Dealing with "redundant" libraries

People sometimes submit libraries to Quicklisp that have significant functional overlap with other libraries. When someone wants to add a new library for functionality that is well-covered by other libraries, I don't always add it right away. There are a few questions I ask first.

First, are you aware that there are many other libraries that fit a similar need? If not, is it possible to use one of those instead? It is possible that an existing library is more complete and mature than a new library. And adding a new library can make it harder for someone else to choose a good option.

If you're aware of other libraries, is it possible that the essential new functionality your library provides can be incorporated into an existing library? 

If you're aware of other libraries, but still feel you need a new one, and it can't be incorporated into an existing library, I'll go ahead and add the library. 

Here are a few recent examples of that process playing out:
I don't reject libraries for lack of novelty. It's always possible that a new library becomes so clearly superior to all other options that it is the go-to library of the future. But it's best when that happens because you're aware of the existing options (and their strengths and limitations) rather than ignorant of them.

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