December Quicklisp dist update now available

There's a new Quicklisp dist update for December. You can get it by evaluating (ql:update-dist "quicklisp"). Here's the breakdown of the changes this month:

New projects: access, cl-adt, cl-fluidinfo, cl-inotify, cl-kyoto-cabinet, cl-locale, cl-marshal, cl-package-locks, cl-string-complete, de.setf.wilbur, lambda-reader, lhstats, macroexpand-dammit, manifest, monkeylib-html, monkeylib-text-languages, monkeylib-text-output, myweb, pal, perfpiece, toot.

Updated projects: able, alexandria, buildapp, caveman, cl-annot, cl-anonfun, cl-closure-template, cl-csv, cl-data-format-validation, cl-generic-arithmetic, cl-mongo, cl-num-utils, cl-odesk, cl-random, cl-rcfiles, cl-redis, cl-sanitize, cl-syntax, cl-tk, clack, closer-mop, clsql, clx, com.google.base, data-table, doplus, exscribe, f2cl, fare-csv, fare-matcher, fare-mop, fare-utils, folio, fset, gbbopen, hu.dwim.syntax-sugar, hunchentoot, idna, let-plus, linedit, lisp-gflags, lla, lparallel, meta, misc-extensions, monkeylib-binary-data, monkeylib-foo, monkeylib-macro-utilities, monkeylib-markup, monkeylib-markup-html, monkeylib-pathnames, monkeylib-prose-diff, monkeylib-utilities, opticl, parenscript-classic, parse-js, place-utils, postmodern, protobuf, quickproject, restas, rutils, salza2, scribble, skippy, st-json, static-vectors, talcl, trivial-types, vecto, wu-decimal, wuwei, xcvb, yason, zcdb, zpb-exif, zpb-ttf, zpng, zs3.

Removed projects: ch-util, clg, loopless, weblocks.

A bit more on a few of the removed projects: ch-util is Cyrus Harmon's personal utilities library. He updated his other projects to use Alexandria instead. That means there are now only 12 personal utility libraries in Quicklisp instead of 13. That's a trend I hope to see continue. clg is a binding to Gtk+, but in fact it never quite built, and this month I took it out entirely. loopless was removed at the request of the author. And weblocks no longer builds with Hunchentoot 1.2.x. Despite several days of trying to find someone, anyone to comment on how it might get fixed, I didn't hear any feedback. Here's hoping it's just a temporary communication breakdown and weblocks will be available in some future Quicklisp dist update.

I did not include the very latest version of SLIME from CVS this month. There were major changes in SLIME's communication mechanism this month, and there was a flurry of activity just before today's release, and I didn't want to risk bundling it up at a bad time.

If you have any comments, questions, or other feedback, please feel free to email me or discuss it on the Quicklisp mailing list.



  1. lhstats: did that come from https://github.com/mrc/lhstats ? If so, I just pinched the code from the web (following the link from CLiki) and put it on github when I got it working.

    It seems like a reasonable library and I'm happy to maintain it, particularly if I get sent patches, but I just wanted to clear up that it's not a the authors' official repo, all I did is add the asdf stuff and a readme for Github.

  2. MattC, I did use your version. I have tried to contact the original author(s) several times, and until I hear back, using your version makes sense to me.

  3. Thanks for this!

    For weblocks: There's a recent messgage on the weblocks group that fixes the flaw with hunchentoot 1.2.0, see http://groups.google.com/group/weblocks/t/cb9bb2b635b941be. It is, however, not included in the main repository yet.