March 2015 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects:
  • arrow-macros — arrow-macros provides clojure-like arrow macros and diamond wands. — MIT
  • buffalo — A LALR(1) parser generator for Common Lisp — MIT/X11
  • burgled-batteries — Lisp-Python interface — MIT
  • burgled-batteries.syntax — Embedded Python syntax for burgled-batteries — MIT
  • cl-libyaml — A binding to the libyaml library. — MIT
  • cl-mlep — cl-mlep is a Common Lisp Machine Learning library for Educational Purposes. — MIT
  • cl-mtgnet
  • cl-netstring-plus — A simple library for sending and receiving messages with a netstring-like encoding
  • cl-reddit — Reddit client api library — BSD
  • cl-yaml — A YAML parser and emitter. — MIT
  • cl4store — 4store — BSD
  • clavier — Clavier: A Common Lisp validation library — MIT
  • clipper — File attachment library. — MIT
  • clods-export — Common Lisp OpenDocument spreadsheet export library — MIT
  • common-doc-plump — Translate a Plump DOM into a CommonDoc document and back. — MIT
  • descriptions — A domain model meta level description library — MIT
  • eazy-process — Yet Another Portable Library for Process Handling / Subshell Invokation — MIT
  • hl7-client — hl7-client - send HL7-Messages over TCP/IP with MLLP — BSD
  • hl7-parser — Decoder and Encoder for ER7 formatted HL7-Messages — BSD
  • hyperluminal-mem — High-performance serialization library, designed for untrusted data — LLGPL
  • linewise-template — Linewise file/stream processor for code generation etc. — BSD-3-Clause
  • lisp-namespace — Provides LISP-N --- extensible namespaces in Common Lisp. — LLGPL
  • media-types — Query and compare media types. — MIT
  • ryeboy — Riemann client — BSD
  • shellpool — A library for running external programs from Common Lisp — MIT/X11-style
  • transparent-wrap — A signature-preserving wrapper generator for functions and macros. — LLGPL
  • trivial-debug-console — A library for a well-behaved debug console
  • vertex — A markup language with TeX syntax. — MIT
  • weft
  • workout-timer — Workout timer — MIT
Updated projects: architecture.service-provider, asdf-linguist, avatar-api, basic-binary-ipc, binge, blackbird, caveman, chanl, chillax, chrome-native-messaging, cl+ssl, cl-acronyms, cl-ana, cl-ansi-term, cl-async, cl-autowrap, cl-charms, cl-cli, cl-colors, cl-conspack, cl-csv, cl-custom-hash-table, cl-db3, cl-dbi, cl-devil, cl-fsnotify, cl-gobject-introspection, cl-gss, cl-i18n, cl-l10n, cl-libuv, cl-marshal, cl-messagepack, cl-mock, cl-murmurhash, cl-mysql, cl-openal, cl-opengl, cl-prime-maker, cl-python, cl-rabbit, cl-read-macro-tokens, cl-readline, cl-redis, cl-rethinkdb, cl-rlimit, cl-sdl2, cl-slug, cl-speedy-queue, cl-twitter, cl-webkit, cl-xul, cl-yaclyaml, clack, clack-errors, clfswm, clim-widgets, clip, clos-fixtures, closer-mop, clot, clpmr, clsql, clss, clx, cobstor, colleen, com.informatimago, common-doc, common-html, commonqt, corona, crane, defclass-std, defenum, dissect, djula, drakma-async, eazy-gnuplot, eazy-project, eco, esrap, esrap-liquid, external-program, fast-http, form-fiddle, gbbopen, gendl, http-body, hunchensocket, integral, iolib, lisp-executable, lparallel, lquery, lucerne, mgl-pax, micmac, mime4cl, mk-string-metrics, modularize-interfaces, myway, named-readtables, net4cl, nibbles, optima, osicat, packet, pgloader, piping, plump, pooler, qlot, qmynd, qtools, quri, racer, rcl, rock, scalpl, sclf, sdl2kit, serapeum, sheeple, simple-currency, skippy, smtp4cl, south, spinneret, squirl, st-json, staple, stmx, stumpwm, sxql, talcl, trivial-arguments, trivial-benchmark, trivial-download, trivial-extract, trivial-mimes, trivial-update, unix-options, until-it-dies, utils-kt, utm, verbose, weblocks, weblocks-utils, woo, wookie.

Removed projects: 3bil, cl-binaural, cl-openstack, cluck, lisphys, oct.

I removed 3bil because it is effectively unmaintained and apparently unused. cl-openstack is no longer maintained; a replacement library will soon be available. I can't build cl-binaural, cluck, lisphys, or oct on SBCL any more.

Sorry to skip a release in February. A holiday and a number of library problems conspired to hold off the release. As a result there are a larger number of updates this month than usual. If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to discuss them on the mailing list or email me directly.

To get this update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp").


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