Quicklisp software updates available

Last night I uploaded a new version of the Quicklisp client, and an update to the bootstrap file quicklisp.lisp. You can update your local version of the client with (ql:update-client).

The new client has a few notable changes.

First, Douglas T. Crosher sent patches to enable Quicklisp to bootstrap and run on Scieneer Common Lisp. Thanks, Douglas!

Second, software archives are now checked for size validity before use. Some people have run into trouble with corrupted downloads, but Quicklisp didn't detect the problem very early. It led to obscure, hard-to-debug errors. The new size check will present a more obvious error and a useful restart. (A future update will add content digest checks.)

Third, a new command, (ql:where-is-system "foo"), will return the pathname of the directory in which the system foo is defined. This is useful for determining from where a particular system is loading.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me or discuss things on the Quicklisp mailing list.

Happy Quicklisping!

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  1. Thanks again for your continuing work on Quicklisp! Also...happy belated quicklisp-day. :)