February 2014 Quicklisp dist update now available


New projects: architecture.service-provider, cl-ana, cl-cron, cl-sdl2, cl-yaclyaml, define-json-expander, esrap-liquid, hermetic, hu.dwim.web-server, integral, montezuma, projectured, secret-values, swap-bytes, trivial-download.

Updated projects: antik, asdf-package-system, asdf-system-connections, buildapp, caveman, chanl, cl+ssl, cl-autowrap, cl-bacteria, cl-csv, cl-dbi, cl-emb, cl-epmd, cl-erlang-term, cl-i18n, cl-isaac, cl-larval, cl-murmurhash, cl-mustache, cl-olefs, cl-permutation, cl-ppcre, cl-project, cl-quickcheck, cl-redis, cl-rmath, cl-smtp, cl-syslog, cl-test-more, cl-webdav, clack, clack-errors, cleric, clinch, closer-mop, clsql-helper, collectors, commonqt, envy, fare-quasiquote, gbbopen, glaw, glop, group-by, http-parse, hu.dwim.asdf, hu.dwim.rdbms, hunchentoot, hunchentoot-cgi, ieee-floats, inferior-shell, iolib, iterate, lisp-gflags, lisp-unit2, local-time, lparallel, mcclim, mel-base, more-conditions, osicat, pgloader, policy-cond, portableaserve, postmodern, protobuf, pzmq, repl-utilities, rfc2109, rutils, sclf, smackjack, spinneret, stumpwm, sxql, teepeedee2, trivial-gray-streams, vgplot, weblocks-stores, wookie.

Removed projects: none


To get this or any future update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp").

To install exactly this version, use:

  (ql-dist:install-dist "http://beta.quicklisp.org/dist/quicklisp/2014-02-11/distinfo.txt" :replace t)

To revert to the previous version after update, use:

  (ql-dist:install-dist "http://beta.quicklisp.org/dist/quicklisp/2014-01-13/distinfo.txt" :replace t)

For more information about reverting, see Going back in (dist) time.


  • Montezuma is back in Quicklisp after it was adopted by sharplispers and patched to build on the latest SBCL
  • iolib has been updated from 0.7.0 to the current git; there are substantial changes, including using g++ to grovel constants and requiring an external C library (libfixposix)
  • system metadata indexes have been generated with a new program, so please let me know if you have any problems loading anything
Feel free to send me feedback via zach@quicklisp.org or the Quicklisp mailing list.


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