April 2012 Quicklisp dist update

There's a new Quicklisp dist update available. You can get it with (ql:update-dist "quicklisp").

New projects: btrie, cambl, cl-fsnotify, cl-general-accumulator, cl-hooks, cl-mustache, cl-op, cl-opencv, cl-stopwatch, clickr, clod, method-combination-utilities, ningle, org-davep-dict, org-davep-dictrepl, periods, printf, quid-pro-quo, spinneret.

Updated projects: access, alexandria, asdf-dependency-grovel, babel, binascii, buildapp, buildnode, caveman, circular-streams, cl-cairo2, cl-clon, cl-data-format-validation, cl-dbi, cl-decimals, cl-fastcgi, cl-gdata, cl-haml, cl-heap, cl-jpeg, cl-libxml2, cl-mediawiki, cl-mw, cl-num-utils, cl-oauth, cl-parser-combinators, cl-project, cl-random, cl-test-more, cl-tk, cl-typesetting, cl-yahoo-finance, clack, clhs, clonsigna, closer-mop, clouchdb, clpmr, com.informatimago, com.informatimago.rdp, common-lisp-actors, contextl, css-lite, curly, defmemo, deoxybyte-gzip, deoxybyte-io, deoxybyte-unix, deoxybyte-utilities, do-urlencode, doplus, esrap, fare-memoization, gbbopen, genworks-gdl, gtk-cffi, hemlock, inferior-shell, ironclad, latex-table, let-plus, lisa, lisp-gflags, lla, log4cl, lparallel, metatilities-base, nibbles, opticl, osc, osicat, package-renaming, portableaserve, postmodern, protobuf, quickproject, reader-interception, recursive-regex, rpm, sb-cga, sclf, shadchen, shuffletron, slime, toot, trivial-features, trivial-shell, trivial-types, wuwei, xcvb, zsort.

Removed projects: cl-2d.

cl-2d is gone at the request of the author.

I made a pretty big update to quickproject, adding template files and some proper documentation. Hope you find it helpful.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me or post to the Quicklisp mailing list.

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