August 2012 update now available

New projects: Open-VRP, able, arnesi+, asdf-finalizers, asdf-utils, cgn, cl-epoch, cl-fbclient, cl-nxt, clsql-helper, clx-cursor, clx-truetype, daemon, dartsclhashtree, dartsclsequencemetrics, glu-tessellation, letrec, ltk, make-hash, map-bind, mop-utils, romreader, stp-query, submarine, synonyms.

Updated projects: access, asdf-dependency-grovel, asdf-encodings, backports, caveman, cffi-objects, cl-6502, cl-blapack, cl-csv, cl-dbi, cl-docutils, cl-gdata, cl-i18n, cl-llvm, cl-mediawiki, cl-murmurhash, cl-opengl, cl-openstack, cl-permutation, cl-project, cl-protobufs, cl-quickcheck, clack, clfswm, closer-mop, clsql-orm, clx-xkeyboard, com.informatimago, command-line-arguments, conduit-packages, coretest, docbrowser, exscribe, fare-matcher, fare-memoization, fare-utils, floating-point, gbbopen, genworks-gdl, glop, gtk-cffi, hh-web, inferior-shell, lisp-interface-library, lparallel, meta, nibbles, ningle, postmodern, quid-pro-quo, quux-time, repl-utilities, rutils, scribble, sexml, shadchen, sip-hash, slime, symbol-munger, trivial-garbage, uri-template, weblocks, xcvb, zs3.

No projects were removed from this update.

To get the update, use (ql:update-dist "quicklisp").


  1. I've just run tests of 56 libraries 16 times (on different lisps/OSes). No serious regressions comparing to the previous quicklisp.