Kind words from Jorge Tavares

Jorge Tavares wrote about his experience trying Quicklisp, and he is very enthusiastic about it.

One passage that struck me:

No more worries about how to install a library and dependencies. After a while, you even start installing things just for the fun of it!

I used to try to install libraries by hand only to find they had a number of dependencies, and those dependencies had dependencies, and they were sometimes unavailable, hard to find, time-consuming to install, etc. But now, when wearing my Quicklisp Library Hunter hat, I'm delighted to find things that have dependencies that aren't in Quicklisp already. That means I have an opportunity to grow Quicklisp with a set of new, hopefully-useful libraries. The more dependencies, the better! It's taken a source of pain and turned it into a source of excitement, and that's helped avoid burnout working on Quicklisp.

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