November 2013 Quicklisp dist update now available.

New projects: cl-db3, cl-read-macro-tokens, cl-rethinkdb, cl-tidy, envy, hunchentoot-single-signon, qmynd, sxql, trivial-channels, weblocks-examples, weblocks-utils, wookie.

Updated projects: access, antik, asdf-package-system, ayah-captcha, bknr-datastore, buildapp, caveman, cl-6502, cl-annot, cl-async, cl-async-future, cl-autowrap, cl-cairo2, cl-closure-template, cl-date-time-parser, cl-dbi, cl-emb, cl-fastcgi, cl-fbclient, cl-fgraph, cl-fuse, cl-fuse-meta-fs, cl-gdata, cl-glfw3, cl-gss, cl-html-parse, cl-iconv, cl-indeterminism, cl-launch, cl-memcached, cl-messagepack, cl-oauth, cl-parser-combinators, cl-paymill, cl-pdf, cl-randist, cl-secure-read, cl-slice, cl-spark, cl-tuples, clack, clfswm, closer-mop, clsql-fluid, clsql-helper, com.informatimago, common-lisp-stat, commonqt, conduit-packages, contextl, daemon, drakma, dynamic-collect, elf, esrap-peg, fare-quasiquote, fare-utils, fiveam, gbbopen, graph, gsll, hu.dwim.perec, hu.dwim.rdbms, hu.dwim.stefil, hu.dwim.util, hu.dwim.walker, hunchentoot, inferior-shell, inotify, l-math, letrec, lisp-interface-library, lisphys, local-time, lparallel, lquery, lw-compat, macroexpand-dammit, memoize, mgl, mixalot, ningle, open-vrp, opticl, pooler, postmodern, pzmq, quicksearch, readable, repl-utilities, restas, rfc2109, sb-fastcgi, series, shelly, simple-currency, slime, smackjack, snappy, snmp, spatial-trees, spinneret, stmx, string-case, tagger, uiop, vgplot, weblocks, weblocks-stores, weblocks-tree-widget.

Removed projects: xcvb.

To get the update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp").


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