4. This should be a pretty conservative change. Almost all implementations already include ASDF 3.

If you'd like to try the new Quicklisp client that fetches ASDF 3 if needed, see this post to the Quicklisp mailing list.


  1. Thank you so much. Congratulations!

    If you must do version comparison, note that the first stable release of 3.1 is 3.1.2: 3.1.1 was a quickly-fixed dud, and 3.1.0.x was a series of working alpha releases (rpgoldman, the new maintainer, adopted the x.y.0.z as pre-release versioning scheme). So comparing with "3.1" is not as safe as with "3.1.2".

    One advantage of standardizing on 3.1.2 is that ~/common-lisp/ is now universally acknowledged as a place where to look for source code, and that support for the new package-inferred-system can now be relied upon.

    NB: with the release of LispWorks 7.0, now *all* maintained implementations include ASDF 3, though many of them still use 3.0.x.

  2. PS: How does Quicklisp interact with package-inferred-system, these days?