October 2013 Quicklisp dist update now available

New projects: asdf-package-system, ayah-captcha, cl-binaural, cl-fgraph, cl-larval, cl-ply, cl-server-manager, cl-spark, curry-compose-reader-macros, drakma-async, draw-cons-tree, filtered-functions, graph, lisphys, mailbox, map-set, oneliner, pooler, readable, simple-currency, smackjack, snappy, spellcheck, tagger.

Updated projects: algebraic-data-library, antik, bt-semaphore, buildnode, caveman, city-hash, cl+ssl, cl-6502, cl-annot, cl-async, cl-async-future, cl-autowrap, cl-bencode, cl-cairo2, cl-closure-template, cl-css, cl-curlex, cl-data-format-validation, cl-dbi, cl-decimals, cl-dot, cl-epmd, cl-erlang-term, cl-fbclient, cl-gdata, cl-grace, cl-gss, cl-iconv, cl-jpeg, cl-markup, cl-memcached, cl-mongo, cl-mssql, cl-opengl, cl-parser-combinators, cl-paymill, cl-portaudio, cl-smtp, cl-test-more, cl-twitter, clack, cleric, clfswm, clinch, closer-mop, clsql-helper, clx, coleslaw, com.google.base, com.informatimago, commonqt, conduit-packages, dartsclhashtree, declt, eos, esrap, external-program, f2cl, firephp, gbbopen, gettext, hh-web, http-parse, lisp-gflags, lisp-interface-library, lisp-unit, log4cl, lparallel, lquery, macroexpand-dammit, marching-cubes, memoize, nibbles, opticl, optima, periods, postmodern, protobuf, py-configparser, quicksearch, rcl, repl-utilities, restas, retrospectiff, shadchen, shelly, sip-hash, slime, stmx, string-case, swank-client, swank-crew, trivial-gray-streams, trivial-ldap, trivial-tco, uiop, vgplot, weblocks, weblocks-stores, weblocks-tree-widget.

Removed projects: weblocks-utils.

I have reverted macroexpand-dammit to its original source, from John Fremlin. Hopefully that will clear up some recent problems.

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