Recent Quicklisp bugs

My CDB changes to the Quicklisp clients caused a few subtle problems.

First, the system CDB file was built with incorrect keys. That could lead to a spurious SYSTEM-NOT-FOUND error when trying to use ql:quickload something.

Second, the CDB files were not cleared out when updating dist metadata. The CDB indexes would point to old systems and software even after everything was meant to be updated.

If you run into a Quicklisp problem that seems like it might be related to these issues, here's a way to fix things:

  1. (ql:update-client) to make sure you have the latest client
  2. Restart your Lisp
  3. (in-package #:ql-dist-user)
  4. (map nil 'delete-file (directory (relative-to (dist "quicklisp") "*.cdb")))
At that point the CDB files should automatically regenerate with the correct data, and will be properly updated during the next dist update.

Sorry for the hassle!

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